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When your baby is not so baby anymore, that’s the time when you need to conduct a thorough check-in your entire home. You need to look out for dangerous zones that may put your child’s life at risk. By installing door gates, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your little one is protected from hazards. But where exactly do you put them?

Well, you ideally use the baby door gates to block a doorway or a staircase. However, this depends on where you want to place the barrier. You can put a gate into the door. But when you do this, makes sure to measure the door frame and the door type. That’s because putting a baby door gate to a sliding door is a bit challenging. Similarly, you can also put a gate for the stairs. You can place them either at the top of the staircase or at the bottom. You may also have to use them when outdoors. In such cases, you may have to choose different types of baby door gates. That said, one of the first and foremost things to do, to achieve the best buy, is to know and understand the product. In this guide, you’ll learn more about these gates.

The various types of baby door gates to choose from

Generally, baby safety gates come in two types, namely – pressure-mounted and hardware-mounted. If you’re going to put the gate in a less risky area such as rooms on the same level, then you need to go for pressure-mounted gates. That’s because it comes in a design that blocks a doorway. However, it is best to choose hardware-mounted models for zones where there is a falling hazard such as the balcony entrance or the top of the stairs. Therefore, it is harder to displace than the pressure-mounted gate. Apart from this, there are various other types depending on where you mount your gates. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

The perfect toddler door gate for the top of the stairs 

The top area of your stairs is where you need maximum protection. In other words, the baby gates you install here must be sturdy enough to resist an exuberant push from your little one. It shouldn’t fall off and cause injuries to the babies. The baby gates from Angel baby comes with a perfect design to make sure that this doesn’t happen. You mount them at angles up to 30 degrees. This allows it to stay put even if you install it on drywall. Furthermore, the aluminium construction makes the product lightweight and easy to clean. Apart from that, it comes with a one-hand latch system that makes the kids open them, while you adults can handle them easily. All this makes them an ideal choice.

The best wide double door baby gate

Indeed, stairs are narrow, and you can easily install the baby door gates. However, things are not that easy when it comes to large and wide doorways. In such cases, you need a door gate that extends further than the average. The door gate from Evenflo goes up to 60″ wide so that it can fit large and open spaces. What’s more, you can quickly fold these compactly, making it an ideal one to carry when travelling too. However, remember that it’s not a pressure-mounted gate. Hence, you cannot use them for the top of the stairs. But, you can certainly use them at other places in your home. Apart from that, you can clean or wash the product in machines, which is indeed a major bonus.

The ideal retractable swing door baby gate

In some instances, regular-sized or even extra-wide baby safety gates would not do. This is particularly true when you have an open floor plan or want to contain your baby outside. So, if you want a baby gate that covers an expansive area, then the 192-inch super wide adjustable gateway from Regalo is your best bet. The product comes with a super-wide build that you can configure to either extend the gate or as a circular play yard. Moreover, you can wall-mount the gate and fold them flat for easy storage. You can also find an additional hardware mount for added safety. Besides that, the product has eight 24″ panels in total, that you can piece together to create a barrier you need for your place.

The best adjustable baby door gate for play yards

Creating a perfect space for your baby to play is very important. Well, you can easily do that by the door gates. The eight-panel super yard gates from the North States is one of the best for the play yard. Though you cannot install them on the stairs, you could certainly use them in your living room. With them in place, you can tend to some chores or in the backyard as a haven. This model, in particular, contains 34.4 square feet of space. Therefore, your little one has plenty of space to play around with. Additionally, it has a soft coating on the bottom so that it won’t scratch hardwood floors. Besides that, it also comes in a durable material that can withstand any outside elements.  

Tips on how to buy Door Gates online

Before embarking on your online shopping journey, the first thing you need to do is measure the door frame you intend to block off. Accuracy is a must, as there’s nothing worse than spending money on a door gate that is too short. Apart from that, you need to consider various factors too. Below is a helpful guide that will help you make the right choice and buy door gates for babies online effortlessly.

  • Consider its use – Apart from the door dimension, another thing to consider is the place where you intend to put the baby door gates. For instance, you need to go for extra-tall gates if you have taller children. Similarly, handy and auto-close gates are convenient if you’re holding your sleeping baby in your arms. Just like that, you have the gates for stairways, wide gates, gates for a play yard, and so on.
  • Check out the material – You’ll find baby door gates in a wide range of materials. You’ll find them in wood, metal, plastic, or mesh. Remember, gates that come in wooden materials are the most popular for their appearance, while the metals ones are the safest. They’re sturdy and long-lasting. Therefore, pick them wisely.
  • Look out for the construction – You must pick out gates that come with a sturdy and smooth build. For instance, the wooden ones shouldn’t have flakes, while the metal ones shouldn’t have sharp edges. Indeed, you can also find plastic ones on the market. However, it wouldn’t be as strong as the other two. So, get the best door gates that can handle anything and everything from your toddlers.
  • Consider the installation methods – You can install most baby door gates on any odd surface such as drywall, staircases, angled bannisters, and so on. However, it’s best to buy an installation kit for the process. Also, quite often, you can find many gates that you can fix to fit irregularly shaped spaces. But ensure that the installation process is easier for any kind of gate you purchase.
  • Consider the height – You might want to consider the height of the gates. That’s because many a time you would want to contain your curious little munchkin and fall short of the height. In such cases, long baby door gates are perfect as it prevents your toddlers from climbing over. Therefore, look out for your babies height and then purchase the perfect gates.

That’s pretty much everything you needed to know about the baby door gates. However, remember that no gate can be a replacement for being watchful of your baby. Ensure that your child is never left unattended even when you’ve installed the best of the best gates. Also, make sure that you can easily swing open your gate when required. We hope the above tips and tricks will help you pick the perfect gate for your space and baby.

Question & Answer

How to install safety first door gate?

You can find several types of baby gates, and the Safety 1st brand is one of the most popular brands that offer a comprehensive collection of stylish and sturdy gates. However, remember that various gates have different installation processes. Therefore, it’s always better to study their manuals before installing them. Besides, most of the installation procedures are user-friendly and straightforward.

How long do you need baby door gates?

The baby door gates are an essential item to keep your baby from any hazardous incidents. Ideally, you must install these gates when your baby reaches six months of age or when he/she starts crawling. Also, they should stay installed until your baby is two years old. This ensures that your baby stays whenever he/she is walking or crawling around the house or down the stairs.

Which baby door gate do I need?

Indeed, you’ll find several gates with different features. However, you must pick only the ones that best suit your space and requirements. Moreover, you must select the one that comes in high-quality and sturdy materials. Brands like Safety 1st, Childhome, Cardinal, Gates, Hauck, Chicco, Dreambaby, Evenflo, Kidco, Munchkin, and Babydan offer you a wide array of door gates for babies.

Where to buy baby door gate?

Be it an Ikea baby door gate or any other full door baby gate; you’ll find them all on You could also buy doorway baby gate online and buy online full door baby gate in UAE from our superfast product search engine. What’s more, you can purchase other baby & toddler items from the popular online stores here.