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Modern water toilets are one of the many things in the world that makes life so livable. But a few decades ago, toilets used to be quite simple in design. However, these days there are a number of different features that serve a lot of purposes.

Toilets, even though we use them every day, are one of the most neglected things in a bathroom. Instead of concentrating on the toilet, people would concentrate more on a bath or the vanity. Toilets come in a variety of different designs. These include conventional, low-level, in-wall, hanging, high tank, and many more. It’s very important to know that not all of these are suitable for all bathrooms. Read this article to find out more about toilets. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while shopping.

Different types of toilets

Buying a toilet might seem like an easy thing to do. Many people are under the impression that all they need to do is to find a toilet that fits within their budget. But before you decide, there is some significant homework to do. The toilet is one of the most used items in anyone’s home, especially in large households. So, it is important to choose the right one. It’s not all about the colour or the price tag. There are many factors to consider apart from these. Flush type is also an important factor to consider as traditional toilets would use the power of gravity to clear the waste whereas the modern ones use another mechanism so that less water can be used. Here is a list of the four most common types of toilets out there.

Two-piece models

The most popular model is the two-piece toilet. The two pieces are the seat and the tank. Two-piece models have several advantages over other models. It is generally the least expensive choice out of all the toilets designed for homes. As these two parts are completely separate, it is easier to transport them as well. This also makes two-piece models easier to install. Often the only connection between these two pieces will be a five-inch pipe. There is a wide range of options you can choose from if you go for a two-piece model. However, some people may not prefer this type as the downside is that there will be a lot of crevices that accumulate dirt.

One-piece units

Another common type you find in the market is the one-piece unit. The one-piece toilet is more modern and sleeker in design than the two-piece models. Generally speaking, it’s a little costlier and heavier. As the whole toilet will be a single unit, it will be much easier to install and clean. There are further variations within one-piece models. Some of them come with low-profile tanks, while others look very similar to the two-piece models. If you can afford the extra cost, it is better to go for the one-piece models. One-piece toilets will give your bathroom a more stylish and modern finish.

High tank models

High-tank models technically are the same as two-piece toilets. The key difference is that, in these models, the tank will be further up the wall. This makes the plumbing between the seat and the tank more visible. High-tank toilets have a traditional charm that is suitable for achieving a retro finish. Try to match the colour of the plumbing with the colour of the bowl and the tank, as this will make the plumbing stand out less. Go for the models with chain pull flush valves if you want to complete the retro look. Due to their unique aesthetic appeal, these are more expensive than the two-piece models. So, if you are tight on budget, then consider going for other types.

In-wall models

In-wall models offer a sleek and minimal finish to your bathroom. The tank might be actually inside the wall, or the model can be tankless, and the bowl connects directly to the main water supply. This allows you, especially in small or narrow bathrooms, to save some space. These models are more costly than even single piece models and require professional installation. In order to install this kind of toilet, you will need to make the provision inside the wall during the construction of the house. If what you’re looking for is a sleek, chic and modern look, this model will definitely suit your style. This is often a part of modern bathrooms due to its sleek and concealed look.

Tips on how to buy Toilets Online

Mind that buying a really expensive commode does not ensure good results. In fact, some mid-range models might work better than the really expensive ones. A toilet should be reliable and, moreover, a good one should last a decade or longer without much maintenance. However, selecting the right model can be tricky as there are thousands of varieties within them. But it gets easier if you know what criteria to look for. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for them.

  • Colour – White is the most common colour for toilets. When you finally sell your house, it will give you the best resale value as well. But coloured units, if used correctly, can have a big impact on the bathroom decor. However, be extra careful when you are choosing coloured toilets. Make sure that the colour will blend in effortlessly with the bathroom decor.
  • Placement – A toilet should be at least 15 inches from anything else in the bathroom. These include fixtures like baths, a vanity, or even the wall. But fifteen inches is the bare minimum clearance. If you have enough space in the bathroom, try to keep at least eighteen inches clearance around the bowl.
  • Height of the bowl – The average height of a toilet is seventeen inches. But there are other options as well. You can get a nineteen-inch-tall seat if you like. Generally, you should ignore this option if you have no issues with using a traditional toilet. 19-inch toilet seats are only useful for really tall people. But they might be uncomfortable for elderly people and kids.
  • Flush type – If you have made your mind up about everything else, it is time to think about the flush options. Traditional toilets use the power of gravity to clear the waste from the toilet. But these days, flushes that use less water are more common. Yet another option is the automatic flushing system. This will automatically detect when the person finishes using the toilet and triggers the flush accordingly.

There are many essential items you will need for your home besides toilets. These include things like showers, faucets, saunas, kitchen sinks, baths, steam cabins, shower stalls and many more. The good news is that you can find any of them easily using our shopping search engine. Also, this will let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the bathroom fixtures category.

Question & Answer

What toilet should I buy?

There is no easy answer to this question. Firstly, the toilet you choose should be within your budget. Secondly, it should complement the existing decor of your bathroom and should be of a suitable size for the bathroom. Moreover, it should be a well-built model. While these three are the basic functional aspects to look for, one might also need to consider the aesthetics and design of the model. However, as most toilets fall into four basic categories according to design, looking at these factors will help you choose the right toilet.

What toilet uses the least water?

One of the major concerns regarding toilets these days is the amount of water that they use for flushing. In the old models, water consumption used to be quite high. That is why high tank models are less popular these days. If you are looking for a toilet model that uses less water but is also affordable, then goes for the twin flush models. They have two separate flush valves; one of them uses less water than the other. The more expensive option is the toilets with pressure-assisted flushing. These models have very little water yet clear waste materials effectively.

Where to buy toilet products online in the UAE?

The toilet is something nobody wants to go wrong when they purchase. Regardless of all the research you did by looking at the features and properties of different models; you also need to make sure that you are buying it from a good place. However, you don’t have to look very far to find a good store to buy toilets online in the UAE. Luckily, offers all of the toilet models at incredibly affordable prices. Moreover, it is easy to find the product you are looking for using our retail search engine. There are more than 500 shops and brands offering toilets on These include Toto, Geberit, Hindware, Duravit, Grohe, and Villeroy & Boch.

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