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Alright, you are now able to produce milk for your baby. So, is it time to consider getting a breast pump? Well, there are several reasons why breastfeeding mums might want to use a breast pump. However, the choices can get overwhelming in the beginning. If you’re a first-time mom, it will be challenging to know what you will need in the process. But in the right direction, you will find the right breast pump that will suit your needs.

The amount of milk that you need to express for your child and how often you should use the breast pump will depend. To make things easier, you can extract while your baby feeds. Remember, your milk production will increase through time as your child grows and drinks more of your liquid gold. As a result, you’ll have a hard time pumping. Therefore, you can try drawing milk from each breast for a good 15 minutes. Also, you can make your liquid flow smoothly by keeping yourself relaxed or putting a warm compress on your bosoms. Finding a quiet space where you can massage your breasts and keep hydrated will also do you good. Well, above all of this, you need to have a good breast pump. We’ve listed below a few popular types that the new age mums favour the most.

The different types of breast pumps

From electrical to the manual, you’ll find several styles, types, and brands of breast pump on the market these days. However, before you explore their types, you need to know why many women want a breast pump for themselves. Well, one of the primary reasons is that mums usually want to get back to work soon. In many cases, you may have to pump milk for more than one baby. Also, sometimes you may have to be away from your baby for quite a while. These are just some common reasons for mothers who are opting to use a breast pump. Therefore, if you want to keep a good supply of milk for your little one or let a family member feed your munchkin, you need to have a good breast pump. Check out a few below.

The manual breast pump

Just like any other manual product, a manual breast pump is a device that you can operate with your hands. You usually hold the device in place with one hand and pump the milk with your other hand. Typically, you may need to squeeze a trigger button or slide a cylinder back and forth. This creates a suction action and helps remove milk from your breasts. The pumps typically are small and inexpensive, and you can easily store them while you’re travelling. That’s why they work well for short-term or occasional pumping. However, if you are a mum who intends to pump often, then using this manual breast pump might not be feasible for you.

The electric breast pump

Well, unlike the manual breast pumps, you can use these electrical pumps for a longer period. In other words, the electric pumps will give you the best results if you pump your liquid gold very often. That’s because the electrical breast pumps are much more efficient and powerful than the others. That’s why you can use them to maintain, establish and increase your milk supply. These powerful pumps save you a lot of time. Besides, you can easily plug them into standard wall outlets and pump milk from your bosoms. Further, you can find both single and double electrical pumps out there in the market. However, remember that if it is large, the device may require more power and a few extra pounds too.

The battery-operated Medela breast pump

A battery-operated breast pump is indeed a perfect choice over the manual ones, particularly if you only need to pump once a day or less than that. The pumps usually aren’t strong enough to stimulate milk production or maintain a good milk supply. Therefore, you will need to still put your baby to your breast for most feedings. However, one of the best advantages of these pumps is that they are usually light to carry, small, and easy to use. But remember that you might need to replace the batteries quite often if you’re a regular user. And replacing the batteries often will cost you a lot. Moreover, you also need to keep extra batteries on hand, in case you need them, particularly if you’re travelling.

The hands-free spectra breast pump

Also known as wearable pumps, you can easily fit these breast pumps inside your bra or any other t-shirt and extract milk. With such a feature, you can use them while you’re on the go. However, remember that they are much costlier than the other pumps out there in the market. That’s because they are one of the best breast pumps that are discreet and quiet. Also, the kind of convenience they offer is worth the price. Also, note that your insurance provider may not cover the cost of a hands-free pump if at all you’re getting it through insurance. By the way, try using a double electric pump along with the hands-free bra. This will be comparatively less expensive.

Tips on how to buy Breast Pumps online

You see, before you randomly pick any breast pumps for yourself on a friend’s recommendation, remember that you both might be looking out for different features. All of us have different bodies, different features, and various requirements. That’s why it is essential to consider a few common and essential factors before you buy a pumping machine for breast milk. Below we’ve listed those vital elements that you must keep in mind while you set out for the breast pump online purchase.

