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There are a few factors that make a home really a nice place to live in. It should be clean, beautiful, protect you from the sun and rain, and, also, the temperature inside should be comfortable. For that, you need all the right heating parts.

Humans have used space heating since the invention of fire. For early humans, this would be a simple bonfire made using twigs and dry branches of trees. When humans became more advanced, they developed fireplaces. However, most people do not use a real fireplace these days. Instead, there are more convenient heaters that work using electricity or natural gas. In order for you to select the right type of heater and heating parts, you need to have a better understanding of them. Read this article to find out more about them.

Four essential heating parts

Space heaters consist of several different parts. If we were to look at all the tiny particles in a heater, there would be hundreds of them. But not all of these are required for replacing a broken part or a section of a heater. For most purposes, it is enough to know about the basics of heating parts. Any heater consists of three main sections. The first section is where the heat is produced. This can be either an electric coil or a combustion chamber, depending on the type of heater. The second section transfers this heat. It is the final part that then heats up the air. Here is a list of four components involved in these three sections of a heater.

Heat exchanger

When the thermostat triggers the heater, it is actually the heat exchanger that warms the cool air. Interestingly, heat exchangers are also present in air coolers. But in air coolers, heat exchangers work in exactly the opposite way as that of the heater. Heat exchangers use strong stainless steel with temperature-resistant alloys to prevent cracking and deforming. Some models even have a special duct to let cool air reach the heat exchanger fasten up the heat exchange. A leak in the heat exchanger can be hazardous. It may result in a leak of carbon monoxide, which can cause headaches, nausea, or even death.

Blower motor

An electric blower motor uses an assembly of fans to push the warm air into the ductwork of the heat exchanger. In fact, the heating pretty much stops when the blower motor stops running. But before the blower shuts down to wait for the next heating cycle, all the warmth in the heat exchanger will be used up. To precisely control the flow of air around your house, a variable-speed blower motor will operate at different speeds according to the ambient temperature. Variable speed motors are not as noisy, and in summer, they can lower your humidity more effectively.

Combustion chamber

A combustion chamber is only present in a gas heater. For proper combustion of the fuel, oxygen must be available. In the case of a heater, it is the function of the combustion chamber to create an ideal atmosphere rich in oxygen for the fuel to burn. The heating cycle for a gas furnace begins when a small volume of a mixture of air and gas reaches the combustion chamber. Then the mixture is ignited by a glow stick or pilot light, and it burns in a controlled fire. Only older heaters use pilot lights for starting combustion. Almost all newer models use glow sticks instead.


The compressor, or the condenser coil, is part of the heat pump or air conditioner. Typically, this unit will be installed outside the house. A compressor is the most important part of the climate control system. Only by compressing the air is it possible to transfer the heat from a lower temperature air to warmer air. But instead of compressing the air itself, a refrigerant with high compression ability works as the medium for transferring heat. A fan blows air over the compressor to distribute the heat and cool the refrigerant more rapidly.

Tips on how to buy Heating Parts Online

Heaters are one of those amazing inventions that have completely transformed the way we live our lives. In the earlier versions of heaters, they used to be quite simple and did not offer that many features. However, over the years, they have gotten much better. This also makes it incredibly hard to select the right type of heating parts. But it gets easier if you know what factors to consider in these parts. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are shopping for them.

  • Noise levels – Similar to air conditioners, heaters also tend to produce some level of noise. Depending on the model of the heater and its size, the noise level might be high or low. It is always better to have a heater with low noise levels, especially if it is in a room where people frequent it often.
  • Design – The major portion of a heater and heating parts will not be visible outside. So, for those heating parts that are visible outside, you should look for parts that look good and blend in with the rest of the interior decoration. Some of these parts include the external ducts and the controllers.
  • Portability – There are heaters that are permanent fixtures and other models that are portable. Portable heaters are, generally, less powerful than large non-portable heaters. So, when you opt for portable heaters, you are actually compromising the heating capacity. Typically, portable heaters consume more power per unit of heat as well.
  • Safety – Safety is important for all kinds of electrical devices. However, it is especially important for heaters. Heaters are high power devices. As they draw a large amount of electric current, the insulation and the earth connection should work properly in order to ensure the safe operation of the machine.

Besides a heater, there are many other essential items you would need in your home. These include things like shower fixtures, shower enclosures, faucets, kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, toilets, drainage systems, saunas, steam cabins, and many more. You can find any of them easily using our shopping search engine. It will also let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the amazing products from the bathroom fixtures category.

Question & Answer

How to choose replacement parts for the heater?

Regardless of how good of a heater you invest your money in, the parts of the heater have a maximum lifespan. After that, they start to fail. So, eventually, you will have to replace them. When you are choosing replacement parts for your heater, there are some vital things to consider. The most important one of them is that the electrical rating of the part should be compatible with the rest of the heater. Secondly, the output of the heating parts should be suitable for the heat output of the heater. Only then will the heater function properly.

Are heaters bad for your health?

Modern heaters are generally considered safe for humans. In the old days, smoke from gas heaters would leak into the interior of the house and pollute the air. However, if the heater is in good condition, this will not happen with modern heaters. Another problem with heaters is the risk of injury from touching the heating elements directly with the skin. But as there will be a protective cover over the heat exchanger, this will not happen unless one intentionally tries to do so. Another factor to consider is electrical safety. You should only buy a heater from a reputable brand.

Where to buy heating parts online in the UAE?

There are a few easy ways to make sure that you are buying good quality products. One of them is to choose a product from a good brand. Another thing to do is to buy from a good store. Luckily you can find a wide collection of heating parts in You can use our retail search engine to find the products easily and choose the best one that meets your requirements. Furthermore, on, you can find products for really great prices as well. So, start exploring brands like AO Smith, Ariston, Honeywell, Vokera, Ruud, Duraheat, and Berko.

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