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About Bottle Warmers

You can confidently consider bottle warmers as the most brilliant invention for babies. However, with the several varieties out in the market, choosing the one that will best meet your needs can be a challenge. We understand how difficult it is to get caught up in a dilemma when buying something for your baby, so we’d love to help.

Why don’t we start with understanding why exactly do these smart pieces play a crucial role in your child’s development? Apart from the fact that your babies are used to milk that is at room temperature, these warmers keep the milk at a constant temperature and enable you to use your time wisely. Another reason why this tool is necessary for breastfeeding is that it keeps the milk warm all the way through and preserve nutrients and vitamins. Above all, the beauty of this tool is that it’s exceptionally functional when you’re on vacation. There are several options to select from so you can rest assured that there’s something that will suit your situation. So, why don’t we explore a few of their significant types?

The various types of bottle warmers to choose from

The primary difference between most warmers is that some use steam and other use baths of hot water to warm the milk. Steam is much faster. However, you could easily scald your baby if you aren’t careful. Apparently, water baths warm the milk more gently. But they take a lot longer than the steam to do this. Besides that, you could plug-in in most bottle warmers that you can place on your kitchen counter. However, you’ll also find a few non-electric styles and the ones that operate on batteries. Well, you can call them as on-the-go style as you can use them anywhere. As you can see, there are several varieties of bottle warmers out there. Let’s have a look at the few popular ones among them, that parent favours the most.

The Dr Brown bottle warmer

The warmers from Dr Brown uses a water chamber that heats multiple bottles before you can refill the device. You can warm both standard and wide neck bottles, as well as baby food jars in this device. The warmer comes with a control panel that you can easily operate. Additionally, you’ll also find an audible alarm that lets you know when a bottle has finished warming. Besides, you will appreciate the one-button start function, mainly if you aren’t a tech-savvy parent. Moreover, there’s also a memory function that you can use to set your preferred heating time. This function is mainly useful for those parents who always use the same bottle size straight from the refrigerator.

The first years bottle warmer

These unique warmers come with a compact design that has a measuring vial. You can use this for each warm-up and then pour it into the warmer. Moreover, you can use the unit itself for almost any baby-related container such as jars, bottles, and more. You just have to match the water level with the size and content of the container you want to heat up. Apart from that, their sleek and compact design takes up very little space. This way, it won’t ruin your kitchen or baby room aesthetics. However, the device does require a little time and effort to coordinate the amount of water with your need. This can bother many parents. But one solution is that you can prefill the vial. Moreover, the one-touch start is handy.

The high-speed Munchkin bottle warmer for car

This is another unit with a compact design, but that’s extraordinarily powerful. The powerful motor quickly warms up the bottles. Not only that, its unique design keeps the heat inside and around the bottle instead of escaping. Moreover, its sleek and compact design does not take up much of your kitchen counter space. However, the time for warming up the bottle depends on how much and how cold the milk is. But, regardless of that, you can have a warm bottle in 90 seconds. Apart from that, the vial usually comes with clear markings that help you to see how much water you’ve poured. But, remember the device requires a wall power outlet to work.

The Tommee Tippee bottle warmer travel

Are you an on-the-go mamma? Well, then buy a travel bottle warmer with batteries. This thermos design perfectly fits in for the on the go parents. The bottle warmer from Tommee Tippee keeps water warm for several hours. Moreover, it is also a reservoir that helps you pop the bottle to warm it up. Although you use only hot water, the thermos keeps your bottle very warm, and it does this quickly too. The unit comes in stainless steel and plastic materials. One of the best features of this unit is that you do not require electricity to run it. Now, this makes it a perfect car bottle warmer. Also, note the plastic is BPA-free, and you can securely fasten the lids so that you will not have any spills when travelling.

The Philip Avent bottle warmer

In our opinion, the Avent bottle warmers get high marks. That’s because it comes with a design that heats the milk gently and uniformly. Though not the fastest, the unit heats a bottle steadily and avoids creating hot spots or scalding the milk outside the baby bottles. When it comes to timing, you can heat 5 ounces of milk in 3 minutes. The unit ensures that the water in it circulates properly and heats the milk throughout evenly. Some models also come with a separate defrosting setting. This function is more useful for heating frozen milk when compared to other models. Plus, you can use this on most sizes and shapes of bottles. You just need to add water and turn the dial.