  • Consider the milk volume – Well, the first and critical step is to consider the amount of milk you produce. If your bosoms produce milk in Niagara falls style, then you need to pick a pump to cope with your heavy usage. That’s because many a time, you’ll find pumps that are ideal for occasional use only. However, some can handle many pumping sessions per day. Therefore, knowing your body well will help.
  • Explore the types – Once you know how much your body produces, you can check out the ideal models for yourself. You’ll find several types of breast pumps out there. Some are electric, while some are manual. You could go for double pumps if you want to save time and pump both your breasts at a time. Therefore, understand and know their types first to pick the perfect one online.
  • Check out the portability – Mum, who wants to go back to work soon after childbirth, must go for a portable breast pump. This enables you to express milk during lunch breaks. Portability is also an essential factor to consider if you travel a lot. Therefore, make sure that the pumps you buy are lightweight and easy to carry and store.
  • Go for adjustable suction – Remember, every woman’s body is beautifully different. Therefore, the same amount of suction doesn’t work for every mom. Thus, it is better to look for a pump with adjustable suction. Make sure that the model comes with a personal touch and that mimics the strength of your baby’s nursing. It shouldn’t be too stronger than that.
  • Check out the power source – It is best if you do not depend solely on an outlet. You could buy pumps that operate on the battery source. This way, you can use them even when you have blackouts. If you have money to burn, you can consider getting a manual pump on hand for emergencies. In fact, having an optional battery power pump or adapter for your pump gives you more freedom to use them.
  • Look out for cleaning methods – Buying a pump might now look a little easy for you but remember that with all the milking, they tend to get dirty soon. Therefore, you need to clean them often. Hence, it makes sure that you pick a model that isn’t too complicated to clean. Also, check for their materials before you clean them.
  • Check out the cost – Indeed, you would want to stick to your budget. However, if you buy something that’s very cheap, you’ll end up compromising the quality. This eventually will give you faulty devices. If that happens, you’ll have to buy another one. Therefore, it is best to spend a few extra bucks and get a quality one instead of spending too much on replacing them often.

Breastfeeding is a vital part of your child’s growth and development, and the right pump can make a huge difference. Whether you are occasionally pumping or multiple times a day, you should get yourself a good quality pump. We hope with the above assistance, you can get your perfect breast pumps without much hassle. Check out our baby & toddler category for more product selections.

Question & Answer

How to clean a baby breast pump?

With all the milk, the breast pumps are a breeding ground for germs. So, you need to clean them often to make sure you maintain adequate hygiene. However, you need to rinse each piece of the breast pump that comes in contact with the breast milk. Thus, choose to wash it with cool water after you are done pumping. It is suggested to wash each piece of the pump separately with the help of liquid dishwashing soap and warm water. And keep it rinsing for 10-15 seconds. You can also lightly brush the pump parts to clean them properly. Ultimately, rinse them well and air dry.

How much breast pump will cost?

You must’ve already gathered by now that there are several types of breast pumps out there on the market. Each comes with different features and functionalities. As a result, you’ll find them at various price points too. For instance, the single manually operated breast pumps will cost you very little, approximately around AED 50-100. While double and electrical pumps are a little expensive. So, in all, the cost depends hugely on the functionalities of the breast pump. Invest in one as per your needs.

How do you use a baby breast pump?

Typically, you’ll find two major types of breast pumps, one that you can operate manually and the other electrical one—each function in a different way. For instance, in the case of a manual pump, you have to use your hands manually to pump the milk. However, it comes to electrical ones, all you have to do is to plug the power source and attach the pump shields to your bosoms. There are different ways to use different types of pumps. You will also find instructions on the pump packaging itself mostly. So, follow them for effective use.

What is the best baby breast pump?

While you seek to buy breast pumps online, you might get a lot of choices in it. There are multi-user pumps that take 10-15 minutes to refill, and it’s durable. At the same time, single-user pumps take 15-20 minutes to refill, and it’s portable. Electric pumps are wearable and used hands-free. So, the quality of these products is the main thing to focus on when it comes to all baby products, and breast pumps aren’t an exception. Therefore, make sure that you buy a breast milk pump online that is of good quality. Check out brands like Medela, Hakka, Philips Avent, Tommee Tippee, Lansinoh, Chicco, Suavinex, The First Years, Disney, Generic, Nuby, Nuk, and many more. They bring to you a wide selection of quality breast pumps online that fits within your budget.

Where to buy a cheap breast pump online in UAE?

Online shopping is the best way to shop for your little one’s stuff. You get lots of offers and deals at every shopping festival. Besides, you scroll through the mind-boggling collection of products from renowned brands. So, if you are seeking such an online platform to enjoy such benefits, then browse Be it the Avent breast pump or the Medela mini electric breast pump; you’ll find all that here. Our product search engine offers you an exclusive range of breast pump selections that displays both quality and efficiency. And of course, you can also explore an extensive collection of electric breast pumps in Dubai from top-rated brands.