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About Changing Mat Covers

If you are a parent, you surely know how important a baby changing pad or mat is when it comes to your day-to-day routine. Apart from helping you to easily change your little one’s diaper, this practical tool also saves you time and effort when it comes to grooming your baby & toddler . However, a pad or mat alone is not enough to do your job, which is why getting the right baby changing mat covers is imperative.

Before we dig more in-depth about the covers, you need first to understand what a changing pad is. Admittedly, it can get hard to change your baby’s diaper in public places, as you need a clean and comfy spot to lay your little one down. This is where a changing pad comes to the rescue—a practical tool designed to keep your baby clean, safe, and comfortable. However, to make your job a whole lot easier, it’s also important to have a changing pad cover, as it works exactly like a bedsheet. Hence, buying both will give you a win-win situation. We understand how meticulous you should be when shopping online, as the wrong choice can put your baby’s health and comfort at risk. Hence, our guide below will serve as your guide to making the right decision.

Different types of baby changing mat covers

A mat or pad cover is removable and designed to protect your baby’s skin by keeping the mat or pad completely clean. Typically, it comes with an encased elastic band to suit any standard changing pad, as well as buckle strap holes to ensure that it securely stays in place. What’s more, you can just put it into the washing machine to save yourself from the trouble and hassle of wiping things off. Isn’t this an amazing tool? Well, it gets more interesting. You’ll find so many types, styles, and models of these changing pad covers. However, to pick the one that best suits your needs, you have to understand the characteristics and features of various models. We’ve listed out a few popular babies changing mat covers.

The polyester changing table pad cover

The changing mat covers play a vital role in offering your baby safe and sound sleep time. Remember that the material of the changing mat covers is the key factor in offering comfort to the babies. It must be soft and shouldn’t irritate the kid’s skin. The great thing about this type of changing mat cover is that it comes at normal room temperature. Therefore, it keeps your baby warm and cosy through the night. A cold changing cover is not advisable to use if your little one always keeps you up at night. The idea is to keep your baby cosy, soft and safe.

The cotton summer infant changing pad cover

What do you essentially need for the baby? Well, it is a good quality cover for the baby’s changing pad. However, that’s incomplete without the right changing pad covers. Since the idea is to keep your baby as comfortable as possible, you’ll find soft cotton changing mat covers in the market. It comes with colourfast material. This material allows you to wash the item in machines. Hence, it is easy for you to maintain and clean the changing mat covers. Moreover, most of the models come with elegant designs. This, in turn, adds up to the overall ambience of the baby room. Also, remember that it is soft and smooth but not thick.

The organic change mat cover

One of the major problems that most parents face is the stains that are left out on the changing pads. However, with the advancement of technology, you find many changing mat covers that help you combat this problem easily. Well, we are talking about the organic mat covers. If you are indeed looking for a stain-resistant fabric material? Well, you can never go wrong with an organic cotton cover as it’s ultra-comfortable and hypoallergenic. Moreover, it is free from any toxic chemicals and synthetic pesticides that may take a toll on your baby’s skin. Thus, it is one of the best-changing mat covers for babies.

The waterproof diaper changing pad cover

Well, it is needless to say that your pipsqueak will surely be a perpetual pee-er. Therefore, it is imperative to choose to change mat covers that wick away moisture. Indeed, a mother is the busiest person in the world, and it’s understandable if you no longer have the time to spare for extra laundry. Well, the best solution is a waterproof changing pad cover. That’s because it enables you to just easily wipe off all sorts of bodily fluid. Hence, you can consider this as one of the best materials for changing the pad cover. Moreover, this will allow babies to sleep in without getting disturbed because of the moisture.

Tips on how to buy Changing Mat Covers online

A good quality change mat cover for babies is imperative. You must have figured that out by now. But how do you shop for them? Well, surely it isn’t an easy task. But you also do not need to weigh so many pros and cons. We’ve listed a few fundamental things you must keep in mind while buying a waterproof baby changing pad cover online in Dubai or any other baby changing cover in the UAE. These tips will guide you toward your perfect changing pad covers.

