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Modern homes have bathroom fixtures that double up like a bathtub and a stand-up shower with build-in conversion faucets. Contrary to these, older homes have separate compartments for the bathtub and the shower. If you live in a house with such a design, it would be best to integrate your shower with your bathtub. Installing a complete system would require separate pipes to channel water from the supply to the bathtub faucets and the showerhead. This is where the shower head diverter valve comes in. It is a simple device that allows you to switch the water supply from the showerhead to the bathtub faucet and back.

After a long day’s work, taking a shower or cleansing your body in a bathtub should require little effort. A diverter valve simplifies the process by making it easy to switch from your tab to the shower using a lever or button. If you don’t have it, installing one is relatively easy as long as you have a reliable water supply. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not have a clue of what the market has to offer. Sometimes, customers stumble upon unreliable devices, especially when searching online. Even though several manufacturers offer quality products, it isn’t easy to find the best shower head diverter valve to satisfy your needs. Luckily, there is a criterion that you can use to select a suitable product. First, you must have basic knowledge about a diverter valve and its working mechanism. And yes, that’s what we’re discussing in the next section.

Things you need to know about conversion faucets

Even though diverter valves depend on hydraulic systems to achieve their purpose, you can classify them according to their designs, positioning, and purpose. The three types are: single-valve shower diverter valve (tee diverter), two-way shower diverter valve, and the 3-way diverter valve. You usually place a tee diverter at the end of the tub spout. When you pull the faucet lever, water will divert to the showerhead. A two-way diverter can be placed at the centre of a shower faucet that controls temperature or between two taps of a tub faucet. Bathtubs with separate hot and cold water handles may have a 3-way shower diverter valve. Turning these handles clockwise or anticlockwise 180 degrees will send hot or cold water to the showerhead and back to the bathtub.

The hydraulic diverter valve

This enables you to control single or double-acting cylinders from one valve, giving you a way to add components to your bathtub system. You can use a diverter valve to direct water to your handheld showerhead, your main showerhead, or your bathtub. This fixture is essential if you want to save on space or reorganize your bathroom for more room. Thus, you must know the specific valve you need before making a purchase. Making the right choice is essential to ensure your satisfaction.

The push-button diverter

Despite coming in different shapes and sizes, conversion faucets perform the same purpose. They control the rate/direction of water flow in your shower or water temperature by mixing hot and cold water from separate pipe supplies. A diverter valve lever looks like a pin that pulls out from the faucet. A push-button variety has a button that performs the same functions as a lever. Pushing the button or the lever will engage a rubber stopper to force water to flow in a different direction. The pressure created by the transfer valve’s action will force the water upwards to the showerhead or into the bathtub. A diverter valve enables you to switch instantly from your shower to the tub.

Some common issues with the transfer valves

Even though conversion faucets are easy to operate and maintain, they may develop issues over time because of constantly moving parts and metal and rubber components. The most common issues with most diverter valves are leakage, dripping, or water flows from both ends. Continuous flow from both ends indicates that the seals holding the valve may be loose or broken. If you encounter such problems, you can find a professional replacing the valves or purchasing a replacement from trusted suppliers. Alternatively, you can search for the best diverter valves for sale online in UAE for top quality products.

Reasons why you need the shower head diverter

The significant advantage of a conversion faucet is that it saves on space and resources. Instead of having a shower space separated from your bathtub, you can enjoy your shower while in your tub. A diverter valve for a handheld shower offers more convenience in terms of flexibility. You will save cash and resources because you will not have to install additional pipes, faucets, or tiles when renovating our bathroom. This arrangement is appropriate for compact bathroom spaces or en-suites. Customized diverter valves for kitchen faucets come in handy when washing dishes because they are flexible and straightforward.

Tips on how to buy Diverter Valves

When you’re out to buy a diverter valve online in UAE, there are many factors that you should consider. You cannot just jump in and buy whatever model you see online. Starting from your bathroom setup, configuration, water pressure, additional accessories, and the purpose of the valve you are looking for, you should be extremely careful while selecting your conversion valves online. Choosing the right shower head diverter valve is not a straightforward decision because they come in various designs with either single or multiple outlets. Luckily, you can use these expert tips to guide you when you’re buying the best shower diverter valve online.

  • Consider your bathroom’s configuration – When selecting a conversion faucet, you should consider the structure of your bathtub faucet and your shower head. If you have separate cold water supplies feeding a single shower head, handheld showerhead, or multiple shower heads, it would be best to go for a 3-way shower diverter valve to facilitate your needs.
  • Check your water pressure – The water pressure for most bathroom showers fluctuates between 40 to 65 pounds per square inch. Nevertheless, considering your water pressure will help you buy a diverter valve within range to avoid future issues. Moreover, you can be sure that the water pressure wouldn’t damage your conversion faucets.
  • Look out for individual component’s quality and durability – A diverter valve made out of solid parts and high-quality components is the best choice. That’s because it will serve you for extended periods with little to no maintenance requirements.
  • Pick a model with rust-proof coating – Since all the parts of your conversion faucets stay exposed to water and oxygen, rust is inevitable. You should lookout for a product made of anti-corrosive materials or a heavy rust-proof coating to protect exposed parts.
  • Keep an eye on the product warranty and clear instructions – Even though installing a diverter valve is relatively easy, you should ensure that the guide has clear instructions in case of issues. The period for the product’s warranty is also essential in assuring its quality and durability. A longer period means that the product is reliable.

As long as you have everything in place, you will not experience challenges when choosing a diverter valve to suit your needs. One of the top-rated hydraulic varieties in the market is the Kohler shower valve with a diverter. This features a 3-way valve with a customized hydraulic system. It has an ergonomic and classy design that will instantly change the look and feel of your bathroom. Additionally, you can browse through some of the top diverter valves offers in UAE on our superfast shopping search engine.

Question & Answer

How do you know when to replace your shower diverter valve?

Even though conversion faucets are simple devices, they can easily malfunction due to wear and tear in the valves or metallic compartments. The first thing that you should look out for is any sign of leakages. Drips and leakages are indicators that your valves need replacement. Leakage does not only waste your water but also facilitates rot and the growth of mould. A slow reaction time when changing from hot to cold water indicates that your valves may be malfunctioning. You should also check for flow irregularities and the accumulation of salts or deposits in the compartments.

How to install your shower diverter valve?

Installing a shower head diverter valve requires little knowledge of how the device works. Additionally, it will take a short time. As long as you work with your installation manual, the process will be easy. Before installing your diverter valve, make sure that you have similar type or screw attachments of the same size so that they fit perfectly. The next step is to unscrew the water supply pipe’s diverter valve and replace it with a new one. After that, you should replace the old showerhead with a new one and ensure that it is attached securely to the diverter valve to prevent leakage.

Where to buy a shower head diverter valve online in UAE?

Several registered product outlets sell quality conversion faucets all over the UAE. Nevertheless, it isn’t easy to move from place to place, searching for a product that will meet your needs. For a quick solution, you can browse through our product search engine for the best deals. Our results will help you to find your specified product and a variety of other options. You’ll find here products such as a cheap 3-way diverter valve, a diverter valve for kitchen faucet, a premium diverter valve for a handheld shower, and a stylish diverter valve for tubs.

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