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About Buggy Boards

You can keep a stroller improving. Adding accessories like a buggy board to suit your munchkin’s needs is all that it takes to make it versatile. You can convert it into a rain shield to protect your baby against rain or sunlight or a seat to allow him to sit up. Or perhaps a soft comforter for better cosiness. The possibilities are endless.

With so much to do when it comes to using a stroller, brands keep on researching, developing, and coming up with different ideas. This helps to make buggies better and more convenient. One such stroller accessory is the stroller board or buggy board. Buggy boards are, in the purest sense, an extension of a stroller. They are super useful if you have two kids and take them out frequently together. As a parent of two kids, it is easy to understand that travelling with them is one of the most challenging activities. It requires complete focus and attention. In such scenarios, having a buggy board will keep the older one feels engaged while, the younger one lies in the stroller. This way, you will be much more relaxed and able to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

Things to keep in mind before getting a buggy board

No doubt, getting a buggy platform has its pros. It is the best accessory that you can get for your stroller. Over time, a lot of baby brands and parents have had this realisation. This is the reason why it is one of the most sold stroller accessories today. Along with it being a simple choice, it is a very practical one too. So, whether you have owned a board before or not, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind. These tips will help you in the process of getting the best buggy platform and also make the most of it. It also helps to go forward with your own intuition when it comes to getting certain things. See the ones that feel most comfortable, and you know it will help you out.

Do your research

Each type of stroller board is different depending on the make and brand. However, most universal buggy boards are easy to fix onto the stroller with a little help. It is also a great idea to read reviews, ask questions online, and get feedback before investing in one. A lot of baby brands that have online stores have a help section. You can target your questions about the product there. It is also a good idea to ask your friends and family who have kids. Some of the best products and stores are more popular through word of mouth than most advertisements or marketing.

Ask a professional

If it is your first time getting one, it is advisable to get help from a professional. Fixing a universal stroller board onto a stroller is not always easy. More so, it is vital to do it right since safety can be a concern if the platform is not in place. You can also opt for professional advice to know which platform is best for you. Again, you can do this on websites offering baby products or walk into a good store. The attendants have valuable, in-depth information about their products and are happy to help. It is advisable to do it even if you have the slightest of doubts.

Check for safety

Safety comes first if it is any baby-related product. This also goes for the baby board. Many things may go wrong if you don’t pay heed to this aspect. Since the board is an extension, it is essential to ensure it is properly fixed and used as intended. Also, make sure you teach your child some of the basics while using the platform. Kids are often excited and eager to try out new things. Thus, taking time to sit him/her down to explain a few basics regarding the platform is crucial. After you fix the board, apply pressure on it to check if it is stable before allowing your child on it to ensure safety.

Check for comfort

The next thing after safety is comfort. If you plan to go shopping with your little ones and use the board, then the board must meet this criterion. Once you get it fixed at home, have your kid get on top of it. Take him/her for a “trip” around the house to see how it works. It is advisable to use the stroller board a couple of times at home or in the garden before taking it to the mall. Another important tip is to go for a board that makes it comfortable for the parent to move around with ease. Ensure you check its proximities and other factors before you go ahead with it. This will ensure your trips are comfortable and happy.

Tips on how to buy Buggy Board online

If you’re investing in a buggy board, do not forget to ensure durability along with scrutinising the looks of the product. Versatility is another factor, as putting in a little thought can make your product worth more action. Here, we have compiled a few fine points for you to consider while buying, hoping that they help in your purchase.

  • Consider options with attachments – While a universal stroller board may be handy when you’re outside with both kids, what happens when you’re only out with one? Well, most boards are foldable and removable – something that you should consider during the buying process. Thus, in cases where you’re only with the younger child, detach or fold it up. This feature is especially helpful while travelling.
  • Think of the storage – Kids may often visualise the buggy board as a “toy” and subject it to use while at home. Avoid this and teach them that it needs to be used when you’re out. Misusing the board like a toy may lead to breakage.
  • Weight and sturdiness – Depending upon the weight that it can bear, you can rest your diaper bag on the pram buggy board while moving with your baby. However, always bear in mind that boards can hold about 15-20kgs depending on the make and brand. So, subjecting it to heavy bags that weigh more than it can take is not advisable.
  • Condition your child – The pram buggy board can be opened to let your little one sit on it (with support). However, for those that have sharp edges or may prove to be dangerous, it is best if you keep them away when not in use.

A few simple tips to take care of the board are all that you need. With regular use, you’ll soon learn to see how useful such a small addition can be. Make sure you use the buggy board frequently. Since it is an easy option that you can put away when it’s not in use, taking it with you wherever you go is more convenient than you think.

Question & Answer

Why do you need to use a buggy board?

With a sturdy universal buggy board, it will help you push both your kids together. This way, you can be at ease when you’re alone with both of them. It is a boon while you’re travelling or even for on-the-go parents. The motion of the board is something that kids enjoy, so it will keep them busy while you move around the mall or garden. All said and done, safety is a crucial factor when you use the stroller board. So, it is essential to opt for one that can take your child’s weight easily.

Which is the best online store for buggy board products online in UAE?

Today, a lot of baby stores across the UAE offer a variety of buggy boards to choose from. Some of the best baby & toddler brands to pick from include Lascal, Babyzen, Graco, Chicco, Quinny, Argos, Mountain Buggy and Bugaboo. For a delightful online shopping experience, is a fantastic amalgamation of some of the best stores on one synchronised platform. With this Dubai product finder, you can very quickly get the best prices without any woes.

How should you persuade your little one to use the board?

Well, with kids, you always need to introduce a fun factor to everything. The same goes with a buggy board as well. The good part about this is that it does make for a pretty sweet deal in itself. Try it on at home and ask your child to use it. With a few tries, he’ll be comfortable, and that’s when you can take it outside. Take baby steps with it because you’ll need some adjusting time too. Make sure you teach him/her that it’s not a toy, and they need to abide by certain rules while using the board.

Which is the best universal stroller board attachment?

As the name suggests, the universal stroller platforms are ones that comfortably fit all stroller types. These exclude custom-made strollers. These stroller boards are a safe pick if you’re unsure about the size and make of your stroller. However, it is always good to stick to the brand of your stroller while opting for accessories. Those will fit the stroller perfectly. This mainly includes accessories like stroller parts, boards, etc., since they are designed to give the best fit to the stroller.