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About Stroller Hooks

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could carry all your gear in the baby’s stroller? If you wouldn’t have to juggle those extra bags while shopping? Have the complete experience of shopping without worrying about pushing the stroller? Going hands-free? The bag hooks make this possible.

Well, multitasking and making the most of the stroller should be something that all parents should learn. Alongside, implementing it in their routine is the next important thing. A critical essential that all parents rely on, especially when outside of the home, is a baby stroller. The comfort level associated with this stroller accessory is incomparable, as it instantly puts a child to ease. So, be it going to the mall, supermarket or even a day at the beach, taking the carrier along is much needed. When it comes to strollers, the stroller hook is an additional accessory that you can add to transform your stroller and take it up a notch. A reliable baby stroller hook will ensure your hands are free. The pram hooks work wonderfully well to carry additional weight when added to the baby carrier.

Different factors to consider while buying baby stroller bag hooks

Although they may seem like small accessories, stroller hooks can completely change the way you use the stroller. If you have a stroller but don’t use hooks, you’re missing out on a lot. Especially if you love taking your baby on walks, shopping etc. The stroller becomes an ultimate multipurpose object with this little addition. The fact that you can use or keep them away as you need adds to its advantage. If you’re still unsure, browse the internet, and you’ll be amazed at the things it can do. Whether you have used them before or not, if you’re considering it, there are a few things to remember.


First things first, hooks need to be sturdy and should have a secure grip. Since you will be hanging your essentials like shopping bags, diaper bags, etc., on them, they must be long-lasting. To make sure they last long, it is essential to focus on this factor before anything else. The best way to determine this is to read and research online for reviews and understand the additional features that brands may provide. To check this, impose pressure on the hooks when you take them in your hand. They should not bulge. Go for the ones that come with a strong grip.

Rigidity and grip

The pram hooks, also known as mommy hooks, should be rigid. However, be cautious of an extra-strong catch for baby strollers, which can cause pressure on the buggy and damage it in the process. Another critical factor is that the carrier hooks should have a firm hold. They should be strong enough to bear the weight of the luggage/bags put onto them. The good part is that you’ll be able to analyse both these characteristics during the buying process itself. If you’re buying them online, test their strength with a couple of bags as soon as they’re delivered. This way, you can make provisions to exchange them etc., if they don’t fit the bill.


Ensure that the pram hooks for shopping bags are a good fit for the carrier. The best stroller hooks should not get in the way when not in use. Bulky, poorly designed ones will tend to get mingled with your purse or dress in the process. This can be troublesome with frequent usage. A lot of baby brands offer the option of concealed hooks. Since they’re attracted to the stroller, most times, they’re prone to falling off and getting lost. Thus, check for newer variations where they can be inevitably drawn to the stroller. Check all the modifications and the brand that fits your budget before going ahead with a purchase.

Using a stroller hook in multiple ways

While the possibilities of using them are endless, most of them will easily allow you to carry mid-weight shopping bags or a diaper bag with ease. Alternative, you can also use it to carry smaller bags, an umbrella, a tote bag, etc. The possibilities are many; however, ensure that it can take the weight effortlessly. Also, it is a good idea to opt for metallic hooks to provide better weight-bearing and a sturdy grip for long. Another thing to check here is the weight limit. A good brand will always have it mentioned on the product. Overloading it may cause a strain on the hooks and the stroller.

Tips on how to buy Stroller Hooks

Just like strollers, the hooks, too, require a bit of care while using them. Along with maintaining them, it will also ensure they last long. Hooks today are widely available in a lot of shops. Making sure they fit the stroller right and are good for carrying the weight of your stuff is the first thing to consider before picking them up. Here are a few easy ways to manage them.

  • Go with your carrier – While choosing a stroller hook, it is best to take the stroller along with you. If your baby uses more than one, opt for the stronger one since a stroller bag may need a better grip.
  • Check the newer variations – When choosing pram hooks for shopping bags, opt for something with an adjustable module. Hooks with concealed displays are also available. Some of them can be pushed into a compartment when not in use. Don’t forget to ask what is new.
  • The hook should be compact – Ensure that the pushchair hook has a sturdy grip that is compact. It should not get in the way while using the carrier. The right hook for a baby stroller should also be collapsible, if possible.
  • Don’t go for a bulky one – Although a bigger and stronger hook will allow you to carry more stuff, it may put unwanted pressure on your carrier. This can further lead to irreparable damages. To avoid this, choose one that best suits your carrier.
  • Check the limit – Hooks with the weight limit or capacity are now available. This will help to determine which one you should buy, depending on how much you carry. Taking this into consideration will help you make an informed decision.

With a few pointers, you can quickly get a hook that you won’t regret buying later. Given that it suits your stroller and carries a decent amount of weight makes it an ideal pick on its own. You should also focus on the brand here. Sometimes a hot of locally made hooks is not the best. They can tear the fabric of the stroller if you put too much stuff. Over time, weighting the stroller down is also a major concern, so choose wisely.

Question & Answer

Which are the best carrier hooks online?

To start with, the Baby Bubz, PBnJ Baby, LAT Baby and Buggy Gear are some of the best ones you can find online. If online shopping isn’t your forte, how about using this fabulous product search engine to make things simple for you? With over 500+ online stores on the same platform, it does a brilliant job of getting you the best in your budget. You can now forget about having to worry about comparing prices and picking good stores. will do the difficult work for you.

How to ensure your hooks last long?

For starters, it is a good idea to ensure that your bags are not very weighty. If need be, use the hooks for smaller items and put the larger ones underneath the space in the carrier. Every couple of months, check the hooks to ensure durability. If they look a little weak, use a strong adhesive to glue the back part to the stroller. If they are of a metallic fitting, a professional will be able to secure it back. Every six months is an excellent time to check if your hooks need a replacement. Depending upon individual usage, they might. Also, any wear and tear should be attended to immediately. Keep the hooks away from moisture to eliminate the risk of rusting.

What is the best way to store hooks when not in use?

It is best to store hooks when not in use. This will prevent them from fading and any damage to the metal surface. There are some easy ways to store them. When you’re not using them, ensure you store the mommy hooks in a moisture-free, cool area. Sunlight may not be the best choice to subject it to, especially if it isn’t in use, since it can cause fading of the colours or damage to the metal. The best option is to wrap the mommy hook for a stroller in a linen cloth or cotton bag and store it in the wardrobe. It will prevent them from all kinds of damages.

Where can you buy a baby stroller hook online in the UAE?

In Dubai, it is easy to find mommy hooks for strollers on several baby & toddler brands. Amongst the best ones are BabyBubz, PBnJ Baby, LAT Baby, and Buggygear. Along with these, there are several more where you can find many variations of good buggy hooks for your carrier. You can also ask an expert, consult your friends and family and take their suggestions into account. Shopping online gives you a magnitude of choices. You can also see multiple options before going ahead with the best one. You can commence your shopping drive now on our platform,, and make your purchase an informed decision.