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The humble bidets are an aspect of the bathroom fixtures that were once practically defunct. It was almost like an alien item that didn’t seem to appear in anyone’s house anymore. But all that has changed drastically in these recent years. They now aren’t only reserved for fancy period bathrooms because you’ll find an abundant collection of modern and sleek versions of them. With that said, there’s a straightforward way to add an extra hint of style to a bidet. Therefore, we’re bringing you this guide to bidet taps. In this post, we’ll look at distinct types of bidet faucets out there on the market. Plus, we’ll also give you some helpful tips on buying bidet tap online in UAE effortlessly. 

The elegant bidet taps designs enhance personal hygiene by ensuring that you get water at the correct pressure and temperature for your washing. Over the years, the bidet tap has evolved into assorted designs. It now also includes stylish features to help you do more when cleaning yourself. Apart from being a functional tap, a bidet tap also enhances your bathroom style. It spices up the general look of the bathroom with several colours and material choices. Also, a bidet tap adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom and convenience to the users. Plus, the flip, wash, and release mechanism also lets you save a lot of water. It is no wonder that bidet taps are commonplace in any well-designed bathroom these days. That said, let’s check out a few best bidet taps that you can invest in. 

The different types of bidet faucets for various uses 

You can choose the perfect bidet tap from three unique categories. If you love the old golden taps, you can go with a retro design. This design is iconic for its star-shaped handle and is mostly made of brass material. There are also stainless-steel options. On the other hand, the standard design comes in a glossy or matte finish giving you a choice based on your taste. Finally, the stylish, modern bidet tap is known for its sleek lines and either come with a glossy or chrome matt finish. You may find variations of either category when you buy bidet faucets online. Below, we’ve compiled a list of bidet faucets that you can consider buying for your various uses.   

The bidet mixer tap

Recent years have seen more and more manufacturers producing bidet taps with single tap holes. This is one of the primary reasons why most bidets today use mixer taps. These taps come with all the features of a basin mixer with single and dual levers. Some even include wastes and are available to you in a range of finishes from silver to gold and chrome. However, there are a few factors you ought to keep in mind while selecting your bidet mixer taps. For instance, water pressure plays a crucial role. Each mixer works with different water pressure. Also, keep an eye on the mixer types before you settle in for a choice. Fortunately, you can buy several economically cheap bidet mixer taps online. 

The handheld bidet spray tap

A handheld bidet spray tap or shower is a simple yet effective cleaning product. It’s used all over the world for its simplicity but also for its cost-effectiveness. The setup of this bidet faucet is rather straightforward. Usually, you’ll find a T-adapter connected to the waterline, which, in turn, links to the toilet. This splits the waterline so that it goes to both the restroom and the bidet sprayer. Further, you’ll also see a flexible hose coming off the line to the handheld bidet. This device comes with a squeeze trigger. With a simple and practical design, bidet sprayers are an excellent choice for people who prefer using water instead of other cleansing methods after defecation or urination. 

The 3-hole bidet taps

3-hole bidet faucets are a terrific addition to your bathrooms. They not only add that extra oomph to your bathroom interiors but also offer you high functionality. Today, you’ll find different sorts of such bidet taps. The two most prominent models include the countertop and wall-mount, 3-hole bidet faucets. Each one comes with distinctive features and benefits. In fact, you need to be very careful while selecting among them, as the washbasin type plays a crucial role in this. Nevertheless, you’ll find ones with single handles, dual handles, and thermostatic mixers either way. In short, all the 3-hole bidet faucets have been created to satisfy every bathroom design requirement. 

The bidet faucet with a hose for more functionality

The traditional bidet tap design works in a conventional sink. Therefore, if you need to do other things with the water, such as fill a bucket or clean the floor, you would need an extension from the tap. Luckily, there are bidet faucet designs with just that, and that’s the hose. By the way, you also pick the bidet faucets with a hose while taking a shower. The hose allows you to extend the length of the tap. And hence, it enables you to clean hard to reach areas such as your back. Of course, you can also pick various hose lengths to meet your functional needs. You’ll even find different designs. Fortunately, you can get them all in several online stores across the country.

