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About Faucet Extensions

Faucet extensions are a simple solution to a complex problem. If a faucet is not the right length or height for the person using it, it can be really difficult for them to use it properly. A faucet extension helps you fix this problem without having to replace the entire faucet.

There are numerous situations that necessitate the need for a faucet extension. These include when your kids can’t reach the faucets in the bathroom, when you can wash a large saucepan in the kitchen sink because it’s too big, or when your faucet stem is short. In all these cases a simple use of extension can fix the problem rather than changing the expensive faucet completely. Read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of faucet extensions will help you make the right choices when you are making the purchase.

A guide to faucet extensions

The very first step to buying a faucet extension is actually knowing what kind of extension you want. While this might seem like a simple problem, it can be hard because there are a variety of different extenders. You need the right type of extender for the right purpose. Basically, there are four different types of faucet extensions. The most common type of them is spout extenders that help young kids use bathroom faucets. The second common type is the kitchen faucet extender that increases the distance of the faucet from the wall mount. This article will tell you everything about them.

Bathroom faucet spout extenders

This type of faucet extensions is for helping kids use the faucet. If kids are not tall enough to access the faucet, but they can barely reach it, then it is better to use a spout extender than using a height booster. That way the effective length of the spout increases, and toddlers can use the faucet without any help. But such extensions cannot work on all kinds of faucet spouts. Some models work on the gooseneck and high arch faucets while some do not. In order for this extender to be useful, the valve of the faucet should be at a height that kids can access.

Kitchen faucet extensions

Most kitchen sinks use high arch faucets. They provide more clearance between the spout of the faucet and the sink. Most of the time, this will be enough for almost all of your needs. However, if you need more space than that, then you can use a faucet extension to increase the distance between the spout and the sink rather than replacing the faucet altogether. Kitchen faucet extender simply increases the height of the faucet spout. Such extensions are usually permanent installations. That means you cannot take them off after every single use.

Swivel tap aerator faucet extender

Not many faucets have flexible spouts. But you can make the tip of the faucet flexible by installing a swivel tap extender. This type of extender is a combination of an extender, aerator, and a flexible spout head. Some models even let you adjust the speed and thickness of the water stream as well. These extenders fit on to the existing tip of the faucet spout. But one significant downside of this design is that it will reduce the space between the sink and the extender. So, if your faucet sits already low, then this type of extender can be impractical.

Faucet shank extenders

Shank extenders are useful if you need the faucet spout to be a bit longer horizontally. However, the way you install a shank extender is different from that of a spout extender. While a spout extender simply adds an extra element to the faucet and increases the effective length of the spout, a shank extender adds distance between the wall and the faucet. This extends the faucet further away from the wall and towards you. The problem with a shank extender is that the added distance between the faucet and the wall will not give you the best appearance.

Tips on how to buy Faucet Extensions

Finding the right faucet extension can be harder than you might think. Because there are so many different types of extensions, picking one out of them can be an overwhelming task. Each one of those extensions is designed for a specific purpose and a specific model of faucet. So, in order for an extension to work, you have to get the exact right type and the exact right fit. But it is easier if you know what criteria to consider in an extension. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for them.

  • Type of extender – First of all, you have to decide what type of extender you want for the faucet. This depends on the kind of problem you want to solve using an extender. If you are using an extender to make the bathroom sink more accessible for your toddler, then a spout extender will work great. But if you want to increase the distance between your kitchen sink and the faucet, then you will need a kitchen faucet extension.
  • Colour – No matter how well designed and good looking, your faucet is, a shabby faucet extension can destroy its look. One terrible mistake is using an extension that is of a different colour. This will make it too apparent that you are using an extension. You can make the joints between the faucet and the extension look a bit less conspicuous if you use an extension that has the same finish as that of the faucet.
  • Thread size – You can’t use a pipe size reducer or increaser on an extender. While technically it is possible, it will make the faucet look even worse. So, you have to use an extender that has the same thread size as that of the faucet. Majority of faucets have a thread size of either ½ an inch or 3/4 inch.
  • Material – For the best appearance and compatibility, try to use an extender that is of the same size as that of the faucet. That way both the faucet and the extension will wear out in the same way and they will look identical.

There are many other useful faucet parts apart from faucet extensions. These include faucet handles, faucet rosettes, jet controls, and water savers. The best part is that you can find all of them here using our shopping search engine . It will also let you compare different products and prices and pick the best one among them. Because you can access thousands of different extensions on you will find the right one. Finally, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the bathroom fixtures category.

Question & Answer

How do you extend a faucet?

The exact method of extending a faucet depends on the type of faucet and how you want to extend it. If all you want to do is to extend the spout of a bathroom faucet by a few inches, a temporary spout extender is a simple and convenient option. But a spout extender does not always work, especially if you are looking for a permanent solution. In that case, you will need a faucet neck extender or a shank extender. Both of these work in different ways and serve different purposes. If you want to increase the distance between the faucet and the wall, then you need a shank extender. But if you want to raise the spout of the faucet, then you need a neck extender.

How do you extend a faucet stem?

In order to extend the stem of a faucet, you need a faucet stem extender or shank extender. But how do you use a stem extender? Well, it’s not that difficult. You will need a pipe wrench, though. Basically, you need to install the stem extender on the faucet mount. Then the tip of the stem extender works as the new faucet mount for you. This will give you an additional distance between the wall and the faucet, effectively increasing the horizontal length of the faucet. If you want to get a better finish while using a stem extender, then look for the one that has a finish that is similar to that of the faucet shank.

Where to buy faucet extensions in the UAE?

You can find a faucet shank in pretty much any hardware shop. If all you want is just an extension for your faucet, then you can get one easily that way. However, if you want a faucet extension that works really well and also gives your faucet a seamless look, then trying to find the right one at a physical store can be a harrowing experience. That is why the best place to look for them in the UAE is online. You can access hundreds and thousands of different extensions that way. By quickly sorting and comparing different models, you will be able to find the perfect one in a couple of minutes.