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About Toilet Trainers

There are a few important milestones that come in the life of every parent and child. Letting go of the pacifier, learning to drink from a cup, sitting up straight, using a toilet trainer, and more. Each one is a memory. 

Although the path to learning these may be rough for both, it is the day when the child learns to do it by himself where the joy lies! Today, there are so many fun accessories to motivate the child to accomplish these things. It doesn’t make the process so difficult for the parent either. One of the most concerning challenges for a parent is to potty train. It can easily take a few months for them to get this one right. Plus, if the parents are working, it is even painful. A lot of nannies and babysitters also refuse to take up the task themselves. The trick here is to start them young. The longer the child gets accustomed to not using the toilet, the more difficult it gets. 

Understanding the basics of toddler potty training  

Any toilet training gets easier and faster to use when the baby is comfortable. Start by teaching the baby to use the toilet trainer at an early age, i.e., 9-12 months is an excellent time to start. The important thing here is not to connect the practice to be something terrible. For example, don't shout or belittle the child if he forgets to use the loo. Instead, it is essential to understand that it is going to be a long process. Don’t use words like ‘dirty’ or ‘bad’ to make him aware of what he/she has done. This will also require a bit of planning that you and your husband can take up together to train the child. 


Invest in comfortable and sturdy baby toiler trainers that will last you long. A reliable one should be your target since the baby will get habituated to the one you introduce to him too. It is also a good idea to take his/her choices into consideration. For example, have them pick it out as per their favourite colours, cartoon characters etc. This way, they will feel a sense of comfort with it and try to use it whenever they need to go. A lot of parents also opt for a toilet seat reducer they can use on top of their regular commode. Depending on your child’s preference, you can choose accordingly.  


Ensure they wipe the toilet seat before using it, flush, wash their hands with soap and use a towel to dry. Start teaching them the importance of environmental hygiene too. Try to use cloth napkins and hand towels that can be laundered and reused. Also, inculcate the habit of using the potty and then going for their bath. Thus, wake up as soon as they’re up and ask them to sit on the loo. A lot of kids are unaware of when they need to go and thus end up messing their pants. However, reminding them at least once every two hours will keep them alert and have them  


Be patient with your teaching methods. Understanding that this is a long process will help you not be too pushy. Even while your baby is being trained, keep him/her in nappies. A lot of parents also consider taking some time off to be with their child and help them. This is better done at a stretch than just a few hours after your back home. Or, consider a long weekend when you can start training them. You can also ask other moms about tips that helped them. Try a toilet trainer session for at least two months before considering another option. 

Avoid distractions 

Baby toilet training gets more comfortable with fewer distractions like handing them a phone or tablet to watch videos. However, a simple, non-distracting toy that they like may ease the process. You can also maintain a scoreboard of the times he/she used to a toilet trainer and the more they do, the closer they come to a treat and so on. Depending on your child’s comfort level, some of them may like it when you’re around while some won’t. So, choose accordingly and as time passes by, try to let them be by themselves in the loo, so they get a habit of it. 

Tips on designing a  Potty-Training schedule for your baby 

Potty training is the foundation of one of the most important stages in your child’s life. As tricky as it may seem, getting started with it soon and right will save you a lot of time when you’re out or travelling. Some things, like potty training, seldom work without a plan in place. While it is not the most crucial part, it helps to ease the process to a great extent. If you’re not sure how to get started, this list should give you a heads-up on things. 
  • Plan an undisturbed week – Have time set aside each morning to attend to your baby in the toilet trainer and avoid stepping out so he/she can familiarise with the potty. During this time, build your day in a way to spend as much time at home as possible. 
  • Keep it fun – Make the bathroom enjoyable by allowing him to stick his drawings and have a few books around that he can spend reading. These will motivate him. Alongside, also have soothing music that will keep your child calm, including some mild fragrances. 
  • Give your child time when he’s on the potty – Don’t rush him. It does take practice and time to get used to being seated down to do one’s business. During this time, try staying outside the door or inside if your child is uncomfortable not having you around. Kids may take a while to get comfortable and then start using the washroom. 
  • Add creativity – Use new props like a colourful bench to step up to the toilet trainer and a fun water sprinkler attached to the sink to persuade him to wash his hands. Focusing on hygiene from the very beginning is the right choiceInitially, it is bladder control, then bowel and then hygiene – as per priorities. So sometimes, when you stress on all of them together, it may be a little too much for your child to understand all at once.  
  • Reward them every time they use the potty correctly – When a child knows they have a treat waiting, they will put in the effort to do it right the next time as well. However, there’s a trick with this one too – once your child has learned to use the potty, discuss with them how this is a lifelong process and that the “treat-session” ends here.  
With some serious effort, potty training will be done, and it won’t be long before they use the potty by themselves. However, getting it started for them early and with the correct tools is where the key lies. You can also check the internet to see what other new parents are doing. With so much modernizations, there is a tool for just about anything that really makes it much easier by taking it to the next level. Check what works for you and your child. 

Question & Answer

Why is a potty chair training essential?

Well, as your baby grows and starts attending school, playing with his pals and understanding things, this should be one of the things that they should be confident about. It is one such aspect that every parent dreads, yet its importance cannot be ignored. Baby toilet trainer seat training is also one of the essentials when it comes to schooling, making it more essential to start right and train them soon.

Do baby toiler trainers help?

These are helpful, and most parents prefer them since they make the process easy and allow the child to be a comfort too. However, it is essential to realise that potty training is a constant process that requires time, patience, and consistency to ensure the habit sticks with the child. Toilet trainers can be of two types – a small potty designed for young kids or a reducer that you can place on any regular toilet. Depending on the comfort level and features, you can choose which one would work best. For those who are confused, a potty is a better option since most kids feel more comfortable using this smaller version.

Where can you buy a baby potty seat?

With countless online options, parents today have numerous possibilities even when it comes to choosing the best potty seat for their little ones. Some of the best brands include Ikea, Fisher-Price, Babyjorn, Summer Infant, CAM, Huggies, Beauenty, Ok baby and Chicco. You can also consider online stores like Mamas & Papas,  Sprii, Newchic, and more. This fantastic product search engine is perhaps the best way to go forth with it! It has more than 500+ online store that you can pick from, making online shopping more accessible than ever.

Which is the best potty to buy?

Look at it this way – the best potty chair is the one that makes your child comfortable! An excellent potty chair should be spacious and not restrict the child’s movement along with helping him ease his bowel movements. It should neither be too tall or short and should help ease up the potty training schedule for your baby & toddler.  A good baby toilet seat will make your child comfortable when he starts using a regular toilet and helps him do his business with ease without having a parent around to feel comfortable. It is essential to understand that you need to give your child space to get comfortable with the potty-training toilet before deciding whether it was a good buy or not. Any child requires at least 2-4 months of consistent training on the same toilet training seat for results to show. So, keep your cool and be constant during the toddler potty training process.

How to make baby potty training easy?

An excellent way to speed up the process is to show your child some charts, pictures, and potty-training videos that he will be able to relate too. A lot of kids have powerful with their visual senses, i.e., they do what they see better than having someone teach them theoretically. If it helps, be with them while they are using the potty. Speak to kids about things that interest them, share ideas about using the potty, and appreciate the progress they have made. Having a parent in the bathroom creates a sense of comfort and helps in the initial days of potty training. With time, effort, a lot of patience and dedication, potty training will be done. The good side is that you need to do the process only once in a lifetime and you’ll be done with diapers, changes and nappy changing rooms for good!