Tips on how to buy Bidet Taps

You already know a range of styles and types of bidet faucets in the market. It is time to determine what to check when making a purchase decision. You do not want to buy a bathroom bidet faucet that does not meet your needs. Unfortunately, it is quite overwhelming and confusing, given the number of choices available. We want to help you make that critical decision by giving you several practical tips on buying the best bidet taps. Read on before making your final choice. Let’s go!

  • Material matters – Some of the popular materials include chrome, brass and brushed steel. However, you can also go for copper and bronze. Your choice mainly depends on budget and style preferences. The product comparison sites have various polish options for each of the above materials.
  • Consider various mixer options – If you intend to mix hot and cold water, you may consider various mixer options in the market. A Grohe bidet tap is the most basic. However, the 3-hole bidet taps are the most complex but give the best control when mixing water with varying temperatures.
  • Think of the added features – The online shopping platform has bidet faucet brands with other features as an aerator, a flow restrictor, or a thermostatic mixer. The first two options help lower your water consumption, while the last option helps maintain a constant temperature. With constant temperature, there is no risk of scalding yourself while washing.
  • Category determines your style – You may go for standard, retro or modern style. Retro designs treasured golden age tap styles, while the modern styles are unique as they do not follow any established rules. Standard designs are primary taps made for their functionality. Explore the styles available in each category on online shopping sites to make an informed decision.
  • Determine the functionality requirements – How easy is it to use the faucet? If you need a mixer for the elderly, an electric one is better to prevent accidental scalding. On the other hand, if you have a wide washbasin, a movable or a long swan neck bathroom bidet faucet would work the best. Pick the best combination of features based on functionality.

When you head to online search engines, you will find several types of bidet faucets. This means you need to be extremely careful while selecting your bidet taps if you want to be successful in purchasing something that matches your bathroom décor. We believe the above tips will help you work your way through numerous choices and guide your perfect bidet tap online. Start exploring, if you’re ready to invest in one.

Question & Answer

Where to buy bidet tap online in UAE?

You can use our product search engine to find bidet taps available for purchase in the UAE. It offers you access to all the top brands available in Dubai. You can buy some popular bidet faucets, including Grohe, Hansgrohe, Ideal Standard, and Bagnoli. Therefore, you can pick a brand that best meets your needs and preferences. Explore various categories for various ideas for your bathroom. You will be amazed by the comprehensive collection of bidet taps and other products you can purchase here. And because it’s an easy-to-use platform, you can make your purchase with just a click.

How to install a bidet spray tap?

Installing a bidet spray tap uses the same procedure as installing any other tap. Start by closing the main water supply. Then, install your spray assembly by threading the shank through the spray hole. Complete with threading the flange on the top. Once done, install the valves, drain the body, and also the water supply. Complete by cramming the handle in position. Complete your installation by connecting the water supply and tightening screws. Since the procedure for installation may vary, check your user manual.

How does a bidet tap work?

A bidet faucet uses a lever or a constrictor mechanism to control the flow of the water. The bidet mixer tap combines hot and cold water to provide water at the desired pressure and temperature. Mixing hot and icy water and managing water pressure depends on the design you pick. Some use a tap, while others use a lever to open and close valves bringing in water. The closing mechanism determines how you open or mix hot and cold water. Check these features when buying online.

Which bidet tap do I need?

Your choice of a bidet tap depends on a mix of numerous factors. Some of the factors include design and colour preferences, budget, chosen material, size of your washbasin, and the features you want with your tap. Please make a list of things you want in the faucets & bath taps using the tips we laid out earlier in the content, and then explore our retail search engine for matching brands. You have a choice of either standard or fancy modern taps. Look at the functionality besides the designs. However, balance the two to have appealing and nice working faucets. The HD images on will help you make a wise choice.