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About Sinks

There are a few elements that make a bathroom different from any other room in a house. These include a cooking range, storage cabinets, a refrigerator, and a sink. So, you have to be really careful about what sort of sink you buy for your bathroom. 

If you are like most people in the world, you will only buy two or three sinks in your lifetime. The first time will be when you are moving into your new home. Because they are pretty durable, you won’t have to think about getting another one for quite a long time. You will only need to replace it when your home is in need of renovation. So, nobody is really experienced when it comes to buying sinks. That’s why you need to read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are shopping for them.  

Different types of sinks 

Think about the busiest room in your bathroom. Perhaps, the bathroom will easily come up in the first or second spot in that race. Therefore, every element in a bathroom can have an impact on your life. A well-designed bathroom can make your life much easier, while the opposite can be horrible. Luckily, there are many different types of sinks out there. Here is a list of four of the most common types of them. In this article, you will also find some really useful tips that you can use while shopping.  

Stainless steel sinks 

This is the most popular type of sink on the market. In fact, 70 per cent of the people who buy sinks actually prefer stainless steel. One obvious reason for this is that stainless steel is much more affordable than any other material. With proper care and maintenance, they will last for a long time as well. You can find a good quality stainless steel for around two or three hundred dirhams. Models from brands like Kohler start from 900 dirhams and go upwards. The price difference between sink models corresponds directly to the gauge size of the steel used.  

Granite composite material 

Granite composite material is not the same as granite stone. Composite granite is more similar to clay brick. But in the case of granite composite, the crushed granite will be mixed with another material and some type of resin to form a thick solid mass. The benefit of composite material is that it is possible to carefully adjust the finish of the material. While the granite composite might have a distinctive shiny grey finish, there will be hardly any impurities like the ones you will see on a granite stone. And depending on the type of the composite, the physical properties of the material also change. 


Copper is much more expensive than stainless steel. Therefore, copper sinks are also going to cost you much more than stainless steel sinks. Naturally, the cost increases as the gauge size of the copper go up. But why should anyone pay more for a copper sink? The primary reason is their unique look. Copper gives a traditional rustic look to the bathroom. Over time, the corrosion of the copper surface causes it to form a unique greenish aesthetic. Technically, this is called patina. But unlike the corrosion of steel, corrosion of copper does not affect its durability.  

Cast iron  

The difference between regular iron and cast iron is that cast iron is moulded into shape using casts while regular iron is struck into shape. However, this difference in the making process translates into differences in the physical properties of the material. Cast iron is much stronger and denser than regular iron. Cast iron sinks, therefore, do not bend or get dings. Although cast iron sinks are heavy and need reinforcement on the bathroom countertop around the sink to support them, they are also incredibly durable as well. Usually, cast iron sinks come with an enamel coating to prevent rusting. 

Tips on buying Sinks

A sink is an integral part of a bathroom. In fact, it is even impossible to think about a bathroom that does not have a sink. But finding the right sink can be much harder than you might think. Because there are thousands of different models out there, trying to pick one out of them can be an overwhelming experience. However, it gets easier if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are some tips that you can use while shopping for them.

  • Type – There are many different models of sinks. Models vary in both functional and aesthetic aspects. A few of the most common types of them are top mount models, under-mount models, farmhouse models, and workstation models. Top mount models are the most common types because it is easier to install a top mount model in any kind of bathroom. In order to install an underside model or a farmhouse model, the cutout on the countertop should exactly fit the edges of the sink.
  • Double bowl vs Single bowl – This categorisation is based on the number of bowls on the sink. Single bowl models have one large bowl in the sink. But double bowl models have a wall in between that separates the bowl into two different sections. Typically, double bowl models are larger than single bowl models. However, there are single bowl models that are as big as a double bowl model.
  • Material – It is the material of the sink that dictates the price of the sink to a great extent. For those people who are looking for an affordable sink that offers decent quality, stainless steel models have the best value for money. While they won’t give the bathroom an exceptional look, what they are supposed to do, they do well.
  • Size – Think about how big you want your bathroom sink to be before you start shopping for them. You will come across really large workstation sinks, too much smaller prep sinks. The actual size of the sink you need depends on how much space you have on your bathroom countertop to personal preferences.

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Question & Answer

Why are sinks called sinks?

Although we might not think about the terms that we use for the everyday objects that we use, a lot of them have interesting histories. Consider the case of sinks. The actual English word ‘sink’ actually means to submerge or to go under. Although it is not actually intuitive why people use this term for the basins that we use in bathrooms, some linguists have some theories about it. The most popular and sound opinion regarding a sink is where the wastewater from the bathroom actually sinks or flows out. That way, this term is not too far-fetched.

What is the purpose of dual sinks?

The difference between dual sink and single sinks is like night and day. Dual sinks have two separate bowls, while single sinks have just one. It is also not surprising that dual sinks also cost more. But what is the purpose of a dual sink, and is it worth getting one? Well, a dual sink is supposed to make it easier to do the dishes. You can fill up one bowl with soapy water and the other one with clean water. Another use of dual sinks is to organise your dishes. If you want, you can use one of those bowls as a dish dryer as well.

Are sinks standard sizes?

No, sinks do not follow a standard sizing chart. However, for practical reasons, all manufacturers design sinks in similar size ranges. Because of this, most of them tend to measure between twenty-four and thirty-six inches in length. But models containing two bowls are longer than that. But those models that tend to be in either extremity in the matter of size do not seem to fit into a size convention. So, you can find really large workstation sinks that contain dual bowls and dryers and also really small ones that are only useful for washing hands and small dishes.

What material is the best for a sink?

Undoubtedly, stainless steel sinks will give you the best value for money. They are durable, strong and lightweight compared to other materials. The stainless steel used for the average sink measures around 18-gauge. While this is good enough, you can go for models that use 22-gauge steel for better quality. But one downside of stainless steel is that it is not the best-looking material for the bathroom. Also, steel tends to turn white because of exposure to cleaning agents and food grease. It will take regular cleaning to maintain the look of a stainless-steel sink.