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Are you recently noticing some reduction of water flow in your bathroom faucet? Maybe it’s time to install a new aerator or, let’s simply put it as a water saver.

The bathroom skin aerators wear out with time. They also get clogged, specifically if the water supply is of hard type. No matter the blockage, replacing the aerator is a simple and effective solution to the problem. Doing so is as simple as twisting off the old one from the end of the faucet and screwing in a new one. Contrary to installation, buying a water saver or faucet aerator is a tricky task to deal with. And to do so nicely, you need to know the many different types, their uses and effectiveness in your bathroom.

Types of a faucet aerator

Technically speaking, a faucet or tap aerator (water saver) is a small device with a mesh screen. This device is used to conserve energy and water and reduce the amount of water splash as it comes out. One can see these devices at the end of the faucet and allow free water to flow through a mesh screen. As the water flows through it, the screen breaks the stream of water into multiple smaller streams. It also allows the air to combine with water and create a consistent flow of water. There is a long list of classifications of these water-saving aerators. And each of these comes with varying faucet aerator sizes that you may need to consider while making a purchase. Also, different types of faucet aerator designs serve to vary results and flow streams. Let’s discuss a few of our available options.

The stationary and swivel aerators

As the name suggests, each component of the stationary aerator (or water saver) stays still. In a swivel aerator, the components are more elaborate and can force water to flow in different directions. In the meantime, there are many others options with dual-stream functions. Hence the end-users can change the directions of the water stream when and as they wish to. They also come in dual systems by retracting or by pulling the aerator. The swivel faucet aerators are some of the fascinating designs. They are common in modern bathrooms and tap systems.

Bubble stream aerators

These sink faucet aerators (or, simply put, water savers) come with needle spray; just like other aerators, the needle aerators come with features like pressure compensation. It makes them an ideal choice for a residential tap system. It also implied that with these sprays, no one could notice if there is any pressure fluctuation within the water supply system or not. For people who want a lower water flow, bubble or needle stream flow systems are suitable options. It also adds air to the water and enhances the water stream, giving a sensation of heavy flow while dispensing less water. Here the design also helps you get a shower like pattern and can offer good water coverage.

Lead-free dual thread pressure aerators

Many water savers or aerators offer lead-free dual thread pressure compensating sprays. They offer a significant cost saving and are ideal for an application accommodating both female and male taps. They are useful for drinking water directly from the tap. This is because they can provide a consistent water flow regardless of fluctuating pressure in the tap systems. Also, installing a tamper-proof tap aerator can prevent tenants from removing or replacing the faucet aerator for property owners. These types of equipment are common in hotels or restaurants.

Tips on how to buy Faucet Aerator online in the UAE 

When you head to look for a faucet aerator for sale online in the UAE, there is a long list of options to choose from. Besides the size and material of the water saver, you will need to consider the best suitable aerator style as per your needs. Here you may also need to consider that the best faucet aerator can be different from the one you will use in the bathroom sink. However, in each case, the basic considerations for buying a faucet aerator for the bathroom sink remains the same. Today we are going to discuss these essentials you will need to consider while making a purchase.

  • About male and female threads – Aerator is available either in male or female varieties. The selection depends on the type of faucet you own. So if your faucet has threads on the outside, you will need a male. Otherwise, the female aerator will work for you.
  • The size of the aerator – They come in two sizes: regular (it has 15/16” male and 55/64” female) and the junior (has 13/16” male and 3 / 4” Female). Start by measuring your faucet or take a shortcut using a coin. You will need a regular aerator for a faucet of nickel size but a dime-size pick junior aerator.
  • Consider the use – Aerators block the flow of water at different levels. And certain aerators might not be appropriate depending on the task you will be using them for. Generally, lower volume aerators are ideal for certain users, but higher volume can do better filling.
  • The style of aerator – Here, you will need to choose from any three options. Aerated offer a standard spray of air mixed water; the spray is just like a miniature shower spray, and the laminar gives a non-splashing solid stream.
  • Price and brand – The price of aerators vary with the style, size and type. It also depends on the brand you are buying from. So if you are looking for a reliable option, use the price comparison tool at to find economical items without compromising on quality.

In the end, it will always be a great idea to consider the ease of maintenance of a water saver when you head to buy these water savers. The cleaning of these aerators is important as the impurities, silt and debris in the water can clog the faucet. Although you will need a simple brush to do the cleaning trick, the aerator must also come out of the water saver or faucet easily and without any special tools. You can visit the customer review section to know about the best and easy to use options for suggestions.

Question & Answer

Are faucet aerators of any standard size?

The aerators mainly come in two sizes. The regular size usually measures 15/16″ for males or 55/64″ for the female’s faucet. In contrast, the junior aerator measures 13/16″ for the Male and 3 /4″ for the female faucet. To find a suitably fit aerator for your faucet, you will need to measure it or do the coin trick, so if your faucet is the size of a nickel, you will need a regular size aerator. But if the faucet is rough of the size of a dime, you will need a junior size aerator to fit in perfectly.

Which faucet aerator is best to buy?

Some of the best selling water saver and faucet aerator options you can buy for all your water saving needs include upgraded 2020 movable faucet head, the  360 rotate swivel water saving tap aerator; or the delta faucet rp330 aerator for 2.2 GPM, chrome. for more options, you can explore dishwasher faucet adapter – sink aerator;  0.5 GPM low flow dual-thread faucet aerator best for sink;   Whedon products su8c double swivel super sprayer; Moen 3919 2.2 GPM male thread faucet aerator or Lasco 09-1661nl no lead, three-piece faucet adapter kit.

Where to buy a faucet aerator online in the UAE?

When it comes to sanitary items and anything to make your home a perfect place to live, going online is the best decision you can make. You should visit any retail search engine to find top quality products online. For instance, at, you can find all the latest designs and technological faucet parts from top brands. Some to name are Neoperl, Grohe, Glacier Bay, Blanco, Masco, or Sloan. These bathroom fixture brands are known and trusted for their fine finish, durability, high quality, and impressively lower prices for all sanitary related items.