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Isn’t it the best feeling when your child learns to ride his first bike? It gets even better if you were his teacher! These small memories are things that kids and parents cherish throughout their lives. While it can take a while for your little one to get the hang of it, it’s the journey that matters. And bicycle seat accessories play a huge part in this.

Learning to ride a bike may take a few falls and even a trick or two to get it right initially. To make riding easy, plenty of riding gear options are available that make the process faster. Plus, there are several easy to ride bicycles with support, bicycle seat accessories etc. to safeguard your child while learning. You can keep adding to this list to make his experience better. Accessories like a baby bike seat, training wheels, rain covers for harsh weathers etc. will pique his interest and keep up the training sessions. You may want to keep up with the consistency though. Don’t do it for a couple of days and then forget about it. Proper training for a minimum of two to three weeks will work out well.

Factors to keep in mind while teaching bicycle riding to your little one

Begin by investing in a good bicycle, a toddler bike seat, and bike seat accessories. Let your kid try on a few and see if his legs reach the ground so he can support himself. Also, check the make, safety measures, and convenience for storing it in the garage/house. For safety reasons, bicycle seat accessories are another essential part. Make sure the bike has one that offers comfort and ample space for seating. There is a special child bike seat that some places sell that is easy for kids and flexible too. Before you decide, read enough child bike seat reviews online to get a fair idea. Always ensure you consider your child viewpoints and considerations before making a choice.

Safety first

Focus on the right bicycle, child bike seat, and proper training wheels. The bicycle child seat accessories play a significant role in making bike-riding easy and comfortable for your child. Of course, with these in place, the element of learning to ride gets easier. The toddler bike seat or child bike seat should be the right size for your child, and the training wheels should support the movement. Teach your kid the proper practices to ensure safety right from the beginning. Take a few minutes out at the start of each lesson and show them how the accessories are to be used. Once kids get used to something, they will invariably do it each time they ride.

Road signals

Teaching your child about some common rode signals is the next step. Help him to identify ‘STOP’ and ‘GO’ signs on roads and follow specific riding rules. Another good option is to have them sit on the seat beside you while in the car so you can teach them basic road rules. Honk, stop, wait, allow people on zebra crossing to move, slowing down at turns, etc. Moral safety rules are one of the first steps in teaching a lifetime of following and observing rules and guidelines. Remember that children learn by watching, so it’s an excellent option to do it yourself first.


Follow up on the bike maintenance schedules from time to time and introduce it to your child too. Teach them how to identify a flat tire, taking care of the bicycle baby seat, issues with breaks, oiling and so on. It is highly recommended to have fortnightly cleaning and maintenance timetables to make sure the bike works flawlessly. A young child may not be able to identify issues in his/her bike. But as they grow older, teach them how to check some basic things each time they plan to ride the bike. This again is helpful by learning, so practise doing it yourself when you start from home.

Company helps

Another good idea when your child is comfortable in riding on his own is to ensure other kids accompany him. Try setting up a time every day when the kids in your neighbourhood can meet up and cycle for a while. When in a group, kids tend to stick together and look out for each other, making the experience both enjoyable and safe. For starters, you can ask them to ride in your backyard first. They can share things on how to get better and enjoy the company as well. However, ensure they focus and avoid distractions when in a group. Other parents can also tag along to see how they’re doing. Everyone can take turn to have a group of kids in their backyards and see to them.

Tips on how to buy Bike Accessories for your toddler 

Accessories add to the safety of your child’s bike. Plus, they also push him to keep riding the bike. Feel free to choose them as per your kid’s preferences. You can choose the accessories that they like. This pushes them to wear it while rising. It is a good idea to take them along when shopping for accessories. Or ask them to come and take a look when you’re choosing them online. Here are some of the basic ones to focus on.

  • Helmet – Apart from being an accessory, it is pretty much a necessity for a kid to wear it in the learning process and later too. Go for a sturdy yet lightweight helmet that is comfortable for your kid. It shouldn’t be too large or small for them and should cover their entire head adequately.
  • Rain cover – This one will make riding the bike in monsoons easier. The rain cover should be large enough to cover the bicycle baby seat completely, yet not too large that it poses as an obstruction while riding. The material should be thick and capable of resisting water. For young children who have just begun learning, riding in the rains should be best avoided. For those who can ride on their own too, should always be accompanied by an adult in the monsoons.
  • Cycling shorts – Ensuring your child has the right clothing on is a significant factor too. Cycling shorts provide accessible seating and avoid friction. Pair these with a comfortable T-shirt made of breathable fabric like cotton, and he/she is good to go!
  • Knee and elbow pads – For the numerous times that a kid might fall off the bike during and even after training, pads are mandatory to prevent serious injuries. Wrap the pads securely on their elbow or knees before every riding session.
  • Training wheels – Vital for beginners, training wheels help in building up the confidence level of kids and can later be eliminated. Go for ones that are of the same make as the bike (preferably) since they offer the best fit.
  • First aid kit – Often one that is missed out, ensure you always keep a small bag near the baby bike seat with bandages, an antiseptic, muscle spray and a mild painkiller.
    Horn – If your kids’ bicycle doesn’t have one, you can get one at a sports store. Fit this onto the bike and teach them how to use it.

With a little consistency, your child will be able to use accessories on his own. Teach them the purpose of each one, and he’ll never ride without it. It is a good thing to not burden them with too many. Set out the most essential ones like arm and knee pads and the helmet. Once they get comfortable with them, you can ask them to add the other ones. Adding too many at once can push them off and cause them to lose interest in riding. Explore our Baby & Toddler category to explore more options

Question & Answer

What are some precautions to take while your child rides a bike?

Have your child wear colourful and bright clothing so they can be distinguished. This is especially helpful in crowded neighbourhoods. Always mark a zone where they can cycle. Eliminate significant roads in this map and stick to the garden, front porch, lawns, etc. Accompanying your kid while he cycles are essential unless it’s in your backyard. Always walk alongside him in areas that involve roads and other vehicles. Likewise, cycling yourself to give him some company is also a great idea. Eliminate the need to use headphones or any other distractions while cycling.

How to buy bike accessories for toddlers?

The right amount of research to check the prices and reviews on different websites is an excellent way to start. Next, set a budget. Pick sites that offer you products in this number and start shortlisting them. Consider things like safety, warranty, variety and other essentials as you move forward. Also, don’t forget to pick your child’s favourites to motivate them. You can also go to a physical store since kids can better relate to the products they can see and touch. Once you decide upon one, get online and choose discounted rates of the same before purchasing it. When it comes to brands, you have several fantastic options such as Topeak, Polisport, Decathlon, Bellelli Pepe, Schwinn, Weeride,  Thule, Hamax Caress, Cool Baby, and Yepp Mini.

How to keep your child motivated to ride the bike?

Well, the challenge lies in keeping him motivated to ride it after they learn. In the beginning, every child is very excited; however, it fades away. This is if they get the hang of online games, television etc. and slowly begin to hate outdoor activities. Ensure they have one to two hours of playtime every day where they can step out. This is an ideal time for them to ride. Riding along, in a group with friends or getting a treat after your ride etc. are things to keep him going.

How to choose the right bike accessories online in Dubai?

Once you have chosen the bicycle, next come the child bike seat accessories. Bicycle child seat accessories make the bike better, safer, and more kid-friendly and investing in them is a must for the long-run. Other bicycle seat accessories like a higher bike seat and bike accessories seat covers make the riding and learning experience quicker and better for the child. In Dubai, you have hundreds of online stores that sell bicycle and their accessories for kids. You can start by looking upon this amazing Dubai search engine that has a database of 500+ online stores.