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About Baby Stroller Parts

A baby’s stroller is something that parents keenly rely on. Be it just stepping down in the garden for a stroll or heading to a resort somewhere to spend the weekend, it is a must. A carrier puts a lot of child-related concerns at ease and makes for stress-free experiences. You also require the right stroller parts for it.  

Some babies & toddlers also sleep and stay calmer in their carriers and car seats as compared to the bed or at home. However, when a stroller faces any issues or needs a replacement of its parts, it can be a tricky situation. Firstly, since strollers themselves are pricey, it goes without a say that stroller accessories and parts are too. Plus, fixing them is also something that gets a little heavy on your pocket. However, when the time and the need arise, it is crucial to attend to it at the earliest, so your little one can continue using it. One of the main issues with baby stroller parts is their tendency to “lock” due to improper care and maintenance or weather conditions. At times like this, the wheels need to be attended to immediately.

Choosing the best replacement parts for your baby stroller accessories  

With all the costs that come with a stroller, ensuring that it is taken care of will help in the long run. Simply dedicating a few minutes to its care every month will ensure longevity. It will also eliminate the hassle of investing a lump sum amount all at once. For this, ensure you take a close look at the wheels, padding, handles, and sides now and then. Likewise, attending to its smaller parts from time to time to ensure everything is working as needed is also crucial. Once you get into the habit of taking care of it, you will invariably be doing it. Although stroller parts are small and minor, the replacement does cost quite a lot, so it is best to avoid it. Here’s how to take good care and avoid repair costs. 

Ensure you upgrade the wheels 

If you have invested in a standard one and wish to make it better, opt for better quality wheels. Check online on the brands’ websites to see if they sell the wheels separately (most renowned brands do) and pick up a set for your stroller. The wheels are vital to baby stroller parts. However, don’t just stop after you have picked up the wheels. Ensuring that you replace its wheels after specific periods is very important as part of proper maintenance. This is one of the ways of making sure your stroller keeps working smoothly. Make sure you only invest in authentic and original wheels when you buy them. The replicas may be cheaper, but they’ll wear off in a jiffy. 

Pay attention to the canopy 

The canopy, side pads, and seat cover usually come in a set and help make the place comfortable for the baby. The canopy is very helpful while travelling, at the beach or even in the evenings. When not in use, always store it in your car. This way, you can get it out when the weather suddenly gets unfavourable. When it comes to its replacement, many brands offer stroller parts for sale during off-season times. This is when you can opt for a spare part (or two) depending on your needs. Brands also offer baby stroller parts at wholesale prices. This is excellent for wheels and fabric that wear off faster than the other parts.  

Correct and timely maintenance 

The latest breed of strollers is rightly titled “jogging strollers.” These are perfect for parents who are on the move and don’t wish to leave their children behind. The strollers are equipped with large wheels, a drink holder and extra padding. It makes for the perfect type to use for your baby in the park while you get some exercise. They also come with a new safety harness and unique features to lock the wheels in place when required. Jogging strollers in a time like today when the importance of working out cannot be stressed enough is a must-buy for parents. If this doesn’t sound too appealing, you can go for a regular one. A lot of strollers with customised features are now available. So, it is essential to research so you’re better aware while you shop. 

Making the most of your stroller 

With babies and their endless needs, a parent needs to know how to multi-task and make the most of things. Since a carrier is something that a parent will always have with them, ensure you put it to good use. Use it efficiently to carry baby diaper bags, bottles, a spare change of clothes, baby food containers, etc. This way, you will end up having everything in one place and prevent the need to carry multiple bags. You can also include additional pockets or flaps with the help of stroller accessories. A hidden pouch is convenient to hold your essentials so you can shop hands-free. However, avoid keeping your cell phone and wallet in open, visible slots. 

Tips on how to buy Baby Stroller Parts

You may think that something as small and minor as stroller parts won’t take a lot of thought. But think again. These can be one of the things that can make your break your stroller, so you want to do them right. If something is missing, it can cause a strain on the stroller and ultimately reduce its life. However, apart from using the right parts, caring for the stroller in the right manner is important as well. Here’s how to do it right.

  • Check for alternate options – No, you do not have to run to the store each time you face an issue. To make things easy, always pick up a few essential parts when there is a sale happening. This way, you save time and money the next time you need a replacement.
  • Search online – Check the brands that offer stroller parts for sale in the UAE. It is crucial to understand that quality always comes first when it comes to essential accessories. A lot of used stroller accessories and parts can be easily found online. They require some brush-up to make them useable again.
  • Choose quality – Opt for branded stroller wheels & replacement parts. Try to pick possibly brands that you use for your stroller. This way, you can keep the quality and consistency game up.
  • Know some shopping tactics – Baby stores offer wholesale baby stroller parts, and it makes sense to invest in them if you have more than one stroller. However, even with them, ensure you take a close look at the quality and fit, especially of stroller wheels & replacement parts.
  • Hand-me-downs – You can find some of the best baby stroller replacement parts as “hand-me-downs” from friends and family. If they are good to use, you end up saving a good chunk of money.

Always lookout for ways and means to use the stroller to your advantage. However, don’t overburden it. A good stroller will last you a couple of years if well cared for. A lot of parents also use the stroller to carry other heavy items and luggage etc., when the bay isn’t using it. While a little weight is okay, avoid overburdening it. This again causes a strain on the stroller and can reduce its lifetime or need it to be repaired frequently.

Question & Answer

Which are the best stroller brands?

For some of the best baby stroller replacement parts, it is good to consider reliable brands. Choose from options like Quinny, Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Chicco, Graco, Maclaren, Britax, Mountain, Buggy, and Stoke. Apart from these popular ones, there are much more available on our shopping platform, It is an easy-to-use platform that can kickstart your shopping drive and even help you make an informed decision. You can even compare the features and prices of different products to find the best suit for your baby. It will help you make the right choice.

Where can I get baby stroller parts for sale?

UAE has some of the best online stores, so you’re in for a lot of options here. A good number of baby brands offer discounts during summers when you can check for replacement parts. It is also the best time of the year to stock up on baby supplies. Shopping online, however, is the most comfortable thing to do. If you haven’t tried it yet, or you’re too nervous, check out our Dubai product finder. With hundreds of online brands under one platform, your shopping woes are as good as none. Log in and check out the exclusive deals today here on!

How to take care of your baby stroller?

Good quality strollers are designed to bear the baby’s weight. Most of them are also very durable and last you a good couple of years if you take care of them. For starters, use the stroller for the baby. Don’t overburden it with other things. Make sure you keep it away and free from piled-up stuff when it is not in use. Correctly closing and storing it in the car or while travelling is very important too. Use the right parts and fixtures to strengthen their life. The wheels are its backbone, so always pay attention that it is working well.

Can you get customised stroller parts in the UAE?

A lot of brands offer parents the possibility of customisation. A newer trend, stroller parts and personalisation, grew in popularity instantly. Today, we live in a day and age where we often see a lot of babies in strollers with their names, initials or cartoon characters on them. They make for a pretty big style statement. This feature, although expensive, is a massive trend. If you love it, start by weighing all your options like the brand, budget, design and other details. You can get in touch with a brand or artist whose work you like, and they can suggest something for you.