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About Teethers

You've probably seen your baby put stuff in his mouth countless times. You've also probably seen him chewing and biting on his baby toys. So, is this a sign of teething? It can be, as most infants start developing teeth as early as 3 months. Once you find newly emerging teeth on your little one, it's time to give him teethers. 

So exactly are these baby teethers? Well, baby teethers are baby toys that your teething baby can munch on to relieve the pain on their gums. Imagine new teeth breaking through the gums of your baby, causing some soreness and swelling before the tooth emerges. The thought of it can be overwhelming, but it's part of the natural process. It lets you know that your child is on the right track. And these smart tools will help your baby sooth this uneasiness. Your child will be experiencing some aches along the way, so it's best to expect this and prepare well for it. And to do that, you need to get your teething baby the best baby teethers. In this article, you shall look at some of the popular baby teethers and a few tips and tricks that you can use to pick out the ideal one.

The different types of baby teethers for a teething baby

When your child's teeth are growing in, chewing on baby toys will provide relief and comfort to him. His gums will feel tender, so putting light pressure on it will make things better. And there are plenty of teether types for teething babies today. You can find several baby teethers like baby toys that come in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials. You'll also find them in materials like plastic, silicone and even wood. Each of their types has various features. Therefore, to buy best teething toys for babies you need to first understand these types. This way, you'll have adequate product knowledge when you set out to buy baby teethers online. 

The teething rings for babies

Rings are one of the popular shapes for baby teethers because your babies can easily hold onto them. Moreover, these rings come with different textures that help the teething baby gums to calm down. However, depending on how your baby's gums feel, they may want to explore different kinds of textures. Most of these rings come in materials that are non-toxic, phthalate-free, and BPA-free. Typically, a set of these rings in a pack of four. Each having several different textures on them. Thus, your babies can easily find a perfect spot that's soothing to their gums.

The best silicone baby teething toys

When it comes to toddler, they need a heavy-duty teether that hold's up to all teeth that they already have. They need to chew on something durable, and that has different textures. A silicone iPhone teething toy is a great piece for your babies. Since it looks like a cellular phone; toddlers usually get intrigued by just looking at it. Therefore, it keeps your baby busy, in addition to soothing their gum. Apart from that, you can easily clean such kinds of teether – you just have to rinse them off. Moreover, the smooth rounded edges of the phone will not hurt your babies even when they chew the phone.

The baby rattle teethers for a teething baby

Mums, who dread using plastic products for their babies should know that some baby teethers come in cotton materials. Well, the rattle is a charming toy that comes in 100 per cent cotton material. Therefore, you needn't worry even if your baby tucks on to it for long. In fact, a few models use corn fibre, that is both natural and hypoallergic. This is one of the primary reasons why these toys are safe for any age. Besides, the toy feels cuddly too. Therefore, your babies can use them when they're done doing the hard work of a teething baby. By the way, you can find them in different shapes too.

The key toddler teething toys

A key of various teething toys for your babies is one of the best. These cute toys come in different bright colours and shapes. However, the best part is that they all come attached to a key or a ring. Apart from the fact that you can refrigerate them, they also have various surfaces that your baby will love gnashing on. The softer parts of the toys feel great on their gums, particularly when the gums are tender. However, during other times, the harder side of the toy looks better. Their design is such that your baby can reach their back teeth with them.

The wooden teether

Wood is one of the best substance that you can trust. Moreover, the man has been using wood to construct various tools since the beginning of our existence. As a result, wood also makes an excellent teething toy for a child. However, you just need to ensure that it's smooth, and the material is untreated or not. One of the fantastic designs for teething baby is the giant wooden beads that come along with an elastic. Besides, all the beads come in bright colours that usually appease the babies easily and keeps them busy with the teethers. And yes, the colour doesn't pose a threat as it comes in non-toxic materials.