Tips on how to buy Bottle Warmers online

If you want effortless feeding times, then do not just pick the first bottle that comes across you. Remember, technological developments have empowered many manufacturers across the globe to add features that make the bottle warmers handy. We’ve compiled those significant features that you need to keep in mind while you head out to buy a baby bottle warmer online in Dubai. Read through these features and tips and see what applies to your lifestyle.

  • Consider the versatility – Apparently, your bottle warmer will not be of much use if your bottles do not fit in the unit. Therefore, you need to make sure that the unit is versatile and fits in several different sizes of bottles.
  • Assess the efficiency – Make sure you pick the bottle warmers that make your life easier, and not frustrating. That is, your warmer must warm your bottle quickly and consistently. Indeed, the weighting game isn’t fun for you or the baby.
  • Check out the ease of use – Speaking of making life more comfortable, no exhausted mom wants to fiddle with a complicated machine in the middle of the night. Therefore, you must select a bottle warmer that you can easily use with simple instructions. Well, complex operations will undoubtedly drive you nuts.
  • Consider safety – Nothing is as important as safety. You must always look out for safety features in a bottle warmer. For instance, some warmers come with auto shut-off feature, in case you forget to hit the switch of a button. In short, you must be able to leave your machine without any worry.
  • Size – Always remember to have a compatible size of the unit. This will primarily reduce the mess or cluster. Also, note if you intend to warm jars or any other vessels, make sure you get the right unit that’ll fit in all your items.

Well, there you have it. There’s nothing else we haven’t mentioned. As a bottom line, we would like to suggest that purchasing a high-quality bottle warmer highly determines the health of your baby. Using a poor quality bottle warmer may put your baby’s health in jeopardy. We hope the above tips will help you pick out the right bottle warmer for your baby & toddler here on our product search engine .

Question & Answer

How to use bottle warmer Tommee Tippee?

You can easily use the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer, or for that matter any bottle warmers. In other words, you need not be a tech-savvy parent to use them. Initially, check the label on the base of the unit and make sure that the warmer is voltage compatible. Also, add water before you switch on the warmer. For larger bottles, pour in 12mm of water, whereas for smaller ones 10mm. Now plug in the warmer, switch it on and heat the bottle warmer. Remember, how long you heat the bottle depends on the size and quantity of the contents.

Can you use a bottle warmer for formula?

Yes, you can heat the formula milk for your baby in the bottle warmer. However, it is best not to heat the bottle if you’ve made the formula earlier in the day. We advise you to mix a fresh formula for each feed. In fact, bacteria will slowly develop even if you store the formula milk in the fridge. Also, make sure that the bottle you warm-up comes in BPA-free materials. The hygiene steps you follow plus the products you use heavily affect the overall sanity of the child. You may research these practices more or when it is time to follow the steps, you will eventually get to know better. Motherly instincts matter the most here.

What bottle warmer works with Comotomo?

Comotomo bottles are unique when it comes to their design, shape, and materials. Unlike many other bottles, these bottles come in pure silicone. This feature allows you to squeeze them, just like natural breasts easily. However, remember that silicone materials take longer to heat up than other materials. Of course, using a microwave isn’t an excellent option to speed up the process because it destroys the nutrients in breast milk. However, particular bottle warmers are the best fit for these bottles. Munchkin high-speed bottle warmers, Philips Avent warmers, Tommee Tippee, Boon Orb, are some of the popular ones.

What’s the best bottle warmer for breastmilk?

You’ll find several types of bottle warmers out there in the online marketplace. However, brands like BABY PLUS, Babymoov, Canpol Babies, Chicco, Dr Brown’s, Farlin, Milton, Philips Avent, Pigeon, Tommee Tippee, and Nuby bring to you a marvellous collection of sleek and stylish bottle warmers that are not only excellent in terms of features and functions but also stands high when it comes to the ease of use. Ideally, the warmers from all of these brands are best for heating breastmilk. You can explore these brands keeping your purpose in mind so you end with the right product.