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The difficult part of parenting is when babies start to sleep less and wake up every now and then in the night. But sometimes, it can be due to the lack of comfort. In that case, you can try using a baby travel pillow to give them a good night’s sleep.

However, child travel pillows, or baby sleeping pillows as they are called, are not just about providing comfort for the baby. A well-designed pillow can also hold the head in the correct position and avoid neck strain. But paediatricians suggest that it is a bad idea for a toddler to sleep on an adult-sized pillow. Not only are they too big for babies, but they can also be dangerous in some cases. Therefore, you should use a baby pillow that is designed for the small head and bodies of toddlers. But before you start finding them, read this guide to get a better understanding of their different aspects of them.

Everything you need to know about child travel pillows

You should look at all the aspects of it to ensure the safety and benefit of your child. But there are some essential things that any parent should know before getting a baby pillow or using one. This article will tell you a lot of things you need to know about baby travel pillows, their risks and benefits and things you should look for in a good baby travel pillow. Continue reading to find out everything about kids’ pillows. In this guide, you will also find some really useful tips that you can follow while shopping for them online.

Benefits of using a baby travel pillow

When the baby crawls on its own, you will notice that it likes to sleep on soft surfaces. One reason for this is that things like pillows and blankets provide some warmth, which is great for falling asleep. Also, like us, babies also like the softness of the pillows. Furthermore, using pillows can help keep the head of the baby in a comfortable position. But it’s not all about the baby. Providing a comfy condition for the baby means that your baby will get enough sleep, and you get enough time to care about other things in the house.

Downsides of child pillows

If you always find your baby sleeping on its stomach despite how you put the baby to sleep, it’s pretty common. Some babies sleep on their tummies. But you have to be careful to remove all the things from the baby’s bed that might cause suffocation. This includes blankets, pillows, and loose sheets. So, does that mean you should not use baby pillows? No, but that does mean that you should not use them until the baby is old enough to move and turn around on its own without any difficulty. A safe approximation is that the baby should be at least one year old before you can use any type of blankets or pillows.

Baby wedge pillows

They are not the same as baby travel pillows. In fact, these are not exactly pillows. Baby wedge pillows, or sleep positioners, are support pillows that come in the form of a mat with bolsters on either side that keeps the baby in the right position. These can also prevent the baby from rolling too much in sleep. However, it is not safe to use them if you are not watching and if the baby is too small. There have been instances of SIDS because of sleep positioners. One rule that applies to all babies is that you should not use blankets or any kind of pillows if the baby is below one year of age.

Be careful while using child travel pillows

Although the benefits of using baby travel pillows are many, there are things you should be careful about while using them. The first rule is to never use a pillow that is too big for the child. Not only will it be uncomfortable for the child, but it also increases the chance of suffocation. The same applies to a pillow that is too soft. If the child is older than one year but still sleeps in a crib, then you shouldn’t give him a pillow. This is because using a pillow in a crib increases the risk of suffocation. Another potential risk is from the filling type of the pillow. Stay away from pillows that use fillings of hard grains or seeds to avoid choking hazards.

Tips on how to buy Baby Travel Pillows

Choosing a toddler pillow might not seem like a difficult task at first. But it can be harder than you might think because of a few factors. First, the child itself will not be able to tell whether he likes the pillow or not. Secondly, there are literally hundreds of different products claiming to be the best. But choosing the right one can be easy if you know what to look for in them. Here are a few things to look for when you are shopping for baby pillows.

  • Consider the age of your child – Babies grow really fast. The body of a two-year-old will be significantly bigger than that of a one-year-old. This means you should consider the age of your kid in order to find the right size for the pillow. If the pillow is too small or too large, it is not going to be comfortable for the child to sleep on.
  • Know your child’s allergies – Some pillow fillings can induce allergies. Furthermore, kids tend to show allergic reactions more than adults. Some kids are even allergic to wool and feathers. Therefore, make sure that the material of the pillow you are buying does not contain any allergen on the outside or the inside.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – A lot of things parents buy for their children end up unused. If the child does not like the pillow, the same can happen with it as well. But there is no way to make sure that your kid will like the pillow before purchasing. So, the only way is to buy a pillow that offers a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Soft vs Firm pillows – It might be tempting to go for the softest pillow out there. But in reality, the softest pillow might not be the most comfortable one. If the pillow is too soft, it might not offer enough support for the head. Try to strike the right balance between the softness and support of the pillow.

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Question & Answer

Why shouldn’t you give a regular pillow to your toddler?

Some people might wonder why they have to get a child travel pillow instead of using a regular one. In fact, the reason why you shouldn’t give a regular pillow to your toddler is pretty obvious. Those pillows are designed with the body of adults in mind. For toddlers, regular pillows are going to be too large. As the reason for giving them the support of a pillow is to provide comfort, using a regular pillow is not the right way to go. In some cases, regular pillows can cause discomfort for the baby and may lead to strain and even neck pain.

Do you need a pillowcase for child travel pillows?

There are plenty of reasons to put a pillowcase over baby travel pillows. For one thing, it is much easier to wash the pillowcase than the pillow. As kids tend to dirty the pillows very often, it is helpful having a protective cover over the pillows to make your work a little easier. Furthermore, it will be more comfortable to sleep on the pillow with a pillowcase. The pillow’s surface need not be necessarily smooth with a comfortable texture. In that case, pillowcases can prevent irritation and discomfort for your child.

Can you put a child travel pillow in the washing machine?

Toddlers are experts at making a mess. So, washing is something that you will have to do often to keep your kid’s pillow free from dirt and to prevent bad odours. Being able to put the pillow in a washer will make it a lot easier to clean them than if you were to wash them with your hands. The good news is that most pillows are machine washable. However, pillows tend to float on top of the water. So, if you put the pillow in a top load washing machine, it will float on the top and won’t get cleaned very much. Front-load washing machines can solve this problem.

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