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Macerator pumps are essential in homes where the usual way of connecting the toilet to the wastewater network does not work. This often happens when you extend your house to the basement and try installing a toilet below the drain line. A built-in macerator toilet or faecal crushers will help you in that case. 

So, first things first. Why can’t you use a conventional toilet, say, in a basement? Well, because of gravity. In conventional toilets, the waste moves to the main drainage due to gravity. This will not work in a basement when the toilet is often below the ground level. So, you will need macerators to move the waste to the existing waste pipes by pumping up the waste. However, it is not easy to pump solid waste through drain pipes. That is when a macerator comes into play. Read this article to know more about faecal crushers. Having a better understanding of them will help you make better purchase decisions.

A brief guide of macerator pumps for your bathroom

Technically, macerating is the method of converting solid into a slurry. And in the case of a macerator pump, this is often solid waste from the toilet or sink. This is similar to a grinder pump but different in a few key areas. Unlike a grinder pump, a macerator sits outside the sewage tank. To put it simply, a macerator is a grinder pump for the toilet, or a grinder pump is a macerator for a building. This guide will help you decide what kind of faecal crushers you need in your home. In this article, you will also find some really helpful tips that you can use while shopping.

Macerator toilets

These are also called compact macerator toilets. This is because the macerating system inside this will be smaller than a full-sized macerator pump. In fact, the pump will be small enough to fit underneath the toilet cistern and will not affect the bathroom decor. In many of these faecal crushers models, the macerator will be inside the toilet bowl itself. Instead of a traditional toilet cistern, this type of toilet will have a solenoid valve that flushes the waste using pressurised water. One benefit of this model over large macerators is that it only uses three or five litres of water for flushes.

Macerator pumps

If you want better reliability, it is better to install a separate macerator that is large enough to handle wastes from more than one toilet. Usually, this type of faecal crushers will be outside the wall of the toilet and won’t be visible inside the bathroom. The largest size of this pump also translates into better reliability and performance. You can also close a couple of pumps with wall-hung toilets as well. Some pumps might have inlets for up to four toilets. Even if you don’t have four toilets in your house, you can connect this pump to your shower, washing machine, or sink.

Benefits of macerator pumps

One obvious advantage of using a macerator is that you won’t have to unclog your toilet as frequently as before. The macerator pump will take care of solid waste and convert it into a slurry so that it can move easily through the drain pipe. These faecal crushers also eliminate the need for a large drain pipe for handling solid waste. While traditional toilets without a pump require the drainage pipe to be at least 10cm in diameter, a drain pipe with 22mm diameter will do equally well with a macerator. People use this type of pumps in all kinds of living spaces, including RVs and mobile homes.

Disadvantages of macerator pumps

Despite all the benefits of a macerator, there are a few disadvantages as well. The most obvious one is the sound that it produces. Just like any other pump, a macerator pump also uses an electric motor. Although the noise that a modern electric motor produces is not that high, it can still be bothersome in a busy household. Another problem is that the faecal crushers will not work without power. So, if you live in a place that experiences frequent power cuts, a macerator might not be practical for you. Also, there is the problem of increased electricity consumption. Even though the pump will only run for a couple of minutes at a time, it still counts.

Tips on how to buy Macerator Pumps online

Unlike many other toilet products, there aren’t many different varieties of macerators. However, there are differences in other aspects of them, like size and rating. So, while figuring out the right pump for your toilet is not rocket science, it is not a cakewalk either. You have considered a whole bunch of things for that. However, it is easier if you know what criteria to consider in these pumps. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping for macerator pumps online.

  • Look for the power of the motor – Having a powerful motor means the macerator can handle heavier wastes. This might save you from the macerator getting stuck. But as the motor gets more powerful, it also consumes more electricity. Therefore, the mechanical output of the motor should not be unreasonably high or too low.
  • Check on pumping distance – Sometimes, there might be a height difference between the toilet drain and the main sewage pipe. In that case, the macerator should be powerful enough to pump the waste to the required height. The typical pumping height that a macerator can deal with is around seven metres. That is equivalent to the height of a two-storey building.
  • Select compact vs stand-alone machine – Compact macerators are for individual toilets. You won’t be able to connect the outlets from other toilets to a compact macerator of another toilet. Instead, you will need a compact macerator in every single one of your toilets. Another solution is to use a stand-alone macerator that can handle the waste from multiple toilets.
  • Pick the convenient size – Generally, macerator toilets are larger than regular toilets. This might pose a problem if your bathroom is small. So, you will need to look for a smaller toilet bowl or a macerator that you can install outside the toilet wall.

There are many other things you will need for a toilet apart from macerator pumps. To purchase other parts of your bathroom, check out our bathroom fixtures section. We are the best Dubai product finder with more than 500 eminent brands and shops allied with us. And you enjoy surprising offers and deals at an affordable price rate. Happy shopping!

Question & Answer

How does a macerating toilet work?

Macerating toilets goes one step further than the regular toilet. In fact, the working of both of them is the exact same from the toilet bowl, to the toilet cistern, and the drain. The difference starts after the waste leaves the P-Trap. In a macerator toilet, the waste goes into the macerator pump. This pump will have powerful rotating blades that break down solid waste into a fine slurry. This makes it possible for the waste to move through a narrower pipe. The macerator will also have a pump that moves the waste upward in case the main sewage pipe is higher than the toilet drain.

When to install a macerator pump?

In most situations, the toilet will be above the drain line. This enables the waste to move down naturally because of gravity. However, in some cases, the drain line might be above the height of the toilet. This happens when you turn to build a toilet in the basement. In those cases, the waste will not move to the drain naturally because of gravity. That is when a macerator can come in handy. The macerator will grind the waste into a slurry so that it can move through a smaller pipe. After converting the waste into a slurry, the pump inside the macerator will move the waste up through the pipe

Where to buy macerating toilets in the UAE?

While you don’t always need a macerator, in situations that require a macerator, there is no other simple or affordable alternative. Also, you shouldn’t settle for any product that you first come across. You should really think about the efficiency and reliability of the pump before buying. Luckily you can find plenty of great macerators online on What is even better is that will let you buy them for the most affordable prices on the market. It is incredibly easy to find any product that you need using our retail search engine. Amongst the brands, you can choose from include Shurflo, Grundfos, Dab, Sanisplit, Seaflo, and Amarine Made.