  • Explore the types – There is an endless variety of covers out there in the market. You need to check out the features and characteristics of each type. This way, you’ll be able to choose one that perfectly suits your baby. Moreover, it will also help you narrow down your choice and, in turn, make your online shopping a breeze.
  • Assess the material – The material is the key factor that determines your baby’s comfort. The common options, you can choose from include PVC, organic, cotton, and waterproof. However, go for one that is soft to ensure your baby’s goodnight’s sleep. Of course, it must also be warm and comforting.
  • Check out the appearance – Once you choose the material and type, next check out the prints and colours. Make sure you pick something soothing to your baby’s eyes. Of course, you have many choices. Hence, you are bound to find the one that fits you. Also, make sure to pick one that matches the ambience of your baby’s room.
  • Look out for absorbability – You might want to make sure that your baby’s changing mat covers repel liquid as your changing pad does. In fact, you need to have something that absorbs your baby’s pee. It will not work out for the baby if the pee forms a pool on the baby’s back. Hence, check for the absorbing capacity of the linen.
  • Check out the quality – It is always important to check out the quality of your covers. It is always a wise decision to spend a few extra bucks instead of replacing the covers frequently. Also, it is best to get the changing pad covers from popular brands. This way, you’ll have longevity to the covers.

Well, baby changing mat covers will not seem like a big deal until you survive those bleary-eyed 2 am diaper changes in the dark. A big part of child care is to keep the mess at bay simply. Hence, make sure you get yourself the right baby changing mat covers. This will really be helpful when you need it. We hope that the tip above will contribute to your research on the subject. Moreover, we hope it steers you towards your right changing pad covers.

Question & Answer

Are baby changing mat covers necessary?

We guess you already have the changing pad. But why on earth do you need the linen too? Even though they aren’t a necessity but having them is a good idea. That’s because the cover and linen serve a very different purpose than the pad does. The pad offers your baby the cushioning effect while sleeping and protects your belongings from pee and poop. But, what is there to protect the pad itself? Well, this is why you need a changing mat cover. It protects your pad and also the baby from pee and poop.

How much changing pad cover do you need?

Usually, one is enough. But it is better to own two, mainly if you are reluctant to do the laundry regularly. Having a couple of them will help you change them easily. Plus, you’ll have a spare one when you toss in the other one for laundry. Moreover, having a spare one is always necessary in case of any damage or wear and tear. Hence, having two or three changing pads should be sufficient for you. However, it may also differ based on your requirements if you have been looking for various designs in one place. You can find them here.

How often to change the baby changing mat cover?

The changing mat covers protect your pad itself. However, the changing frequency entirely depends on your baby. If your baby poops and pees a lot, then you might have to change the cover frequently. If not, then you might as well do it once in a couple of days. Just remember that you must keep your baby in hygienic condition to avoid any disease or skin infection. Having two or three changing pads is necessary. So, if one gets dirty, you can immediately replace it to avoid infections.

Are baby changing mat covers universal?

Usually, you’ll find many types of bay changing mat covers of different types, models, and sizes. However, you’ll find a few that come in standard sizes and fit almost all changing pads. Such models come in 16X32 inch measurements. You can have them because this proves to be useful in certain conditions where your covers do not fit your pads. Or when you buy the wrong size. If you go for the wrong size, it may not fit the changing pad and turns out to be useless. It is important to bring one that fits perfectly.

Where to get a baby changing pad cover?

A credible retailer is a key to a successful purchase. Well, if you want to succeed in purchasing your perfect baby changing mat covers, then do not miss out on checking out the extensive collection here on our product search engine . From Aden and Anais changing mat covers to Burt’s bees baby changing pad cover, we offer them from popular brands like Stokke, Ikea, Baby Works, Childhome, Summer Infant, Little Unicorn, Prince Lionheart, and Micuna. You can also buy online wipeable changing pad covers and more products as such from over 500 online stores.