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About Diaper Cases

When it comes to babies, you can’t be ‘travelling light.’ However, there are a few things that you can do to make travelling with them convenient. For starters, you can always have a spare set of clothes in the car or handbag for a quick change. Some essentials like diapers and wet wipes are a must. Possibly an extra bottle, some formula and a pacifier as well.

Just like all other essentials, it is essential to consider a diaper clutch as a core requirement for babies. Today, a lot of parents have started stressing the need for cloth and reusable diaper wipe cases. Whatever the case be, consider this one a necessity, especially for critical factors like travelling and occasions. In such cases, dedicating a bag/unit/case purely to its storage becomes essential, so you have easy access to it. A lot of other factors also fall into place once you work out these small yet vital factors appropriately. Baby diaper cases and baby wipe cases are something that most parents opt for when it comes to ensuring their diapers are readily accessible. These are easily available online and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your requirement.

Factors to consider before investing in a diaper case

A diaper case is a simple holder to store spare sets of diapers. You can find options in cloth, fabric and sturdy plastic cases too. If you like an example that you can conveniently store inside the diaper bag, go for a cloth one. If your choice is to carry the situation on its own, then something a little more durable is the preferred option. With innumerable opportunities, you’ll surely find something that fits your needs well. The most important part, however, is to determine how many changes will the diaper case store? If you consider a day’s outing, you may do with 2 to 3; however, overnights can be different. Here are some things to make your buying process easy.

Space requirement

Start by asking the question: how many changes does your baby need in a day? Depending on your baby’s demand, you can select a pouch accordingly. Here, it is also essential to calculate the storage and carrying of the case as convenient. A lot of diaper case options also help the parent include a new thing or two. They have a pouch or section for wet wipes, baby powder etc. This way, it turns into a complete set altogether. You can conveniently pick what suits you the best; however, space should be on the top of your list. This also means that it should comfortably fit into your purse or bag, whatever you carry when you’re out with the baby.


Try to analyse the approximate number of changes your baby goes through in a day and include that calculation while choosing a case. Alongside, also subject your other needs – what else can you fit in a baby diaper case? Napkins, tissues, a pacifier, perhaps? This factor generally changes from baby to baby. To get an idea, keep a count on roughly how many changes of diapers babies go through in a day. With this count, it helps to always have one or two extras at hand. Thus, choose the size according to your needs wisely. It also depends on the type of schedule or lifestyle that you follow and how often your baby & toddler is a part of it.

Time frame

Cases are often used by parents while travelling or when access to fresh diapers won’t be possible for longer durations. So, identify your situation: Are you a parent who frequently travels with their baby? How many hours? How long does it usually take to stock up in case you run out of changes during your travel? Do you need a baby wipes case? All these questions will help you to make a better decision while considering your case. With this in mind, it is always advisable to have a case that can accommodate a spare diaper or two.


Travel is a prime factor to consider while opting for a diaper wipe case along with baby wipes travel case. Since the case will be one of the many things that will be with you while you travel, ensure you figure out certain aspects, like investing in a travel diaper wipe case, travel time, length of travel, number of changes, etc. With travel, a lot of babies also get restless, so it is essential to consider this point. A good number of brands also have special diaper cases for travelling. These are bigger and better suited for travelling with your little one. So, if travelling is a regular part of your job, you could consider investing in one.

Tips on how to buy Diaper Cases

With so many options available, parents can go all out while looking for an ideal diaper bag wipe case without skimping on their requirements. Ensure you always do your research online to understand the specifications that a brand offers, reviews, versatility, etc., before finalising one.

  • Set a budget – Diaper cases are essential; however, you don’t want to be continually shelling out bucks for these. Most parents look at cases as a one-time investment, and you should maximum have two of these unless you travel frequently or live in different homes at different locations. Taking care of your diaper cases increases their life and makes them less prone to wear and tear.
  • Material – Cases that are of cotton are most common and require little care. However, they do wear off very quickly if not taken care of. Other materials like leather, polyester, satin, and wool are also available depending on the design and make, and all have their pros and cons. As for cotton diaper cases, they are more environment-friendly and impact a certain sense of freshness to the diapers. Always wipe the surface and insides with a damp/dry cloth depending on the make of the bag.
  • Storage – Do not dump it under a pile of clothes or other stuff that may harm its structure. If you’re not using one of your diaper cases frequently, stuff it with crushed newspapers to prevent any moisture accumulation and wrap it in a cotton bag to be stored in a closed cupboard or cabinet.
  • Light storage – A lot of folks also have the habit of overburdening their cases with other baby accessories causing a strain and reducing its life in the process. Always carry a bag in which you can accommodate your belongings along with the case.
  • Proper care – Do not overstuff the bag and keep only a certain number of diapers depending on the size of the bag. Also, scrutinise the straps of the bag – a part that shows signs of wearing off very fast.

You can also find the right diaper through hand-me-downs from friends and family. Since diaper cases are simply for storing, there is no hygiene issue with this method. Still, ensure you wash them thoroughly before using them for obvious reasons.

Question & Answer

Should you use two diaper cases if you have two kids?

No, you can go with a single one. Depending on the number of kids that you are choosing a diaper wipe case for also makes a difference in its buying factors. While one kid may need a certain amount of changes in a day, two kids will require almost twice as much. You can opt for one diaper wipe case that is spacious enough to suffice the needs of both your kids. Plus, (if possible), it should have a little extra room to squeeze in other essentials that you require during changes.

When do you need to use a diaper case?

Well, right from the time your baby is born until he can use the loo, a diaper case is needed. You can, of course, avoid using it at home. However, it comes in handy every time you step out. Be it evening walks with your little one or travelling abroad to meet family or for a holiday, it is much required. You will definitely realise its importance more after using it for some time. But this is possible when you buy the right product. Explore enough and restrain from choosing any random product without reading about it a bit.

How many diapers can fit in a case?

This depends on the brand and makes of the diaper case. However, on average, at least 4 to 5 changes should fit comfortably. If you feel you require less or if your child is older, you can choose a smaller one. It is also very compact and makes travelling easy. However, for young kids or if you have more than one toddler, you may require a bigger one. You can consult a doctor or a person from your family or any friend to understand which one is needed. Make sure you make an informed one so you don’t have to go for another smaller or larger one later.

Where can you buy baby diaper cases online in the UAE?

With the full range of baby diaper cases available today, you will be able to grab the best buy with every feature you want in a single product. With more than 500 online stores, our retail search engine is like no other. It has some great choices, including a stylish travel diaper wipe case and other accessories like diaper clutches, handbag-style cases, travel-friendly diaper cases, etc. When it comes to brands, you can select from Skip Hop, Pigeon, JJ Cole, Huggies, Pampers, Infantino, Fisher-Price, and Boss Faux.