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With babies come the endless drills of feeding, bathing, sleeping, crying, and obviously diaper changing. And trust me, none of these activities demands any lesser attention and care to maintain the health and hygiene of the newborns.

This is why changing mats are an important item on any newborn shopping list. A baby changing mat is a special, soft portable mat used while changing the baby’s diaper. Whether you are a changing table or special unit, a plastic cover on the changing area is a must-have. These covers or changing mats are specially padded, cushioned mats with slightly raised edges to stop the baby from rolling off. Plus, they help the baby to feel a little more secure and enclosed. Besides, they ensure hygienic processing of changing and cleaning the baby bum. Luckily these mats are easily available in any baby & toddler store here in

Everything you need to know about diaper changing pads

When cleaning the baby poop, there is a set of instructions and health tips recommended by experts. It is important to follow these tips for the well-being of the newborn and its soft skin. And all of it starts with covering the diaper changing surface with any disposable liner. At the same time, if you want to apply any diaper cream, dispense it onto a clean tissue. Likewise, mums should be attentive towards the baby throughout the process. For that reason, they need to arrange everything at a place and never leave the newborn unattended. But as far as cleaning is concerned, a simple changing mat can do all the wonders, including some mentioned here.

Comfort with a soft liner of changing table pad

When your baby is tiny, a terry cotton insert is a great pick on the top of any flat surface. It prevents the delicate being from getting startled by a cold changing mat. It becomes important if it’s night and you do not want to wake them from their sleep. You can also find some mats with terry insert and some with poppers to keep them in place, while some will have them both. These mats are helpful if you place them on any changing unit as it offers additional ease. However, if you are a changing unit at home, make sure you are buying a mat that sits well in the size of the unit.

Get out and about with portable changing pads

Changing mats do a miracle when you are out of your home with your little ones. A portable, foldable changing mat is an invaluable item in your baby bag. And this is why many baby changing bags come with portable mats as an important item in the bag. If not, you can buy them individually on any retail search engine online. You need to decide if you would like to go for a smaller size of a large item with easy folding options in such a case. Folding ability will help you adjust these mats as per the space available. Besides, you can also find mats with pockets that can hold wipes, creams and nappy sacks.

Baby mats and public changing tables

We understand you cannot carry the entire changing bag with you on every trip around the corner of the street or to the nearby mall. And to ease mums, most of the malls and public places have installed changing tables. But never get ditched by thinking that they are hygienic to put your baby directly on the surface. And this is again where a portable, foldable changing mat can help you change the diaper without risking your baby’s hygiene or rushing back home. All you need to do is carry a folded mat a few diapers in your shoulder bag and use them when and if needed.

Tips on how to buy Changing Mats online in the UAE 

The diaper changing pad is much similar to the basic under-pad. But it is smaller in size and serves a different purpose. Majorly, you can use them to change the baby on it when you are out. It is important to make a wise decision when buying this convenient, sanitary comfort for your child. But we know so many options online can make buying a bit stressful for you. So, here are some tips to help you buy a baby changing mat online with complete peace of mind.

  • Check the sides – Make sure you pick a pad that comes with higher sides. They generally have a thicker border that helps to make your baby feel secure while changing.
  • Sufficient padding – One of the main purposes of these pads is to offer comfort to the soft bones and body of h the baby. It comes with the padding the mat is made of. You can read the product description section to know what type of padding the mat has.
  • The size – These mats come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prints. You should pick a size as per your needs. A portable mat should be smaller but if you use it inside the home, make sure it is compatible with the changing station.
  • Easy to clean – These mats will be dealing with more of the mess than any other baby cleaning product. So, either you can opt for a disposable option or look for a mat that is easier to clean and does not take much time to dry.
  • Look for additional features – At times, you can find mats with pockets to carry essential changing accessories like wipes, creams, or extra diapers. These features are of great importance in a portable changing mat.

In the end, it is important to note that for new mums, expert opinion is of great importance. So if you are getting overwhelmed due to extreme options available on a product search engine, ask for suggestions. You can also have a look at the customer review section of selected products to know if they are suitable and useful or not. It will help you make better decisions. We wish you luck with your parenthood.

Question & Answer

How to use a baby changing mat?

At first, make sure you have a dry, flat and (if possible) thoroughly cleaned surface to place the mat on. Lay the mat down and make sure you have all the accessories and cleaning times handy. Now take the baby and lay him/her down on the mat facing upward. Take off the clothes as much needed, and remove the dirty diaper of the baby. Now use the wipes to clean the baby and apply cream if needed. Put a new, clean and dry diaper and put on the clothes. Take the baby off of the mat and clean the mat with a cleaning cloth. I prefer using a mild cleaner on clothes to ensure all the germs are removed before you fold back the mat.

Where to buy a baby changing mat online in the UAE?

You can explore the baby and toddler section on any retail search engine to buy baby changing mats online in the UAE. This is where you can find most of the products in one go. Explore to find products from top brands like Juniors, Fendi Kids, Ikea, Done by Deer, Cam, Skip Hop, Canpol Babies, Munchkin, Sterntaler, Bump, Lulando, Elodie, Garbo & Friends, Moschino, Nobodinoz, Fabelab, and Shnuggle. Besides, here you can also use the price comparison tool to find economical mats from these reliable brands and ensure serving your child with the best.

How to clean the baby changing mat?

It is important to clean and disinfect the baby mat surface after every use. All the latest products in the baby changing category come with an easy cleaning facility. You can use any mild antibacterial cleaner like Dettol disinfectant liquid or Dettol surface cleaner spray and a clean cloth for such a mat. Always wash your hands well after changing the nappy and use the clean cloth with the liquid to clean the mat. Make sure you have applied the liquid and cleaned every centimetre of the mat. Let it dry naturally, bore folding or packing it again.

Which baby changing mat is best?

Any baby mat with sufficient padding and proper borderline is best for your baby. However, the size of the mat depends on your personal preference. Some of the bestselling items loved and recommended by mums from around the globe include Babymoov Disposable Changing Pads, John Lewis Wedge Changing Mat and the My Babiie Foxes Changing Mat. Other items on the list are Silver Cross Luxury Changing Mattress, the Cuggl Changing Mat 3 in 1, and the Splash about Changing mat.

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