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You have to admit that childbirth and impeccable organisational go hand in hand. And as we talk about organizing newborn stuff, things get pretty much messy at times. At such times, even the smallest item like a buggy cup holder comes really handy. It’s a great product to have around if you require more space to accommodate the feeder or milk bottle. Not to mention it will protect you from all the additional hassles of cleaning due to leakage.

As your kid reaches its eleventh month, a stroller becomes necessary, and so do the stroller accessories. From those evenings’ walks in the park to a quick run in the mart, a stroller will keep your baby’s stuff accessible. But with a little more effort, you can keep everything in the right place and save yourself from digging the bags again and again as the baby cries. A Stroller cup holder or pram cup holder is a necessary accessory that can save you in case of urgency. This product will help you keep the milk and water bottle handy and avoid any spill that might damage other products. But before you choose the right stroller holder, look into some features and benefits before purchasing the kind that will suit your requirements.

The various types of stroller cup holders to choose from

Well, today, with the advancement of technology, you’ll find several different types of buggy holders and stroller organisers in the market. But, we understand that with so many options, you’ll surely stress it out when it comes to buying the perfect one, mainly if it is online. That’s because the online platform is vast, and picking out the milk bottle holder that best suits your needs is like rowing in an open ocean without a sign of land. Well, that’s why we’ve compiled a few significant types of these holders that parents favour the most.

Accmor universal cup holder

This is an adjustable pram cup holder suitable for all bottles with a diameter less than 95 mm or 3.7 inches. It is an ideal fit for water bottles, baby bottles, drink bottles, or coffee mugs. With unique versatility, you can use these cup holders with all types of strollers, walkers, scooters, bikes, pushchairs or more. The width of the cup is also adjustable from 0.55 to 1.7 inches. Hence, you can use this product in several ways and on any occasion. The cup’s material is environmentally friendly so that you can trust the product around toddlers or babies. The Abs plastic feature also comes with slip-resistant rubber. It ensures that the bottle or cup remain steady even if you are on an even road.

Stroller cup holder with phone organizer

Having a child is an add-on to exciting responsibilities. Taking your child out on a walk doesn’t mean you can ignore your work or social needs. A product like a stroller cup holder with additional pockets can help you keep basic gadgets like a cell phone handy and secure. Different brands offer a range of baby bike water bottle holders with pockets to carry your cell phone right in front of your eye. Hence you can comfortably see new messages, emails or calls in time. The Accmor stroller cup holder with a phone organizer can offer a good fit for most phones. This holder can fit on any walker, stroller, scooter, shopping cart, treadmill, etc. The bottle holder liner has a flexible silicone pedal to secure the bottle or cup without any leakage or spilling.

Universal stroller cup holder

The W4W is another versatile stroller cup holder that you can easily find on a product search engine. In W4W, the clamp is wrapped with a non-slip silicone grip for added assurance that the cup or bottle is locked onto the device without a slight movement. It comes with a 360 technology that allows the clamp to swivel at any angle. Hence it is easier to attach the holder to the oddest objects, including the walker, umbrella, inner or side handles of the stroller or handlebar etc. The durable clamp is adjustable, hence fit on most modern baby strollers, microphone stands, handlebars, treadmill or wheelchair seats etc. At the same time, it can accommodate a cell phone, a pack of snacks or a small size speaker.

Accmor stroller cum bike cup holder

It is another versatile cup holder compatible with most baby strollers you can find on the market. It is an ideal fit for Chicco, Peg Perego, Britax, or City Mini versions. At the same time, you can adjust it on a mountain bike, a bicycle or a walker. The product is designed to secure the cup and keep it in position on the most uneven trails. It has a rotatable clip that can move in 360 degrees. Therefore you can fit it anywhere, including a down tube, under-seat or front pipe. You do not need any tools to install or uninstall this holder. A large calibre design is ideal for a range of baby bottles, drink bottles, mugs, or coffee cups.

