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About Urinal Partitions

A nice restroom gives a positive and long-term dint on your customers and guests. Upgrading a large restroom design obliges first-class restroom urinal partitions and urinal dividers. This guide will help you choose the best ones.

Urinal partitions are walls used in the men’s restroom to bid extra confidentiality in commercial buildings. These are often kept between many urinals or amid a urinal and a sink. Further, they come in many width and height options depending on various needs. You can find them in many materials ranging from fibreglass to stones and stainless steel. Whether you are featuring your bathroom for the first time or upgrading the existing one, the choice of material is a matter of concern. These partitions are available in different designs and colours. On this page, we will know more. So, read on!

Things you need to know about urinal partitions

The invention took place back in the 20th century. It has taken around 40 years since the modern restrooms permit privacy, offering enjoyable and hygienic space. The first urinal partition to be invented was made of wood, then others like laminate phenolic emerged over time. But those materials were not resistant to wear and tear. They were prone to dents, were not waterproof, and the maintenance cost offset the initial cost. In addition to that, more advanced methods come in to solve these problems. In the 21st century, urinal partitions were made of HDPE plastic. It was extra durable and resistant to moisture. That’s where all these good inventions started. To get complete information, read below.

Materials of urinal partition walls

Urinal partitions available in the market are of different materials. The most common types you will see include Compact laminate. It is in use to heighten any bathroom’s visual appeal. Easy to install and perfect for endless possibilities for gears in restrooms! Further, fibreglass partitions are of fibreglass. It’s easy to maintain and waterproof. Stone partitions are of stone to offer natural appeal to the bathrooms. Like other materials, the stone material is also weather resistant. Others like High-pressure laminate (HPL), metal, and stainless steel are also available in the market.

Categories of urinal dividers or partition

There are several types of partitions available in the market. The following are some of the most common types you will encounter in the market. They include; metal urinal partition, the most common and cheap type available in the market. It comes in different colours and designs to give your restroom a perfect appeal. Plastic urinal partitions are easy to install but are not perfect in humid areas. Solid plastic material is very resilient and ideal for public restrooms, heavy traffic toilets, etc. Stainless steel ones are always the best option for any bathroom and are extra durable.

Urinal partition price

Are you on a hunt for the best and cheap urinal dividers? If so, you are in the right place. Here on, we offer a vast range of quality products that can meet any budget, so regardless of your pocket’s size, feel at home. The products here have passed through tests to give the utmost performance to your restroom. Further, you don’t need to break your bank as we have a solution for you. Urinal partition is a must-have if you want to give your client and visitors privacy, and they are available in the market. So, hurry up and buy for your restroom these fantastic gears. Ready to get one or more cheap urinal partitions? Be right here on our website and get them right away.

Tips on how to buy Urinal Partitions Online in Dubai

Urinal partition is an indispensable element of top-notch commercial restrooms. The deals need confidentiality to users, but they guarantee optimum use of space and help keep the room orderly. Classy bathrooms create a positive imprint on users making to feel at home while using them. Finding the right one is not easy, with so many urinal partitions out there. If you have been on a hunt but did succeed in getting your best choice, we got you covered. Here are the tips you can follow as you buy urinal dividers online in UAE. They include;

  • Variety of options – Urinal partitions come in numerous shapes and colours, offering you an opportunity to pick out a design that suits your style. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to pick a urinal partition that is made using a complete piece of material. Such a blueprint assists in making commercial toilets look level headed and tidy. It also curtails the number of seams in the urinal partition.
  • Warranty – Most urinal partitions offered at are provided with a warranty. They are of high quality, and the possibility of failures is next to nil. So while looking to buy superior restroom urinal dividers, it is imperative to crisscross the warranty offered. Investing in first-class urinal partitions for the commercial restroom with a comprehensive warranty will not only give you a pledge of quality, but you will also have peace of mind.
  • Outdoor Factors – Finest urinal partitions are made of high-grade materials with cutting-edge technology, making them resilient to numerous external factors like rust, wetness, etc. So while going for an ultimate urinal partition for a commercial restroom, it is imperative to know its masterpiece. Its makeup will play a fundamental role in determining its visual appeal and durability.
  • Maintenance – Maintenance is one of the most imperative factors while picking out urinal partition. An ultimate urinal partition for a commercial restroom obliges negligible maintenance. So before picking a urinal partition, look through the product depiction and choose urinal partitions that are simple to maintain. It is worthwhile to devote yourself to an option that comes with a seal.
  • Abrasion resistance –Commercial bathrooms are susceptible to wear and tear; thus, it’s essential to pick a urinal partition that is resistant to wear and tear. Remember, urinal partitions offered at are made of first-class material to survive in any difficult situation. Urinal partitions made of high-pressure laminate are exceptionally impervious to abrasion.
  • Fire outbreak – All commercial restrooms are susceptible to fire outbreaks. Therefore, it’s essential to pick a urinal partition that is fire retardant. Remember, most urinal partition offered in are made of halogen-free chemical that prevents fire from scattering.

Now that you know all you need to consider while choosing a urinal partition, the proceeding step is to look for a reliable dealer. On, you will treasure quality urinal partitions that are artistically alluring, easy to set up, fire retardant, easy to maintain, and made to last. Just ensure the abovementioned tips are followed accurately. Otherwise, happy online shopping!

Question & Answer

How to install a urinal partition?

Are you refashioning a commercial restroom or looking to build a brand new one? Whichever the case, you must install the urinal partitions, particularly if the bathroom has more than one toilet. After all, we all focus on giving clients and guests a welcoming environment where they won’t be bothered about personal privacy. To install these partitions, you must have the appropriate gear. Then figure out your draft and spot the location of all kits, apt the wall conduits and panel legs following the instruction provided in the manual. Proceed by positioning the partitions into place using an appropriate tool; then, you can fix both middle and end plasters tie them up by fitting the headrails. And you are good to go.

Which urinal partition do I need?

There are several types of toilet partition available in the market. Choosing the right one can be devastating. But we have put together specific approaches to help you find the correct toilet partition. Metal urinal partitions are the right choice among business people, so this is the right choice if you want cost-effective urinal partitions. But if you are looking for a highly customisable toilet partition, then plastic laminate is the best one for you. A solid plastic enclosure is an option for those looking for a highly durable toilet partition perfect for a public restroom. If you need a toilet partition that you can use in a humid environment, stainless steel is the partition of choice.

Where to buy urinal partition online in the UAE?

Technology has revolutionised everything as we can now shop our favourite gear in the comfort of our home. And with lots of business done online, getting the most appropriate equipment is very tress free. It is because you have the chance to product comparison from different sites. There is a customer’s recommendation section on the home page of every online site where you will be directed further to the most appropriate gear to buy. Many online stores also give several bonuses, making high-quality goods’ prices less expensive. If you want to enjoy online shopping, explore our product search engine . Some of the best toilet parts and bathroom fixture brands you can find here include Duravit, Geberit, Bobrick, and Toto.