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About Safety Articles

The most critical task for every parent is ensuring their baby’s safety. Every decision they take and each choice they make is centred around their bundle of joy. Thus, it isn’t uncommon for parents to start preparing safety articles even months before the baby is born. 

Before they even welcome them home from the hospital, every small aspect is chosen to be safe and comfortable to host the new member in their home. Many times, these changes also mean making the home a safe space for the baby through various modifications and alterations and inclusion of baby safety products. Making the home “baby-friendly” is a term that parents use for this. It generally refers to including crucial baby safety articles to make their home suitable for the child. Since it is difficult to keep a constant eye on your baby, especially if you have more than one kids or if you have a babysitter, ensuring your space is suitable for his/her activities is crucial. 

Factors to consider when making your home baby-friendly 

Baby proofing one’s home is essential. Especially when it comes to areas like the kitchen and bath, their need increases. Young children are curious, and it is not always possible to keep a constant check on what they’re doing. Although this happens a lot when they’re babies, as they start walking, you tend to get diverted. A lot of parents who were home with their babies have also faced dangerous instances due to slight negligence. So, the baseline here is to always invest in the best possible safety articles for home if you have a little one. Here are some things to get you started. 


Start by taking a good look at your home – how large your home is, the space of your bedroom/child’s bedroom, potential ideas to safeguard etc. Make a note of everything that may need slight modification and areas that require certain baby safety products, so you have a plan to work. This cannot be done in a single day. Take time out, a weekend or more if you need to, sit down and carefully look at each room. Get someone to do it with you, possibly your husband or someone else who has done babyproofing before. Analyse different spaces and situations that can be dangerous and jot down each one. 


Check online and read to understand the things you can do to make your home better. Try to understand how various baby safety articles can be included to baby-proof the areas in your home that need fixing. Today, you can find several tools online that make babyproofing easier than ever. If you find them out of your budget, there are plenty of DIY options as well. Although they may take a little time and effort, they’ll cost way less. It can also be a fun project for you and your partner before the baby arrives. You can check online for some of the best deals. Another option is to opt for hand me downs from friends and family. 

Introduce, observe, and change 

Once your bit is done and your child starts familiarising with space, watch out for more areas that may need adjustments. Go through the process again and see what else can you include to make the space safer. Keep coming back after making specific changes. These inclusions will generally be permanent for at least until a few years or till your baby is older. So, it helps to be 100% certain about your toddler safety articles. As your child grows, however, he may start familiarising with stuff in the house and avoid going into places which are restricted. You can then start getting them down.  

Speak to other parents 

It is evident that other parents, too, must have taken the same measures to safeguard their children and may also have some tips and tricks for the process. Talk to them. With baby proofing kits being pricey, getting some DIY methods can be a good idea. Work out your plan and check online to see what else you have missed so you can go back as needed for some other toddler safety articles. A lot of spaces that you may have targeted for safety may not require to be attended after all. Talking to someone always helps and you never know how a brilliant idea can save you a good couple of bucks. 

Tips for buying the  best baby safety products

It is firstly very important to analyse the list of safety articles that you need. For each parent and child, this will vary depending on their daily needs, routine etc. So, find out the ones that are essential for your baby. Well, once you have made a list and penned down the things you require, you may want to take a quick look here. These are some of the basics that you need for any home. If you have some ideas for replacements, of course, go with them. 
  • Rubber edges – Your tables, chairs, benches, dining table, etc. all have edges that may prove harmful for your child. Pick up some fixable rubber edges that can be fitted on the original ones and help cover sharp edges. 
  • Cord protectors – Cords are some of the most common products found in homes, and it can be hazardous to little kids who often tend to chew on them. Purchase some cord protectors that can hold wires. You can then use the cords in the sockets. All-electric cord sockets too should be placed at a height or have a cover that can be opened and locked when required. 
  • Baby drawer locks – Possibly one of the best child safety articles, baby drawer locks are helpful for furniture, cupboards, drawers, and shelves around the house. These are a 2-piece structure with a holder and a clip-locker device. A hidden clutch or lock is generally a part of this equation. Baby cupboard locks also work similarly. 
  • Baby safety locks – Like the drawer locks, the baby safety locks work for doors, windows, and other structures. These can be securely glued or screwed in depending on the structure and convenience. 
  • Anti-slip flooring  Of course you cannot redo the flooring of the entire home! However, smart anti-slip mats and carpets are now available that are cheaper and do the trickPlace them in the living room or bedroom and especially in the washroom. They help parents too when the house is messy or in case of spilt liquids etc. 
Considering these, you can make your list of safety articles before getting started. Again, to cut down costs, it is better to check out some secure options for them before getting started. It is also a good idea to not go all in. invest in the essential ones first. Work on these for a couple of weeks before adding more. This way, its both easy on the pocket and the parents get time to adjust to the changes at the same time.  

Question & Answer

Where can you purchase the best baby proofing kits?  

A good baby proofing kit should ensure coverage of all the hazardous areas in your home. However, at the same time, baby safety articles should not obstruct the things you do every day. With baby proofing in Dubai being a common aspect that a lot of new parents understand when they have kids, it is not difficult to get right baby safety equipment in stores. For those who are new, can start looking out for baby proofing in Dubai in malls that offer great deals.

Which are the best brands for babyproofing?

Some of the best brands for child safety products include Safety 1st, Clevamama, Evenflo, Mommy's Helper, Munchkin, Summer Infant, and Nuby. You can also shop at some reputed online stores like Mamas & Papas, Sprii, and Newchic, to name a few. Looking for more? Then browse this UAE search engine where you can have access to the best-priced products from across 500+ online stores.

What other bits of advice should parents remember when it comes to babyproofing?

Along with taking all the necessary safety articles you can find online, it is also essential to teach your toddler about the dangers of doing certain things. Teach them not to insert their fingers into sockets, not to play with crockery/cutlery/glassware that has been lying around, not crawl into the bathroom, etc. These small things go a long way when children learn to implement them. You can also ask around or check online to see if there are agencies that can help you with the fixing. Contact your local handyman and ask him to help you. Another idea is asking for fittings from the store that you buy your furniture from or check online for DIY options.

Which are some of the most underrated baby safety products?

The baby safety gate is one. It is designed for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and any other room that a child should not enter. Ikea gate in Dubai, Juniors safety gate, and Duma Safe retractable safety gate are some excellent choices. Gate shields are also a fantastic choice, as they keep doorways, balconies, kitchens, and bathrooms safe for your little one. Install these so they cannot pass through, and your home will instantly get so much safer. Keeping your munchkin safe at home goes a long way. It's all about having a keen eye for details to ensure that every part of your abode is indeed babyproofed. So, start early by investing in high-quality baby & toddler products!