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Your babies will be unstoppable when exploring the world. This is mainly the reason why you need to invest in a baby playpen. This enclosed piece of furniture comes with contemporary designs that keep your munchkins safe while they’re out of your sight. Plus, it also promotes a sense of independence by enabling your child to enjoy playing by themselves.  

The beauty of this product is that it promotes a comfy napping time for your little one, whether you are at home, in a hotel room, or in your relative’s residence. Another reason why you need to purchase a playpen online is that it fosters a sense of independence for your little one. Since it enables them to move, play, and bounce around without getting hurt. Further, a baby playpen also comes in handy if you are at a place with steep stairs and high decks or a backyard with a steep drop-off. It enables your child to play and enjoy moving around in ample space while allowing you to be completely hands-free. Isn’t it amazing? Well, indeed, they are! In this guide, you’ll learn more about this product and will get to know a few tips to purchase them wisely.

The various types of playpens for babies and toddlers to choose from 

It’s a good thing that you have so many options for baby playpens out there in the market. However, you usually categorise them based on their characteristics. For instance, play yards feature soft mesh walls and a padded frame. This prevents your baby from knocking its head against the side. Similarly, if you’re looking for an affordable playpen that’ll keep your baby safe all day long, then the plastic one is the best pick for you. You’ll also find wooden ones that are stable, features a gate, and provides a generous space for your little one to move around and play. To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up a few best playpens for toddlers in Dubai below.

The no-sweat setup travel playpen

No parents want a baby pen that’s too complicated to fix and install, particularly when you’re travelling. You want one that has a straightforward installation process and one that you can easily fix at a place. Well, folks, if you require such a kind, then you can never go wrong with the GO Playard from 4moms. Setting up and breaking down this product is a cinch. You can manoeuvre this product singlehandedly. All you need to do is to push down on the centre to make its legs spread, and you’ll see the baby pen pop up. Similarly, to close them, you can pull a ring in the centre, and the whole thing will collapse. Though it’s lightweight and ideal for carrying along, it does not feature a bassinet.  

The super-light, space saver portable playpen

Setting up a safe and secure place for your babies when you carry out your chores is imperative. However, setting up such a place isn’t easy. But, with a portable baby pen, you’re good to go. The lotus travel crib from the guava family is your best pick when it comes to baby playpens. You can fold up this ultra-light Playard effortlessly and toss them into your backpacks. This way, you’ll have your arms still free to hold your little ones and diaper bags when you’re travelling from one place to another. Additionally, these models also come with a zippered side door. This way, you can lay down with your baby to nurse or cuddle them to sleep. The open side lets the babies go in and out of their special place.

The all-mesh airflow toddler playpen

It’s essential to keep your babies safe in a play yard. However, it’s even more imperative to keep them comfortable. The all-mesh Playard, with its sleek design and mesh construction, offers you, babies, a haven to play and sleep. The mesh construction not only provides your baby with a breathable environment, but it helps you to monitor your baby without any hindrance closely. In most of the mesh models, you can place a mat at two levels – halfway up the play yard to use as a bassinet and at the bottom for playing or napping toddlers. Additionally, it comes with an organic cotton sheet too. Besides that, it comes with a very user-friendly installation process.

The rock to sleep large baby playpen

Rocking a baby will help you to put your baby to sleep. And what if we tell you that there exists such a baby playpen? Well, the Halo Dreamnest Open Air Sleep System is one such model that you can rock. With this product, you can transition your kids from playtime to naptime with the soothing motion they love. This Playard model usually comes with a mattress that’s built-in mesh materials. This, in turn, creates an airy environment for your baby and ensures that they do not overheat during hot climatic conditions. Besides that, its 3-in-1 design allows you to use it from day one as a rocking bassinet for infants, later as a play yard, and finally as an open cot for toddlers.

Tips on how to buy Playpen

Baby playpens come in various styles and features that may or may not work well for your situation or needs. Therefore, it takes a bit of careful thought and thorough research to buy the best baby playpen online in Dubai. Before you explore more than 500 online shops here, consider the following factors to ensure a great shopping experience.

  • Consider safety – Safety is always a key priority when it comes to any baby & toddler products, and the baby pens aren’t any different. There are plenty of fears that keep the parent up all night. Therefore, make sure to seek out the sturdiest, steadiest, and even securable Playard for your babies.
  • Check out the design – You’ll find several models of baby pens out there. Each of them comes with different characteristics and designs. Therefore, make sure that you choose a baby play yard that’s perfect for your needs and space.
  • Consider the ease of use – Setting up the playpen shouldn’t have to be rocket science. Read product descriptions and reviews to get an insight into how easy and quick it is to assemble. Having an effortless installation process will make your job much easier.
  • Look out for the construction – Modern playpens come in a variety of materials, including metal tubing, mesh, plastic panel, wood, and more. It’s also vital that the model of your choice is sturdy as well as offers ample ventilation and visual contact with your little one.
  • Consider your baby’s weight – Every baby is beautifully different. Some are chubby, while others are not. Therefore, if you want something that will support your little one’s weight, then go for the one that features an integrated floor.
  • Examine the expected use – As mentioned earlier, you’ll find several models of different styles, designs and features. For instance, you can use some models even as a travel bed. Some designs come with a changing table, bassinet insert, and other features that are perfect for travel.
  • Consider the budget – Aside from your personal preferences, you also need to consider your budget, especially if there is other stuff you need to add to your infant care arsenal. However, keep in mind that the cheapest is not always the best choice. Hence, you need to ensure that your purchase will give you the best of both worlds.

As you go through the various products and their features, you’ll encounter several baby playpens with different characteristics. However, it’s upon your capability, preference and other factors to decide which ones are right for you. We hope the above tips and tricks will largely help you make an informed decision and get the ideal baby pen.

Question & Answer

Is the baby playpen necessary?

It’s hard to keep an eye on your baby when they’re in their exploratory mode. Once he or she becomes agile, they tend to crawl around anywhere and at any time. In such dire situations, you can easily do away if you have the perfect baby pen with you. The Playard offers you a place where you can put your baby safely and carry out your daily life chores without worrying about potential hazards.

Can a baby sleep in a playpen instead of the crib?

Several models of baby pens come with a bassinet at the top. This primarily allows you to use them instead of a crib. In other words, you can use such play yards as a place for infants to both play and sleep safely. However, do not leave your baby unattended if he isn’t asleep. Also, ensure that the height of the baby pen is well above your baby’s height.

What to put in a baby playpen?

The ideal age to use the baby pen is around six to eight months. At this stage, your baby can sit upright and grab toys. Therefore, you can certainly toss a few toys into the baby pen. However, make sure that the toys you put in should be baby safe. In other words, they must not have any sharp edges or come in materials containing harmful chemicals.

How to clean a baby playpen?

You must always keep the surroundings of your baby neat and hygienic. Well, this is one of the primary reasons why you need to keep the baby pens clean too. All you need to do is to clean the entire baby pen with soapy water and wipe down the pen with a rag or sponge. Once you soak the pen, take it outside. Rinse them thoroughly, and then air dry them.

Where to buy a baby playpen?

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