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You may need a quick shower every day to start your busy schedule, but a proper luxury bath is something you should not avoid. Many of you consider bathing as purely functional and handle each process methodically and as quickly as possible. And also, Some of you lavish on the experience and love to indulge in extra minutes under the steam. Most importantly, it is personal hygiene that matters. If you agree, then focusing on the quality of the bath drain and its drainage system is vital. Besides its use for routine grooming and washing, water provides services relating to pain relief and treatment in the form of hydrotherapy. The use of an efficient bathtub drain saves on energy and water.

The bath drain has pipes installed in the bathroom to convey waste products from the tub to a sewage system through gravity. These drains foster personal hygiene and bathroom sanitation. It requires one to manually close and open it with a lift-and-turn mechanism or a lever. One pushes the mechanism down and turns it clockwise to close the drain when you want the tub to fill with water. You need to lift and turn the mechanism counterclockwise to open and allow the wastewater to flow into a sewer. In short, you need appropriate pipe connections. And without one, wastewater may accumulate underneath the tub until it finds its way to the floor drain. Not to mention, accumulated water poses a risk of damaging the entire drainage system.

Advantages of a bathtub drain

A standard bathtub requires a large cut on the floor to link the overflow pipe to the drainpipe. The bath drain has two categories: you can control one from above the water line and the other below the waterline. The bathtub drain consists of bathtub stoppers that open and close with a lift. Overflow drains on bathtubs prevent any damage. In most cases, people can turn off the water before it overflows. However, a distraction may occur, and the bathtub could be momentarily forgotten. Water may damage the flooring in diverse ways. For instance, it may cause warping and premature deterioration. Center bathtub drains are indispensable bathroom fixtures as they help in draining waste and excess water from the tub to foster hygiene and prevent water from running out onto the floor.

Fosters public health

An efficient bath drain prevents any stagnant water from accumulating in the bathroom. This water often acts as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If that happens, you open doors for severe health conditions such as malaria. Also, excessive dampness in the bathroom may lead to mould formation on the floor or the walls. Notably, moulds are harmful to a person’s overall wellbeing. Similarly, poor installation may foster lawn fungus, which is a primary cause of different ailments. Therefore, one should make efforts to fulfilling maintenance requirements on the bathtub at regular intervals.

Prevents flooding

A well-functioning bath drain allows water to flow freely. Also, it does not allow water to accumulate, which may result in flooding. Therefore, an overflow drainpipe ensures that the bathtub does not overflow. As a result, you do not have to wait by the bathtub waiting for it to fill. An overflow pipe is designed to reduce the load of water flow. However, it may stress the piping if there is no separate channel for excess water removal. A malfunctioning bathroom system may be responsible for the development of termites. Other than that, you could also face structural damage because moisture also attracts termites.

Promotes bathroom hygiene

To attain proper bathroom hygiene, you must understand healthy bathroom practices. So, rather than confronting an unsettling situation, you can prevent it before happening. For example, an efficient drainage system contains covers or traps that help prevent the build-up of hair and food bits in the pipes. Also, clogging of the pipes will no longer be a problem with quality pipes. Not to mention, clogging is the main source of unpleasant smell in the house. Another problematic situation is when the tub bath drain impedes the formation of soap scum around the plughole. Soap scum may lead to slow drainage if repeatedly left to settle. All in all, a superior product promotes bathroom hygiene by controlling the room’s moisture content and preventing clog and soap scum formation.

Tips on how to buy Bath Drains

To make an informed decision, you need to ensure that you identify the product’s primary functions. It is vital to gain insight into diverse ways of selecting the best product in the market. This section will equip you with the knowledge required to make the most appropriate decision when making an order online or buying from a physical store.

  • Supplier’s reputation – This is where online shopping stands out. You can read genuine reviews and assess the brand’s credibility before hitting the buy button. Before making a purchase, always research the company to establish whether it registers a good reputation.
  • The cost of the product – Fixing a budget is mandatory before looking around for the best fit. It will be easy for you to filter out those above your budget and those that are not compatible. Further, you can start your shopping drive by selecting top bathtub drains, or cheap bathtub drains.
  • Easy installation and maintenance – Ease of installation is a critical factor to consider when you intend to buy a bathtub drain stopper online in UAE. The project’s cost that requires buying a bath drain stopper online in UAE may be increased if the bath plug and pipes are hard to install and maintain. You may have to evaluate your space before buying a product.
  • Check durability – The selected pipes will confront chemical rotting, difficult weather, and abrasion in many situations. Therefore, the product has to be durable to make the purchase long-lasting. The ultimate motto is to lower the chances of replacement and repair expenses.

Different types of products function differently, and one’s choice depends on personal preferences and the pre-fixed budget. For instance, a pop-up bath plug linkage forces the stopper up and down by a rocker’s arm. In contrast, the plunger-type hollow brass plunger slides up and down inside the drain assembly. Whatever it is that you’re searching for, you can find it here on Featuring over 500 brands and shops offering bath parts at fair prices, you will enjoy a great shopping experience.

Question & Answer

Can the bathtub drain be replaced?

Every tub consists of a drainage tubing that connects to the house’s pipes. The answer to your question is yes. However, you have to make the bathtub and pipes compatible with each other. There are also other factors you need to consider. For example, whether you are replacing or installing a bathroom sink drain, it is critical to use a fresh plumber’s putty. The putty is rolled between the hands until it forms a long log to wrap around the replacement drain basket’s lip. Next, you should screw the new drain basket and install a plunger or a drain stopper to control water flow. The replacement is easy regardless of the type of bathtub one owns.

When to replace the bathtub drain?

One of the key reasons is water leakage. It may cause serious damage to the framing and the ceiling in the room underneath. Plumbing valves and faucets can also leak. Tubs connecting to the p-traps also pose a damage threat due to leakages. There may also be small brakes and cracks in the bottom of the fixture. You can solve minor leakage problems using a bathtub unclogger to eliminate soap scum and hairs in the drain. But bigger problems will require you to replace the drain. Observe the situation, and if you see discolouration in the ceiling or flexing and sagging tubs, then replacement is the option.

What size is a bathtub drain?

Plumbing standards are similar across the board. A standard contemporary bath drain is approximately a 1 ½ inch pipe. However, traditional bathtubs are slightly smaller. Their openings are about 1 3/8 inches in diameter. These varying dimensions do not mean they are not compatible. You can still connect your antique bathtub with a modern drainage system. Just make sure that you are adhering to your building code requirements. The length of the drain may vary depending on the type of stopper one desires to use. Local building codes may vary in requirements regarding the venting method and slope of the drain.

Where to buy a bathtub drain online in the UAE?

There are brands you can rely upon for the purchase. A few include Kohler, Duravit, and Grohe. These are all reviewed the best by their customers and have versatile products for you to explore, compare, and buy. Not just the mentioned brands, you can find brands and products on our shopping platform that are equally competent. On top of that, you don’t have to juggle from one store to another when you get all the brands under one roof. Check out our shopping search engine now and see all products worthy of your shopping cart.

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