Tips on how to buy Buggy Cup Holders online in the UAE

We have covered all basic buggy cup holders for baby strollers you can find on a retail search engine. But having an idea about the possible options is not enough. There is a lot to consider as you head to make a purchase online. Just like any other stroller accessory, considering your specific needs is the first step of the process. Although we cannot cover the needs of every individual customer, here are some general tips on how you can find reliable products in general. So carefully read the below-shared tips on how to do stroller cup holder online shopping in UAE.

  • Know your purpose – You need to start by assessing your needs. This may include the number or size of bottles or cups you will carry at a time. Some items are versatile and can adjust any baby bottle or cup, but others might have limitations. So you need to evaluate your needs and limitations before starting a search.
  • Consider the installation preferences – Remember that every stroller comes with different styles and unique features. Hence, the installation of a buggy cup holder becomes of great importance. It is always better to look for a product with a quick installation system. It will save you time and the hassle of carrying additional tools when you are not at home.
  • Consider the price – Just like any baby and toddler product on the market, the price of a buggy cup holder for a stroller will vary. It can be according to the size, material, additional features or brand that offers the products. You might need other stroller accessories , so it’s better to set a budget limit for your buggy cup holder. You can get help from the price comparison tool on to find products in your budget quickly.
  • Check out the features – Versatility is a plus point in most of the branded bugger cup holders. However, it might have an impact on price. But a versatile cup holder will save you from a lot of additional investment in products like phone holders. So, read the product description section to know what additional features the product offers. Choose the one that meets most of your needs.
  • Buying policies – Purchasing online is tricky at times. Therefore we always recommend the buyers to read the buying policies. It includes terms and conditions for the return or exchange of the product. Make sure you are buying from a seller that offers an easy return and exchange service. It will secure your investment and give you the confidence to buy online.

Baby & toddler products are nothing you can buy every other day. It is always a wise decision to invest in high-quality products even if they cost you a bit more than your budget. However, if you are a limited budget, is the best place to look for reliable, branded products at economical rates. The online tools can help you find products in few clicks.

Question & Answer

Is a cup holder necessary for the stroller?

A cup holder isn’t a necessary thing. However, it proves very useful when you want to store beverages for your baby or yourself. These dedicated cup holders in the stroller help you store your beverages and enable you to transport them without any spills. It will also offer you additional space to keep things organized and avoid any mess in the stroller. However, while you arrange these cup mountings, make sure of certain features. For example, the cup holders must be spill-free and must not jiggle in any case possible. Think about how many cup holders you want and get them mounted. Take care of all the possible scenarios way ahead of the first mounting so that you don’t keep re-doing the stuff.

How to install the buggy cup holder on a mountain buggy?

You can easily attach the cup holder to the handle of the mountain buggy. On the left-hand side of the buggy handle, you can find a pre-installed lug. This lug is where you will adjust the buggy cup holder. The installation is simple, and you can find the step by step instructions in the user manual that comes inside the product packaging. Also, many things depend on the mechanism as well. A few cup holders are detachable such that you can detach them and take them inside your home or anywhere you are going. The other ones are mounted with nails, so they remain attached. We would suggest you take the help of an expert while mounting them to avoid any mishaps.

Which is the best buggy cup holder?

You’ll find several buggy cup holders out there in the market, which comes with unique features and style. You can choose based on your budget, looks, brand, or other personal preferences. Maybe you want to explore the recommended items from other parents. And do not forget to read the reviews as well. You can even watch a video or two to get a practical understanding. You can start exploring reputed brands like Philips Avent, Tommee Tippee, Munchkin, The Beebo, Beaba, and Playtex bring you the best units and stroller accessories. You can also use our price comparison tool to compare and buy products within your budget.

Where to buy buggy cup holders?

Our shopping platform can be your one-stop shop for all your requirements in regards to cup holders. From baby bike water bottle holders to hands-free baby bottle holders, you’ll find them all on You can buy a bottle holder online that has a stylish design and a universal stroller cup holder that comes with marvellous and unique functionalities. What’s more, you can purchase them and many other products from popular online shops at the best price ever possible. So, explore our superfast product search engine today!