Tips on how to buy Teethers online

You can find such a wide array of teething baby toys that you need to put in a lot of thought into what you want to buy. Indeed, this will be a daunting task for many parents, mainly if you are unaware of what you need to look for when you head for baby teether online shopping in UAE. But, this need not be the case if you know what to look for in the teethers. We've compiled a list of significant factors that you must consider when you set out to buy teether toys online in UAE.

  • Consider the material – Some parents dread seeing their babies munching on plastic teethers. They worry about the harmful chemical that the baby is ingesting. Well, you can still find many other teether options, if the plastic isn't your thing. Some of the common ones include wood or silicone. Well, this makes it clear that material plays a crucial role in picking out the best teething toys for babies.
  • Checkout the fillings – Many a time you'll find products that come with gel-filled in the toy. You can refrigerate them. These cool teethers soothe your baby's uneasiness in the gums. However, if you feel that there is a risk involved, such as your baby poking a hole in it while teething, then you might want to skip this part.
  • Look out for clips – Your baby will drop the toy several times and staying around to pick it up for them isn't a feasible task. Therefore, it is best that you go for teething baby toys that come with clips. This way, you can clip the toys on to your baby's outfits. Moreover, this makes it easy for you as well as for the baby to grab onto the teethers every time your baby drops it.
  • Check out the size – The choking hazard is real, and you need to be aware of it. Since your toddlers love to put every single thing in their mouths, there is always an increased risk of choking on things. Therefore, make sure that you do not get every small teething toys that could stick entirely into your toddler's mouths and choke on it.
  • Check out the grip – Several teething toys come with different degrees of grip. However, you must make sure that you get your baby the one with the best grip. Note, the baby grip on to the toys that come with rings on them. Babies always find it difficult to grab onto the toys that have straight handles.

Everything from your dogs to your baby's hands is at risk when they start teething. From 6 months onwards, your babies mouth is on the move to push out the first set of chompers. Well, it is undoubtedly uneasy for your babies. Well, that's why you need to buy teething toys for the infant that are of good quality. We hope the above assistance will guide you towards the perfect baby teethers for your babies.

Question & Answer

When does baby teething start?

Teething is usually the process defined for a new set of teeth rising or erupting through gums of your baby. Typically, a baby begins teething at the age of 6 months. You must recognise teething symptoms. You can watch out for some of the signs when your baby starts growing choppers and starts chewing on his baby toys. Rash in the mouth, teething fever, loss of sleep, crankiness are all some of the evident symptoms of a teething baby.

Is the baby teething painful?

Yes, your child will experience some aches along the way, so it's best to expect this and prepare well for it. You baby might have swelling or soreness in their gums before the tooth comes through the space. Well, this usually causes pain and fussiness in babies. However, some babies don't even feel it and are also not bothered by the pain. However, if your baby has diarrhoea, vomiting, or rashes along with teething, then you need to see a doctor.

Can baby teething cause vomit?

Every baby is beautifully different, and therefore the symptoms of teething are very different to each baby. In some cases, babies might experience vomiting and fever. Some people do consider this as a typical symptom. However, it is always best to consult a doctor, as you do not want to exhaust your baby by leaving them to vomit considering that the process is normal.

How to soothe teething baby at night?

There are several methods to soothe your baby's teething pain. Many of them you can easily perform at home itself. One of the best technique is to put pressure on the gums of the baby. Besides, you could also use chilled baby teethers. This quickly soothes the soreness in your baby's gums. Apart from that, chewing on the teething toys helps a lot. Brands like Comotomo, Aquafresh, Baby Club, Baby Joy, Bebe Confort, License, Pigeon, Playgro, Infantino, Chicco, Baby Nova, and Munchkin offer you some of the best teething products to buy online.

Where to buy baby teething products?

From teething pacifiers to giraffe teethers you'll find a wide selection of different baby teethers online on You can not only purchase the best quality teethers online but also compare the prices of the models from different brands on our product search engine. What's more, you can do this all from over 500 online stores, including Mamas & Papas, Sprii, and many more.

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