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About Faucet Bases

While planning for remodelling or replacing the faucets for the bathroom, we mainly concentrate on models. But we put less importance on its parts like faucet bases. It’s an integral part without which you can’t place the tap on the wall or basin. Thus, the faucet deck plate needs to match the faucet model’s colour. Else it might dull the look of the bathroom. So, keep reading to crack more of it!

Faucet base plates or escutcheons are the ornamental plates that cover up the additional holes. And it allows the installation of a one-hole faucet on a three-hole sink. The faucet deck plate is essential when you install it on your sink in the bathroom. However, there are times when the decorative deck plates place outside the faucet to cover the holes in the sink. And it contains the hot & cold-water lines and the faucet. Thus, it removes the gap and creates an attractive appeal for the bathroom. So, while choosing the cheap faucet deck plate, make sure it matches with bathroom decor and style. It also includes the finish, your chosen sink, and fixtures. You certainly like to astonish your visitor with your choice of decor!

Different kinds of faucet hole cover plates for bathroom installation

So far, you have understood that shopping for the faucet bases is hard! It is an integral part of the faucet installation in your bathroom. The faucet hole cover plate is a useful accessory that is available in plastic and stainless steel. It is used for leak-proof covering to keep your washroom clean & tidy. Besides, it prevents water from leaking on the floor. Apart from that, this hole cover plate is easy to install where you need no tools to install. The material of the faucet deck plate comes in rust-free quality. The hole is filled with granite and durable. So, before you head to buy faucet deck plates online in UAE, learn about the different kinds of faucet parts .

Deck plate for faucet

In a bathroom, a bathroom faucet is an essential element. It is the best faucet deck plate for bathroom basins and showers. You can also mount your bathroom faucets with or without deck plates. However, basins with four or more holes allow flexibility during installation. So, if you choose to install a single or double-handle faucet and cover the remaining holes with accessories, you can do it! Or you can opt to install sink hole covers for unused spaces. And choose to install the parts with or without deck plates. On the other hand, a single hand faucet can be attached to the deck plate for a faucet or can stand alone. But it requires one or two sinkholes!

Bathroom faucet deck plate

The bathroom is one of the places where you don’t spend much time, yet you look for the best accessories for it. So, you can choose to highlight the look of your single hole bathroom faucet with the stylish faucet bases. And it covers the unused mounting holes in your countertop or sink. Besides, these deck plates are available in numerous finishes, which suites with your faucet design. Apart from that, complement your washroom decor. So, you will get various choices when you decide to buy a deck plate for the bathroom faucet. Some of the model’s finishes come with corrosion & rust-free. Thus, excel the durability and look which doesn’t fade over time.

3-hole faucet deck plate

The 3-hole deck plate is found in the bathroom faucet. Apart from that, you can find it in prep, bar, or laundry basin. It is the ideal choice for its efficiency, ease, and effortless function. Besides, these 3-hole faucet bases are designed to fit perfectly & merge with your sink design. It conceals the extra faucet holes in your 3-hole sink’s surface. Some of the deck plates come in metal construction and finishes with corrosion & tarnish-free. So, the best faucet deck plate gets compatible with a single-hole faucet. You can also choose to buy from the best Dubai search engine and explore the excellent collection of products. And you get to shop from popular brands worldwide.

Tips on how to buy Faucet Bases

You learnt till now that at the time of installing faucet bases for the washroom, you need to match them with your faucet design. However, the market for faucet deck plates is vast and picking the best is tricky! And why not? It’s an essential part of the faucet installation process, which covers the unused holes of the sink. Some of the models of faucet doesn’t require faucet bases while installing. Thus, it needs components to be mounted individually on the basin or countertops. So, you need a helpful tips & tricks section to pick the best. However, that might consume a lot of your time and left with little time to shop. But you don’t need to worry! We have listed some of the essential factors for a glance while you buy faucet deck plates online in UAE. Check out!

  • Purpose – You need to decide to use it before buying a deck plate for the faucet online. Suppose you are planning to install it in the toilet, then you need to know the number of holes the faucet requires. A single handle faucet gets attached with a faucet base or stand-alone. But require one or two sinkholes. Besides, a side sprayer was installed in the main deck plate.
  • Size – It is essential to be taken care of while you buy washroom faucet escutcheon plates online. Besides, the size of the faucet bases varies with the faucet models or depending on the particular make. Usually, the standard size of the faucet deck plate for the bathroom is 1.375 inches or 1 3/8 in diameter.
  • Material – Although it is the most neglected part in shopping & many people choose to opt-out this factor. But it is an essential factor while you look for the faucet hole cover plate for your laundry basin. Usually, it is available in plastic or stainless steel with rust & tarnishes free, durable, and strong. Besides, it needs to match the design of the faucet to look stylish.
  • Price – It is another important factor to look for while you choose to buy the bathroom faucet deck plate. You need to keep in mind that the price varies with every faucet model and size of the faucet bases. However, many online platforms allow you to compare the cost of the product among the notable brands.

Other factors to look for while shopping for the 3-hole faucet deck plate is colour and contrast. It needs to be done according to the faucet’s colour & contrast in the bathroom. So, now get ready to scroll through the mind-blowing collection of bathroom fixtures . Choose as your default shopping platform. And get exciting offers & deals on every shopping hour. Hurry!

Question & Answer

How to install a faucet deck plate?

While installing the faucet bases is for the bathroom, you need to be clear before starting the process. Thus, you need first to check the number of holes in the sink for the washroom faucet installation. If your new faucet with fewer holes, then you can use a faucet base to cover it. Second, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for error-free installation. Third, you need to remove the old faucet if you are replacing it! And follow the rest steps accordingly. Otherwise, you need to turn the faucet deck plate upside down & place the putty plate on top. And after putting the plumber’s putty into it, turn the plate side up & secure it on the holes. Now you need to turn on the water supply line and join it with the faucet water connection. And you are all set!

Where to buy a faucet deck plate online in UAE?

Today, online shopping has become the best place to shop for your needs or desire. Besides, it provides you with a massive collection of products along with exciting offers. You get to shop from your favourite brands and compare their prices. Isn’t it mind-blowing? So, if you are looking for such a brilliant online shopping platform to shop, then browse We are the best retail search engine where you get to shop from the excellent collection of products with an affordable price range. Thus, it suits your budget and taste, which you are looking for.

Which faucet deck plate do I need for the bathroom?

Grohe is the leading global brand for bathroom fixtures. Besides, it is known worldwide for its outstanding & stylish products which suit your taste. However, the deck plate is an integral part of faucet installation. And before looking for it, make sure you choose a faucet base that matches your faucet’s design & colour. So, Grohe’s faucet deck plate comes with a metal material. Thus, it has a durable & long-lasting finish. It comes in chrome starlight, which is easy to install. Therefore, the shape of the deck plate varies with the design of the faucet. However, you can try other notable brands’ products. And they are Moen, Kraus, Vigo, and many more.