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As a parent, you must have witnessed how playful your child is when he’s in a playpen. You can pretty much consider it the safest option since the baby doesn’t need to be paid attention to at that time. Once he is in it, it does a good deal in keeping him safe and engaged.  

Moreover, if the child also falls asleep, they can be left in the playpen – undisturbed for a while. This way, you can wait until he is deep in sleep and then carry him to the bed. Today, parents have a ton of options when it comes to choosing the right one. Its size, features, material, versatility, foldable choice and convenience to name a few. Furthermore, travelling gets more comfortable when you have it. You can easily set it up at someone’s place, and your baby will feel as he/she is home. It also eliminates the need to watch over your baby & toddler regularly. If you have a playpen with higher walls, you can leave your munchkin in for longer without worries. 

Choosing the best playpen for your toddler 

Due to its many advantages, a lot of parents adore a playpen. It gives the child his own space and keeps the parents worry-free. Not a new concept, the baby pen has been around since as long as we can remember. However, it is only in recent times that it has seen a transformation. Today, you can find a playpen in different colours, shapes, designs and accessories. All of this can go a long way in making sure your baby likes it, and he’s comfortable. Foldable and easy to transport pens are another great boon. They’re lovely for parents who travel frequently and worry about the baby not being able to adjust well. 


The baby playpen should be spacious. However, this factor depends on how old your baby is. Also, ensure that it is comfortable. One with metallic rods may perhaps not be the best one for a small baby. However, you will need it for a slightly older child since fibre/cloth partitions may not be able to contain him inside. Also, see if you can fit some of his toys inside and it should still leave a decent amount of room for the baby to move. For those with a compact home, you can easily have the pen in the balcony or garden, given it is partially covered. This is perfect when you need to enjoy some breakfast, and your baby can accompany you. 


Once your baby is in it, secure the sides and keep it close to where you’re seated or working. Over time, you’ll be able to notice the pros and cons of the pen. While no baby product is perfect, you can use your creativity to make the cons better. If your baby is old enough that he can climb out of the pen, using an extra shield to avoid this is a good idea. You should also be able to judge if the baby likes the pen. Some of them can be too compact or too open or have some other issues. Judge the baby’s behaviour and discontinue using if he won’t adjust even after a few weeks. 


Irrespective of whether you’re someone who travels a lot with your baby or not, a baby playard should be travel-friendly. It should be flexible and fit comfortably in your car seat. This is because as your baby get comfortable in it, you will begin to realise that you need it more than you assumed. Thus, sometimes you may have to travel along with the playpen too. It should also be easy to store in the car. It is especially significant if you’re taking your child to a new space like someone’s home. The playpen often reminds them of their comfort space at home, and they stay happy and content in it.  


Another important aspect while considering the pen is if the mattress/fabric within can be washed. A lot of baby pens have the option of removing the internal material for washes. Some parents tend to feed babies while they’re in pen. At times, travelling and using it in other places also catches dust and dirt. Thus, regular cleaning cycles are a must as your baby tends to use it for a long time through the day. It helps to get one which is easy to wash. Always read the instructions on the pen before you begin cleaning it. Due to their layout, most of them are not built for machine cycles. In this case, hand washing it gently works well. 

Tips to ensure the safety of your baby while using the playpen 

Parents often love and recommend the playpen because of the ease it gives them to do other tasks. Babies get attached to them almost instantly, and they’re a delight to use and travel. It also helps them to feel more comfortable with their own company. Here, you can also prepare the child for leaving him on his own and not having to be around constantly. Here are a few tips to make sure the pen is safe when you use it. 

  • Keep a watch in the beginning – While first introducing a child to the pen, always stay close and do your tasks. It is still a risk with new things and to figure out how your child reacts to it is best by observing.  
  • Don’t leave a sleeping child inside – Never let a baby less than six months fall asleep in a playpen. If he/she ends up falling asleep while inside, always take them out and put them in their crib/cot. Since a playpen is directly on the ground, sleeping this way increases the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). This is a growing cause of death in children less than a year old. Always ensure that kids have a small pillow to support their heads and comfortable bedding. Lying flat may sometimes cause choking on their saliva while in their sleep.
  • Ensure it is safe – Confirm the playpen is baby-friendly. Check for any edges that may be sharp or rough and seal them. Dust the area frequently to eliminate any hygiene issues and ensure meals happens outside of it. This prevents food from falling within and attracting insects. 
  • Supervise playtime when they’re babies – For playpens that are at a lower height, never string toys on the rails. The toys may cause the child to stumble and fall while trying to reach out to them. Place toys in the centre and put your child inside. Keep an eye out when they’re small. 
  • Don’t leave them alone in the room – Always have it put in place from where it is easy for you to spot the baby. Avoid going them playing alone in the hall when you’re in another room. 
With a few easy tips and tricks, you’ll begin to love the playpen. However, no matter how comfortable your baby gets in it, always have them in the same room and keep frequently checking while you’re engaged in chores. This is especially very important for younger kids. They can very easily get over the playpen and move around to risky places in the house. Once they’re old enough, avoid using the playpen very frequently. 

Question & Answer

Which is the right way to store a baby playard?

It is essential to store your playpen well when not in use or while travelling. Since the size is slightly different than regular mattresses or baby toys, good pack n play bags are something that you should invest in for safekeeping. The bag should be able to take the weight of the pack n play effectively. The playpen should be light-weight and compact for travelling and fit in your car. It should be easy to use, and the small pack n play should be compact. Make sure it is durable, and a portable playpen should allow ease of carrying.

What can you do with the playpen when your child no longer uses it? 

Use the playpen as an area for your child to read or study. Or keep the playpen in the bedroom, kids’ room, or open space like your garden or balcony where he/she can spend time. If you have a treehouse, there will be nothing better than putting up a travel playpen inside it so your kid can continue using it. It will also act as an additional safety measure. You can use your playpen for both young kids and older kids too, whereas they cannot climb out of it. If you’re out of ways, try to donate it to someone who will be able to use it for their children.

How can you take care of cheap playpens for babies?

Open and place it in an area that is clean and dry. Moisture can be harmful to the playpen – be it of wooden or metal make and should be strictly avoided. Also, always clean with a slightly damp cloth (metal) or a dry cloth (wood). For a playpen with a bassinet, wipe the surface of the playpen at least once a week and if possible. Run a small vacuum cleaner along the sides and inside the playpen to get rid of any dust or small particles. Apart from cleaning the playpen, this is also very important for the health of your baby. The baby pack and play should also be dusted, washed, or vacuumed before use. For the best options, you can check out, a fantastic UAE search engine. When it comes to brands Graco, Chicco, Laura Ashley, Fisher-Price, Thomas & Friends, Hasbro, Olli Ella, Baby Trend, Cosco, Summer Infant and Joovy are great choices. They are available in online stores such as Mamas & Papas, Sprii, and many more.