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Have you ever seen babies wearing head protectors? Maybe it startled you for a second, knowing that they can’t play any sports or even ride bikes. The truth is, these products are designed to protect them against injuries when they are learning to achieve milestones such as crawling, standing, and walking.

There are various types of head protectors, also known as safety helmets, but most of them are comfortable to wear and thickly padded. What’s more, they are effortless to use—just slide them over your little one’s head, secure the straps, and they are free to run around your home. A baby helmet is incredibly similar to a bike helmet. So, we don’t want you to get caught up in any dilemma when you are shopping for them. There are some differences in their features, though. Head protectors come with soft and spongy padding to protect your little one’s head from bruises and bumps. When it comes to bike helmets, they have a hard and rigid construction. Specifically designed to protect your baby from falls and collisions on hard terrain outdoors, they aren’t suitable for indoor uses. Why don’t we explore a few of them to have a clearer picture?

The top five types of baby head protectors and helmets

Though this baby care item is not as necessary as a stroller, it can add an extra layer of protection to your child against injuries. However, if you feel that your munchkin will be just fine without baby head guards, then buying one will only be a matter of personal preference. However, there are particular instances when investing in a baby safety helmet is a necessity. Well, this indicates that you need to get your babies the best possible baby head protectors and helmets to ensure their safety. Below we’ve compiled a few such significant types of helmets that’ll protect your baby’s head well.

The Joovy noodle toddler safety helmet

How about keeping your baby both fashionable and comfortable? Well, that’s what these toddler head protectors do. The helmets offer protection for your munchkin’s head in a more traditional style of a bike helmet. Well, if you’re a biking enthusiast parent, then this toddler safety helmet style will be a closer match to what you use for yourself. So, yes, this could be very exciting for your kids. One of the main reasons to love this model is that it comes with an adjustable fit dial that tailors the fit of this helmet. Moreover, it also features nylon straps and chin straps to place the helmet on your child’s head securely.

The safe head baby head guard

This is one of the best options for those who’re looking forward to heading protectors that come at prices that are a little easier to swallow. Well, this little baby helmet is undoubtedly a hero, as it is the softest and lightest model available on the market. It has comfy padding on the inside that is 45 to 49 centimetres thick. What makes this helmet even more marvellous is the flat back support that it offers to the baby’s head. Another excellent feature of these head protectors is that they come in a matte finish design. This feature avoids sunlight and reduces heat on your baby’s head.

The Lazer bob head protector for babies

With excellent airflow and adjustability features in it, the Lazer bob protectors do not fall short of the other helmets on the market. What’s more, they also come with decent pricing, making your dollars stretch without forgetting the quality and safety. Apart from that, the model comes with six vents. This means your little one might start sweating in a few minutes. However, the model also comes with 360-degree reflective stickers. This feature makes it the best toddler helmet for night timers. Also, the models come along with special padding in the chin area.

Dear Joy, baby safety helmet

Indeed, this is one of the best head protectors that comes with an affordable price tag. However, the lower price tag sacrifices some features. The model loses its points for its bulkiness. The shape and bulky size of the head protectors make your baby glance down regularly because of their weight and size. You can find the helmet model for kids as young as nine months to as old as three years. One upside of this model is that it comes in several different colours and patterns, such as girly bows, dragons, silver flowers, pink noodles, and green and blue puppies. Well, the little ones will surely love the looks!

Tips on how to buy Head Protectors online

Indeed, it is essential to protect your baby’s head. However, if you’ve tried shopping online or visiting a store, you’ll realise that there are several types of baby helmets in various styles, designs, colours, and shapes. All these make it a daunting task for many parents to shop for baby helmets in Dubai. However, this need not be the case if you have a few smart tips and tricks up your sleeves. We’ve compiled below such significant factors that’ll guide you through buying toddler helmets and head protectors.

  • Consider safety – Keeping your little angel safe is the most crucial factor to consider while you set out to buy a baby helmet. Therefore, you need to go for models that come in quality products. Moreover, while buying, ensure that the inner band secures the outer shell and sits soft on the baby’s head.
  • Check out the size – The size of the helmet matters a lot. The head protectors that come in too small a size can hurt your baby. Similarly, the baby helmet was too big and could not provide safety at all. Therefore, to get a perfect size, note down your baby’s head measurement around the forehead over the eyebrows to get the exact measurement.
  • Consider the fit – Make sure that the head protector you choose comes with a snug fit. As stated earlier, the baby helmets shouldn’t be too big or small. Only a snug fit can provide maximum comfort and protection at the same time.
  • Check out the comfort – Remember, only a baby helmet that comes with plenty of inner cushioning offers you maximum comfort. This cushioning make sure that your baby’s head rests on a soft inner surface even if it has a harder outer surface. This way, your baby’s head will be safe and comfortable.
  • Look out for ventilation – This aspect is vital, as your baby’s head needs ventilation, particularly in summers. Higher ventilation baby helmets offer your baby a cool and dry head. Therefore, check for several air vents and large openings all over the head protectors.
  • Go for adjustable ones – Sometimes, finding the perfect fit might be a daunting task for many parents. In such cases, you could always go for head protectors with adjustable straps. Not only the straps, look for features like adjustable back support and chin strap to ensure a proper fit.

There you have it, everything you need to know about the head protectors for babies. Indeed, we haven’t left anything. However, in the end, it is a matter of personal preference, regardless of which baby & toddler product you buy. Nevertheless, ensure that whichever model you choose guarantees the comfort and safety of your baby or tot. We hope the above factors and tips will guide you in the right direction and help you pick out your perfect head protectors for babies.

Question & Answer

When can a baby get a helmet for a flat head?

For most babies, the flathead will get better in a couple of months after their birth. However, if the condition pertains until four months of age, wearing a baby helmet will help. But you should consult a doctor before buying a helmet for your infant. The doctor will tell you what size and shape the helmet should be. Both of these will depend on the shape of the baby’s head. Remember, for the helmet to be effective, you must begin this treatment at the age of 4 to 6 months of age. This allows the helmet to shape your baby’s skull as they grow gently.

When can a baby wear a helmet?

Many babies tend to have a flat spot on their heads even a couple of months after their birth. In such cases, depending on the condition, your baby will need to wear baby helmets for a month or two. In some cases, they might have to keep them on for at least six months. Many doctors advise the parents to keep these helmets on 23 hours a day. After all, the baby should be old enough to support the weight of the helmet. Several baby helmets come in different designs and styles. Therefore, they weigh differently, too. Ideally, a baby head protector weighs around 5-6 oz. But keep in mind that bike helmets for babies weigh more than these.

How to clean a baby helmet?

Just like any other baby product, you must keep your baby head protectors neat and clean. You can do this every time you remove the helmet for a scalp check or during bath time. Using rubbing alcohol is a quick and easy way to clean the helmet. You can use it at all times unless your baby is allergic to the substance. If so, you can also use vinegar and water instead. Make sure you apply them with a clean washcloth or cotton gauze. You can also spray on the rubbing alcohol with a mister and rub the helmet liner with it.

Where to buy a baby head helmet?

Be it a helmet for two years old or merely a toddler safety helmet. You’ll find them all at Our superfast product search engine allows you to buy an online baby helmet for flathead and much more for popular brands like Simplicity, Giro, Nutcase, Eyourhappy, and Baby Rae. What’s more, you get to buy them all from famous online shops! You’ll find several different types of head protectors and helmets for your babies. Always make sure that it is of the best quality regardless of its price. After all, it is related to your baby’s health and safety.