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Babies are little angels. But, you cannot escape their dirty diapers. However, you can make the diaper duty easier with the right set up and supplies. Well, we are talking about none other than the safe, functional and baby-friendly diaper changing tables & nursing equipment. 

In the first few months, your pipsqueak will be a continuous pee-re and pooper. This will surely keep you on toes and active diaper duty. Hence, the best way to cope up with this is to get yourself an ideal baby changing table dresser. So, what exactly does this help you with? Well, this stand-alone diaper changing table is a surface that enables you to change the diapers of your babies easily without having to hunch down while you do the diaper deed. So, you now know why these changing tables & nursing equipment are imperative. Hence, it is essential to understand well before you go on a diaper table hunt. In this article, you’ll find all you need to know about the changing tables & nursing essentials for your babies. So, keep reading to find out more!

The different types of diaper changing tables

Ideally, the diaper changing tables must be 36” to 43” above the floor. This makes your job easier. Similarly, it must be sturdy. But, the exciting part is that you’ll find diverse models of diaper changing tables & nursing items with these features when you are in the market hunting down the perfect diaper changing tables & nursing equipment. This is why it is essential to understand their various types and know their features thoroughly. This way, you can pick your diaper changing tables & nursing items easily. Keeping this in mind, we’ve listed out a few significant types of diaper changing & nursing items. Check them out below.

The foldable changing table for baby

How would like a table that you can quietly tuck in a corner after the use? Well, that’s precisely what a foldable diaper changing table & nursing items for baby offers you. It might not be the most aesthetically appealing table, but it surely does come with fantastic functionality. You can fold them up flat and slide it under a bed or place it in a closet. Of course, their legs are slender. However, they’re equally sturdy when you open them up and place it on the surface. In other words, they can do a great job, even if you have a very fidgety baby. Some models also come with storage compartments to make your job easier. Additionally, they are lightweight and hence easily portable too.

The wall-mounted baby changing table

A changing station is not merely for luxury. The diaper changing tables & nursing items is necessity for schools, day-care centres, many other privately owned business. And one of the best diaper changing tables is the wall-mounted table. The station gently secures the infants and toddlers. Moreover, it also offers the highest level of safety available. Most models from popular brands provide units that are sturdy, opens and closes with ease. Additionally, they open quickly with one hand on the go. This types of changing table are ideal for most public restrooms, including those located within stores and restaurants. Most models hold up to 200 pounds of weight without cracking or losing its original shape.

The changing table pad with crib 

How about a twist to the regular changing tables? Well, that’s what these diaper changing tables offer you. In other words, the changing tables with crib offer you ultimate versatility. The models typically have one side changing tables, while the other side is the crib. Additionally, they also come with drawers and shelves to store any essential baby & toddler items. In fact, the crib comes with a unique design that grows with your baby. You can convert it into a toddler bed, daybed, and eventually a full-sized bed for babies. Admittedly, it takes a professional helping hand in putting it together. But once done, it is an excellent piece of furniture that saves space and offers versatile functionality.

The changing table in Dubai with hamper 

With dirty diapers, come along with dirty clothes. Therefore, having a hamper attached to your changing tables proves very useful. Most changing tables with hamper feature sizeable hampers. Hence, you can easily carry them to your laundry room when it is full. Some models also come with sliding baskets to make your job much easier. Others come with a foam changing pad and safety belt to keep your squirming toddler in place. A few models are sleek and modern looking that come in wooden materials along with best hampers and baskets. Moreover, most of the models have foldable baskets. Above all, you can install them easily and enjoy a super functional model.

Tips on how to buy Changing Tables & Nursing items online

Technically, you could change your baby just about anywhere she’s safe from falling, even on the floor, which is the safest place. But, since you’ll be changing diapers for more than 1000 times in the first your alone, having the proper gear is essential. The right diaper changing tables & nursing essentials will help you keep all your baby items organised. But what makes one changing table better than the others? How do you choose one? Well, check out the tips below to buy baby nursing items online in UAE and buy baby changing table in Dubai easily.

