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Your infant hasn’t fully developed his immune system yet and would still be fragile, especially in the first year. So, he will be susceptible to illnesses and infections that he may easily contract. That’s why preparing clean bottles for your baby using bottle sterilisers is crucial to his health and safety. Read on to know the reasons why you should sterilise your child’s bottles and how to sanitise them. 

While it isn’t necessary to sterilise your infant’s containers, plenty of mothers still do it to keep their worries at bay. There are plenty of bacteria just floating at home daily. But when you disinfect your child’s feeding containers using a bottle steriliser, you eliminate the number of germs that will come into contact with your little one. You’ll be assured that by using the bottle steriliser, no viruses, bacteria and parasites will make your child ill. What’s next? You don’t need to do anything, as you can always keep your clean bottles and parts inside the equipment. Well, now you see why using these bottle sterilisers is highly beneficial for your kids. In this article, we shall cover all that you need to know about these smart gadgets. Let’s start by exploring their types first. 

The different types of baby milk bottle sterilisers

Before you start shopping for the top baby bottle sterilisers online, it is crucial to understand what exactly is sterilising. Indeed, washing a bottle at home with soap and water after feeding is excellent for cleaning. However, this will not get rid of the germs and bacteria the way sterilising does. To ensure that you have a fully sterilise bottle, you need to boil the bottle for five minutes or pop it into the dishwasher that has a hot-water function. Ideally, there are a few different types of sterilisers – electric steam, microwave steam, and UV light, to name a few. Apart from this, you’ll find a variety of models from various brands that come with additional features. Let’s have a look at them. 

The electric steam Tommee Tippee steriliser 

Do you think cleaning five bottles in five minutes is impossible? Well, it’s about time that you change that notion with the bottle sterilisers from Tommee Tippee. Well, surely it is the speed and efficiency that these bottles are famous for, but there are plenty of other features in line worthy of praise. Apart from zapping away 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria, this steriliser keeps things sterile for a full 24 hours. However, make sure that you close the lid of the machine to achieve the desired results. And how exactly does it do it? Well, you can simply switch on the steriliser in the night and wake up to sparkling bottles. Also, despite the fact that it can hold many bottles at a time, the compact design saves a lot of space. 

The efficient microwave Philips Avent steriliser 

Only a parent knows, how difficult it is to handle the tantrums of a hungry baby. In other words, you can quickly move to a meltdown, if you have a hungry baby in your hand with zero bottles ready. Well, this microwave bottle steriliser from Philips Avent comes to the rescue in such dire situations. It provides you with a sterile container in just two minutes flat. Indeed, one of the fastest sterilisation times as compared to the others. And yes! It still eradicates 99.9 per cent of germs and bacteria. Apart from that, this bottle sanitiser is also lightweight. Additionally, you can transport them easily because of their compact size. Well, it does certainly prove that not all heroes wear capes. 

The electric steam steriliser for baby bottles 

What do you do if you have multiple little munchkins? Well, the parent of multiples has multiple reasons for having a quality bottle steriliser. Quite often, multiples are born premature, making them highly vulnerable to infections. This calls for a strict reason to have quality bottle sterilisers. Well, this is when the electric steam steriliser specifically designed for multiples comes in handy. Their special features are ever ready to take on all those bottles, including the dirty pacifiers, teethers, toys, and nipples. By the way, they do this all in one swoop. Quite a few of the models designed for multiples hold up to eleven bottles and parts at a time. It takes about eight minutes to clean them and dries in 40. 

The stylish feeding bottle steriliser  

Let’s be honest: baby gear isn’t always the prettiest thing to look for. So, when a device combines both style and high functionality in its design, you cannot help but drool. Well, that’s how we feel about the stylish one-step bottle steriliser from Baby Brezza. Just like the name, the device both dries and sterilises bottles of any size and other small parts. Many of the models primarily come with four basic functions – sterilise only, dry only, sterilise and dry, or plain storage. Furthermore, the manufacturers have pushed themselves to give it a design that doesn’t feel like an eyesore. Therefore, with their contemporary look, you certainly wouldn’t mind placing them on your countertop. 


Tips on how to buy Bottle Sterilisers online

Indeed, you now know their types. But, we’re sure that many of you would have felt a bit lost by now. Well, we agree that it isn’t an easy task to buy feeding bottle sterilisers online in UAE. However, this need not be the case, if you take extra care while buying the baby bottle steriliser in Dubai. Well, you can do this by considering a few important factors that determine the efficiency of the bottle sterilisers. We’ve listed below those critical tips to consider.

