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About Faucet Fittings

Faucet fittings are an important component of the piping system in any building. The ones with good quality raise the aura of the building and improve comfort. Whether you search for a stylish or simple design, there are many options. Let us explore more.

The quality of faucet fittings depends on their build and parts. Its core part is the cartridge, which controls the water supply. Brass cartridge spindles are costly but durable. On the other hand, plastic ones cost less but do not serve for long. Another part is aerators. It mixes air with water to ensure a soft flow of the water and reduces splashes. Further, tap fittings come in various qualities. Many agencies such as NSF-USA, ASME-USA, WRAS-UK, and ACS-FRANCE lay down quality standards. Top makers comply with these standards. The same ensures uniform quality and sizes of tap fittings across brands.

Exploring tap fittings and their varieties in detail

There are different faucet fittings you can find based on their use. For example, basin tap fittings, mainly used to wash hands, are shorter than ones used in other spaces. There are many other types you can find in the market. Some are mixer taps, which emit both cold and hot water through a single pipe. However, the popular basin tap fittings in traditional bathrooms are pillar taps, with two taps for hot and cold water. Most modern bathrooms have basin mixers. They emit both hold and cold water from a single sprout. The most popular finish is chrome and nickel. Good quality taps have a high plating thickness of nickel and chrome to work perfectly under bad conditions.

Jaquar sink tap fittings

Jaquar is one of the most popular faucet brands. Its sink taps have a unique design and deliver heavy-duty performance. Its faucet fittings come in many models and styles—for example, single-lever, quarter-turn, and multi-turn types of taps. The brass cartridge spindle gives durability to these taps. Further, these taps have a honeycomb-structured aerator and an anti-clog dome screen, which improves quality and utility. Several unique design features, such as a wide-angle lever, improve user comfort. In addition, the brand offers ten years of warranty on its products, which is proof of its high quality. Jaquar Sink taps go through tests under different pressure conditions. These taps deliver great operations for up to 20 years, at the rate of 60 to 70 turns a day.

Ikea tap fittings

The world-famous Ikea offers a wide range of taps at reasonable prices. A USP of Ikea faucet fittings is a unique technology. It mixes air with the water flow to reduce water usage without compromising on an effective operation. In addition, they come in various practical designs as well. One thing you need to remember is that you can hardly go wrong with Ikea. For example, the Brogrund wash-basin mixer tap is a tall model with a cold start function. It is good for common use. Hamnskar is another popular wash-basin mixer tap that comes with a strainer. Ikea products are highly durable and rust-free.

Shower tap fittings

Greatly designed shower taps enhance the look and raise the stature of the building. Top-quality shower tap faucet fittings emit water at high pressure. They have anti-clog nature and last for a minimum of 20 years. The rainfall type of showerhead offers wide coverage and emits a relaxing stream with high pressure, delivering a spa-like experience. Wall-mount showerheads have strong water flow to give a great shower. Shower taps with handheld heads enable massage streams and allow for a comfortable bath. High-end shower tap fittings are nickel coated and may have different settings to control the pressure and temperature.

Installing shower fixtures

Installing shower fixtures requires connecting the new valve to the existing water pipes. The process requires a basic knowledge of plumbing and some additional skills depending on the space and the installation type. For instance, a concealed access panel would require cutting a hole in the wall behind the tap. Quick connect faucet fittings eliminates the hassles associated with installing tap and shower fittings. The quick connector tap fittings link the faucet with the water hose. It eliminates messy and time-consuming makeshift connections. Opt for high-quality chrome-plated brass construction connectors, which are sturdy and have a long life.

Tips on how to buy Faucet Fittings online in the UAE

Buying faucet fittings require a lot of consideration. There are several brands in the market. Each brand offers multiple various products with different styles, designs, and qualities. Choose the best faucet fittings easily by using our Dubai product finder. The following are just some of the tips and tricks that you can consider to ensure an amazing online shopping experience:

  • Quality – Faucet fittings come in various price ranges. Do not opt for the low-cost options blindly, as these may be of inferior quality. For instance, faucets with plastic cartridges cost less but are susceptible to breakage. It pays to invest in high-quality shower faucets that offer long life. Get the best deals from tap fittings for sale online in UAE.
  • Warranty – Opt for shower faucets from manufacturers who offer guarantees. Jaquar sink tap offers a guarantee of ten years. Ikea sink tap fittings and other reputed makers of faucet fittings also offer a guarantee on their products. The guarantee ensures hassle-free replacement in case the faucets fail.
  • Nature of use – Faucet fittings come in various types and designs. Choose a variant that best serves your purpose. For instance, for multipurpose sinks, opt for a tap with a long handle that allows washing hands and cleaning vessels easily.
  • Space availability – Often, the best faucet fittings depend on the availability of the space. Accessories that take a lot of space may look out of place and even hinder smooth use: select faucet fixtures that score on function, look, style, and quality. Make sure the faucet fixtures are compatible with the water lines as well.
  • Installation – Faucet fittings require the installation of the water pipes. Opt for fittings that are easy to install or buy from vendors who offer installation support. Buying branded faucet fittings make installation easy, as these fittings come in a standard size. Also, make sure the right faucet pipe connectors are available to ensure a perfect fit for the faucet fittings.

Whenever you are shopping for faucet fittings, keep these tips in mind. However, faucets and faucet fittings are only one part of furnishing a bathroom. If you want your washroom to be functional and pleasant, it takes a lot more than that. So, apart from faucets, you will need toilets, sinks, shower stalls and other shower accessories, drain systems, and more. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You can find a variety of faucet parts and bathroom fixtures using our shopping search engine.

Question & Answer

What size are faucet fittings?

Most modern taps and other faucet fittings have standard dimensions. Standard taps and spouts generally require a hole of at least 22mm in diameter. Mixer taps with hot and cold supply require a minimum 32mm diameter hole. The standard faucet hole sizes for bathrooms are 34.925 mm (1.375 Inches). Mixer taps are 180mm (7.25in) apart for bathrooms and 195mm (7.75in) apart for basins. However, the size of the faucet holes may vary depending on the make and model. Faucet fitting connectors feeding individual devices have a standard diameter of 304.8 mm (12 inches.)

How tight should faucet fittings be?

Install faucet fittings with the correct tightness. Over tightening the faucet could damage the fitting and also impede the proper flow of water. The torque required for a faucet joint depends on the thread quality, the port, the fitting materials and the sealant. Most plumbers screw the faucets until it feels tight and the faucet points in the right direction. If yanking the faucet gives no movement, the fitting is tight enough. As a rule of thumb, three threads exposed past the fitting indicate a tight fit. It is always a safe practice to check the instruction manual that comes with the faucet fittings for any special requirements to comply with during the installation.

Where to buy sink tap fittings online in UAE?

Our product search engine is the best place to explore a variety of sink tap fittings in the UAE. We feature more than 500 sellers and brands that offer sink tap and faucet fittings suitable for all budgets. Thus, you can find various faucet fittings here in copper, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, PVC pipes, and other materials. If you have budget restrictions, then compare prices here to find affordable deals. You can also filter products to narrow down your choices. Apart from that, you can sort products to quicken your search.