  • Assess the safety strap – It is always important to check the safety strap, as this is the feature that keeps your baby in place. You must see that your table should have a pad that affixes to the table with a strap. You could also get these changing pads separately. However, make sure you pick the right changing pads.
  • Look out for storage – Many modern-day changing tables & nursing essentials come with compartments and shelves to store items like diapers and clothing. This makes your job easy, and you can quickly pull out the required thing when you want them. Go for a model that has at least one shelf under the table.
  • Check for safety – Take a look at various models and carefully consider how easy will it be for your baby to easily roll-off. It is best to go for models that come with barriers on all four sides. Also, make sure that there aren’t any sharp edges or loose pieces that could hurt your baby.
  • Check out table height – You should know that not all changing tables come in the same size. You’ll find tables with varying heights in the market. Hence, choose the height that matches your comfort. Ideally, pick the one that suits the proportions of the person who mostly does the diaper duty.
  • Go for versatile models – Do not just look for usual models. Go for the ones with a twist that comes with peculiar features. For example, the models that convert the crib into a bed. It lets makes your diaper duty easy as well as offers you the crib functionality.
  • Check for mobility – Modern technology has largely influenced the baby products industry too. Nowadays, you’ll find baby furniture that comes with designs that help caregivers who rely on a wheelchair or other types of physical limitations.
  • Check out the price – Price is an essential factor to consider. Therefore, it is always crucial to set a budget for yourself. How much you want to spend for your child depends entirely on you. But, make sure you pick out good quality changing tables & nursing essentials.

The safety of your child should be the priority at every point of your child’s growth. The diaper changing tables & nursing essentials ensure your kid’s general safety. Therefore, make sure to get the right quality. We hope with the above tips and trick will help you pick out the right changing tables & nursing items without any hassle. Also, make sure to get the one that best suits you. As both, you and the baby must be comfortable while on the table.

Question & Answer

How much are the baby changing table?

You must have understood by now, that these baby changing tables & nursing essentials come in various types, models, sizes, shapes, and styles. Therefore, it is apparent that they come in different price points too. However, the cost entirely depends on the brands, quality of the product, and so on. Additionally, it also depends on the place where you purchase. In other words, you could get a high-priced branded baby changing table on sale if you are buying from stores that offer discounts and offers. For instance, Ikea baby changing table in UAE comes in affordable rates.

Is the baby changing table necessary?

You can indeed change the diaper of babies anywhere that is safe. However, it is always essential to get the right gear for extra safety. That’s because every year, children sustain serious injuries and occasionally debilitating injuries after falling from improper changing platforms. This explains why you need a diaper changing table. It protects your baby from falling over. Additionally, it makes your job more comfortable too.

How tall are baby changing tables?

Just like their style, size and type the changing tables & nursing essentials vary in height too. You’ll find some as low as 36”; while others are as high as 43”. However, if you want to avoid back pain, get one that is proportional to your height. This way, you be able to change diapers easily without hunching down to your baby. By the way, you can also go for the height-adjustable baby changing tables. They are one of the best models.

Can a baby sleep on the changing table?

Usually, it isn’t safe to leave your baby on the changing table to sleep as it generally doesn’t have any pillows, pad or any other items that’ll help your child have a sound sleep. However, with the advent of technology, these days, you’ll find changing table models that come along with cribs. In such cases, you can put your baby to sleep on the changing table. However, make sure that it is safe and comes with rails on all the sides.

Where to buy baby changing table?

So finally, you are ready to purchase one? Makes sure you buy a good one. But how? Well, check out the extensive collection of diaper changing tables & nursing items on Our product search engine houses a wide array of cheap baby changing tables at incredibly low rates from brands like Stokke, Ikea, Pottery, Barn, Mothercare, Koala Kare, Rubbermaid, Cosatto, Badger, Basket, Delta Children, and Summer Infant.