  • The ease of use  – There are many different types of bottle sterilisers, and each of them come with specific functions. However, it is always better to choose one that’s easy to use. Typically, electric baby bottle sterilisers are very easy to operate. Don’t get flustered if you find yourself perplexed over the user instructions or the buttons on the device. There’s a wide array of options out there, that’ll be following your preference.
  • The size  – Indeed, the sterilisers must be able to cater to your needs. If you’re among those mothers who breastfeed and use bottles only when you go out, then you’ll need only small units. As you’ll have only a few bottles to sterilise. Apart from that, you also need to consider your space. As bigger ones might not fit in if you have less space on your counter. Therefore, it is always better to check out the size of the sterilising unit before you buy these baby bottle steriliser machines.
  • The capacity  – Just like the size; you also need to consider the capacity of the unit. If you feed your baby formula milk, you’ll have more bottles. And you might take a whole day to sterilise them if you have a very small unit. In such cases, a large size unit will come in handy. That’s because you’ll be able to sterilise more bottles at one go. This way you’ll have cleaner bottles handy when your baby has hunger tantrums.
  • The cost  – The price aspect is of fundamental importance if budgetary constraints mar you. You must’ve pretty much gathered by now, that there are several types of sterilising units out there in the market. Also, each of them come with unique features, functions, and design. For this reason, you’ll find them at different price points too. In general, microwave sterilisers are affordable in contrast to the other types.
  • The drying ability – Drying your bottles is very important after you sterilise them. That’s because a wet bottle is a breeding ground for many bacteria and germs. That’s why it is imperative to assess the drying capacity of the steriliser.
  • The space in your kitchen – It is always essential to assess the space in your kitchen before you purchase any kind of sterilising unit. Well, you do not want a humongous looking unit on your countertop if you have limited space. However, you could certainly go for a big unit if you have ample space. Microwave sterilising units can be put away in the cabinet and then pulled back out if required. However, units like electric sterilisers will need you to have some space on your kitchen counter.

Convenience, efficiency, overall size, and design are important factors too. But, at the end of the day, all you need to have is the sparkling clean bottles to help keep your baby, happy, healthy and safe. We hope the above tips and tricks will guide you in the direction and help you buy the perfect bottle sterilisers.

Question & Answer

Is baby bottle steriliser necessary?

Bacteria and germs can grow quickly, especially if you are adding breast milk formula to the bottle that you haven’t cleaned well. Forgetting to clean your baby’s bottle properly may lead to various health issues such as diarrhoea, upset tummy, and of course, an unhappy mother. Therefore, sterilising your baby gear is imperative. Because this can add a step that can help kill more bacteria than traditional cleaning.

Can baby bottles be sterilised in a dishwasher?

A dishwasher is a trusted unit to clean all your dishes squeaky clean. Because it uses high-temperature water, detergent and pressure to clean your utensils, some even have a ‘sanitise’ function that offers a deeper cleaning. However, note that the dishwashers do not typically function for sterilising items within them. Therefore, it is best to opt for specific baby bottle sterilisers to get good cleaning results for your baby bottles.

How to use a baby bottle steriliser?

You’ll several types of sterilisers, however, there are only three primary ones, namely – electric, microwave, and UV. Each of them have different operational methods pertaining to its features and functions. You just need to simply follow the instruction of the manual. However, you could also sterilise the bottles with boiling water, in the microwave, with bleach, or use purifying tablets. All of them are effective, provided you correctly perform them.

Which baby bottle steriliser is the best?

Brands like Chicco, Nuk, Pigeon, Nuby, Mothercare, Philips AVENT, Tommee Tippee, Dr Brown’s, Munchkin, Milton, and Baby Brezza offer some of the best baby bottle sterilisers online. Not only do the products from these brands offer you a stylish design but they also come with high efficiency and premium features. Above all, you get them all at affordable prices, especially when you shop the steriliser for sale from these brands.

Where to buy baby bottle steriliser?

What if we tell you that you could buy sterilisers from all the top brands, and online stores on a single superfast platform? Well, is ‘the’ place to online shop your favourite products from your loved brands. Not only you can browse through a wide range of products, but also compare their prices from various brands only on our product search engine. What’s more, you get to explore a plethora of baby bottle steriliser and dryer in Dubai and buy baby bottle steriliser on sale in UAE from more than 500 online stores online.

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