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About Stroller Adapters

Every car seat is not designed to fit every stroller. Car seats and strollers of the same brands generally fit each other, but they will hardly be compatible if you have purchased them from different brands. However, you can make it possible with an excellent device called a stroller or pushchair adapter. Read on to explore more.

When you want an easy way to move your baby around safely, you turn to the travel systems. A travel system generally consists of a stroller and a car seat. You can either purchase the whole travel system from one brand or purchase components from different brands and assemble them later to form a travel system. For many reasons, you must go for various brands like budget issues, product unavailability etc. However, the components taken from different brands or sellers might not be compatible. In this scenario, you can go for stroller adapters or pushchair adapters. They help you club any stroller to any car seat or cot. Most of the time, it works! Let us understand in deep.

Things to know about stroller adapters

Stroller adapters or pushchair adapters lie among fantastic and handy stroller accessories . It helps you connect different car seats or carrycots to your stroller. It enables you to cut the cost you have to spend on expensive travel systems. However, once you step into the market, the shopping experience for adapters can be confusing. The varieties are so many that it can be tough to find which one is the best. However, some adapters perform well and have managed to collect positive reviews. Here are some of the popular types you can get your hands on.

Bugaboo Adapter for Maxi Cosi car seats

Bugaboo is a well-known brand for its parental products like strollers and pushchairs for babies & toddlers . On the other hand, Maxi Cosi is famous for its lightweight and comfortable seats for newborns. Bugaboo adapters come in a wide assortment to fit different car seats. For example, Bugaboo Cameleon adaptors are designed to fit Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix or pebble infant carriers on the Bugaboo Cameleon chassis. It helps you develop a travel system quickly. This adapter offers an easy and safe connection. The click-and-go system makes the process quicker than you could ever expect. However, while buying an adapter, check the strollers and car seats it supports.

Adapters for Uppababy Vista

Uppababy Vista is a popular name for its versatile strollers. Its ability to carry two kids and support different car seats makes it even more wonderful. However, the same thing can confuse you when looking for adapters. If you have UPPAbaby Vista and use it with one car seat other than UPPAbaby Mesa, you’ll require an adapter. If you do not have Mesa, other seats compatible with Uppababy are Chicco KeyFit, KeyFit30 and Fit2 (with adapter) or Cybex Aton and Cloud Q series (with adapters). Few other options are also there. If you use a stroller or pushchair adapter for two kids, you would require an upper and a lower adaptor.

Quinny Buzz adapters

With the help of a Quinny Buzz adapter, it becomes easy for you to attach a car seat or carrycot to the Quinny Buzz stroller. However, the connection also depends upon the type of car seat/carrycot you have. The attachment through adapters is effortless. You can click them together. If you want to release, there is a mere need to push and then pull. These adapters are another popular type you can get your hands on. The best part is that they are easily available in various markets. Apart from being high quality, they are also rated reasonable.

Tips on how to buy Stroller Adapters

Car seat adapters come in a wide assortment based on the car seat, carrycot and stroller or stroller bases you have. You cannot just pick any random tool and expect it to work on the stroller. There is a bit of technical and shopping knowledge you need to have. However, if you keep certain factors in mind, shopping becomes easy. So, below are some helpful tips that would help you select an appropriate style.

  • Check for compatibility – This is the first and foremost consideration that you must keep in mind while purchasing car seats or pushchair adapters. Whichever model you prefer must be compatible with the car seat and stroller you have.
  • Choose sturdy adapters – Since the adapters connect car seats or carrycots with strollers, you must pay attention to their quality. It should have sturdy construction so that there is no risk of accidents.
  • Pick from the right brands – If you cannot scrutinize the quality of an adapter, you can leave it to popular brands. Expert designers and engineers work with these brands to create high-quality designs that you can rely on.
  • Purchase online – If you want to buy a car seat or pushchair adapters, you can purchase them from a local store or online. However, if you buy it from brick-and-mortar retail stores, you will have access to limited varieties. So, choose to order it online to get enough options to choose from, and it becomes easy to find compatible products.

Keep these tips in mind while choosing the adapters. If you are wondering where to begin the search, you can do it right here. In our product search engine, an extensive collection of adapters awaits you. Whether you are looking for Mothercare journey car seat adaptors or Joie car seat adaptors, you can explore a wide collection here. Moreover, it is easy to use filters, sorting, direct search, and price comparison features to quickly find the styles you are looking for. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and find the best ones before the latest collection lasts.

Question & Answer

How to install Chicco adapter to BOB stroller?

You can convert your BOB stroller to a perfect travel system using a Chicco adapter. No tools are needed for the installation purpose. Most of the adapters work on click and go basis. If you look at your BOB stroller, you will find two small holes covered on either side. When you open these, you will be able to see the holes. In those holes, you can insert the two sides of the bracket. When you hear the click sound, the pushchair adapter is connected. However, it may vary as per the model you have purchased. So, read the instructions and follow them.

Where to buy a cheap stroller adapter online in UAE?

If you want the best stores to buy stroller or pushchair adapters from, then you are in the right place. On, we have brought together over 500 popular and trusted online stores that sell adapters at affordable prices. You can browse through their latest collections effortlessly with the help of filters and sorting options. Moreover, it is easy to compare prices on our product search engine so that you can find cheap options falling under your budget. So, enjoy pocket-friendly quick shopping.

Which is the best stroller adapter?

If you want the best adapters in the UAE, then you must give try to UPPABaby, Bugaboo, BabyZen, Britax, Cynebaby, Recaro, and Phil&Teds. These brands offer high-quality adapters that are versatile enough to fit many car seats and strollers. However, one must check for compatibility while purchasing any model. The good part is that you can find their collections right here on So, grab the best ones at the best prices now and here.