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Your walk time with the baby is a period that allows you to truly bond with him/her. Mornings and evenings are an ideal time to take the baby out for a stroll in the pram parasol since it can help them get Vitamin D. It is also the best time to soak in the sun.

If you prefer evenings, they are excellent for enjoying the pleasant breeze. During these outings, parents generally prefer taking the stroller with them to help push the baby. Most babies & toddlers find the stroller motion comforting and relaxed. It also allows the parent to be at ease, knowing their baby is safe. However, with weather changes like summers and monsoons, some additional safety measures are essential to keep the baby safe. Pram parasols are perhaps the best stroller accessories to safeguard your baby. As a parent, you need to ensure your walks don’t come to a stop because of unfavourable weather conditions. However, even though you may have pram parasols fixed to your stroller, avoid walks when the weather is adverse.

Features to consider while opting for a pram parasol

With its innumerable advantages, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a parasol. Along with making trips comfortable for your baby, they also do a great deal for you. If you’re a new parent, the first few months are often spent indoors. However, as your baby grows, it is essential to go out for fresh air and sunlight. However, harsh weather may not be the best. The parasol is convenient for a stroll, on holiday or even while going to the beach. You can practically use it anywhere. In this case, the baby parasol will be your best buddy. If you’re going shopping for one, these features will ensure you pick the right one.

Good coverage

Choose a universal pram parasol that is wide enough to cover the entire stroller. The buggy parasol should offer protection against sunlight and harsh weather. You should also be able to incline it to the sides in case of a stiff breeze. Ensure that the parasol covers the complete pram from the baby’s face until his toes. Another aspect is its sturdiness. Given that you will be using the parasol frequently, ensuring that it is rigid is a crucial aspect. Depending on your baby’s age, choose the right one. You can check various options online and select one with desirable features.

An easy-to-carry baby pram parasol

A foldable sun parasol for the pram is another vital factor to consider. A flexible option means you won’t have to attach and detach it regularly. You can instead choose to close and keep it out of your way when it isn’t in use. It makes for the best thing while you’re travelling. This type will fit in the back of your car effortlessly. The universal stroller parasol should be of sturdy make that will not allow sunlight inside. Opt for reliable brands that will last long. Since a parasol can be an investment, it is better to put in your money only once.

Sun protection

Stroller parasols today offer UV protection – something that takes them one step ahead. UV rays can be extremely harmful to your baby’s delicate skin. Thus, opting for one that prevents them is the right choice. A parasol that will help keep the sun out will also make your baby comfortable. If the price is a constraint here, you can use your creativity to make it better. Use a thick sheet of fabric, cut and sew it on the insides of your parasol. Alternatively, using fabric glue (after ensuring it is non-toxic) is also another option. Having a canopy that does not allow the sun’s rays inside will also help keep the stroller cooler and your baby in a happy mood. It is a must-have feature for those who live in hot countries.

Ease of installation and storage

A pushchair parasol that is easy to install is also an important criterion. Go for one that does not require professional fittings. Most of them are easy to fix, and you can attach them yourself to the baby’s stroller. The DIY option with these is a fantastic feature. Alternatively, you can also get it fitted from the store. Storing the universal pram parasol should also be a factor to consider. Go for a buggy parasol that is space-saving and flexible to tuck away. This way, you can also fold and push it into the pram if you feel you don’t require it.

Tips on how to buy Pram Parasol online

While purchasing an umbrella is no rocket science, a few handy tips always help in many ways. Before you make up your mind to invest in one, there are definitely a few things to know. Along with the basics, making sure the parasol is durable and versatile are two more things to bear in mind. This way, it will be a one-time investment and will be with you in the years to come. You can check online for options and choices before buying.

  • Do your research – It is highly recommended to read reviews and understand products before opting for a baby pram parasol. Shopping online is a comfortable and safe option that is possible from the comfort of your home. Also, reach out to friends and family with young kids to find out their views on the best one.
  • Set a budget – Most baby accessories are pretty pricey, considering you buy them from a reliable brand. So, before you set out, set a budget. You will need to find some online options and then have a rough figure in mind.
  • Check online – As far as brands go, opt for positive ones with high ratings and always check for pictures by buyers for actual images. Bugaboo, Stokke, Mamas and Papas, Egg, Summer Infant, Mountain Buggy and Peg Perego are great universal stroller parasols to start.
  • Weigh your options – Considering your budget, space and frequency of usage, you can check for the best stroller parasol for your pram. Choose one that works best for the factors that are most important to you.
  • Check the pros and cons – If you have a bigger budget, you can afford the best ones, wherein the pros outweigh the cons. However, if you’re on a set budget, this tip may come in very handy. After checking what will work and what is okay to negotiate on, you will be able to zero down on the best one.

After considering these factors, the next step is going ahead and investing in it. Start using the parasol from the very first day. This way, you get to know if it’s a good buy or not. You can then take the call accordingly. Make sure you keep several factors like the material, cost and durability in mind before going ahead with it. Ask the seller if there is a guarantee on it. A lot of good brands give you this option, and it does make sense in the long run.

Question & Answer

Which is the best pram parasol for your pram?

The answer to this is the best stroller parasol that suits your needs. Opting for one that matches your flexibility and offers comfort to your baby is probably the best one. While online reviews help, always bear in mind that for every parent and their baby, needs vary. An accessory that suits someone else may not work for you and vice versa. The best sunshade should be big enough to cover your pram and shield your baby from the sunlight. While primarily, this is the only requirement of a parasol, modern brands give users much more than the basics.

How do you take care of your pram parasol?

Storing the parasol right is the first step to making it last longer. When not in use, always ensure you store it upright in a clean and dry place. Next, check the parasol several times before attaching it to the stroller. Ensure that its movable parts are right and it is fixed in place before putting the baby inside. Another good practice is to wipe the surface with a damp cloth (depending on its material) before storing and after removing. You can also invest in a storage bag to keep it safe and dust-free.

Which are the factors that you should not comprise when it comes to a pram parasol?

Begin by checking for a parasol that is easy to carry. It should suit your budget and be comfortable to move around with. It shouldn’t obstruct you while taking the baby and putting him in the pram. You should be able to set it up in minutes. Getting one that is travel-friendly gives it an added advantage. Likewise, make your checklist for aspects that are important to you. The next thing is to find a shade that ticks all or most of your boxes and something that fits your budget.

How to pick the best online shop for a parasol stroller?

With so many online stores featuring exclusive baby products, it is no more a challenge to find something that suits your little one. Stores also have a wide selection of the best baby gear, including parasols., an outstanding online search engine , offers an online collection of more than 500 stores. With some splendid choices and preferences from renowned brands, you’ll be spoilt for choice here! With so many endless options, it has become effortless to find the right products to suit your little ones’ needs.