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About Bibs

Bibs are one of the simplest yet most helpful baby accessories. They are designed to improve the comfort level of your baby’s feeding experience. Thus, it is important to know how to choose the right one. 

Bibs do an excellent job while you’re travelling with your little one, when you have guests over or when you’re introducing him/her to new foods. Try using them right from the beginning, i.e., three months onwards and ahead. This gives your baby time to adjust having meals with his/her bib. The ones in the market today come in a variety of different colours, styles, and designs to ensure they catch your baby’s attention. Although they are a simple gear, they’re something most new parents swear by, considering the ease of feeding. For a lot of folks, bibs are handy in more than one way. If you have a baby and don’t use a bib yet, give it a try. It is one of the things that will surely make your experiences better.

Factors to consider before buying baby bibs online

Bibs are one of the things that a parent can’t live without. One cannot be in total control of a kid’s eating habits when they’re learning. At the same time, you cannot have a heap of soiled clothes after every meal either. Bibs cater to this concern and it more important than you realise. When it comes to the newer variations, check the ones with sleeves. These improve the comfort factor, allowing your child to move his/her hands and play while being fed. Such bibs are a good option for a baby who is less than a year. However, for parents who are in the middle of training their babies to eat on their own, it’s best avoided to restricting distractions.

Purchase baby bibs in bulk

It can get genuinely uncomfortable when you continuously need to rinse and wash your bibs before each meal. One way to get out of this scenario is to stock them up or go for disposable ones. Reusable ones work better since they’re environment-friendly. A lot of bibs are also skin-friendly and prevent rashes to the baby’s skin while you use them. Either way, always take off the bib immediately after your kid has finished their meal. Once you make your choice, stock up on these. Bibs are also excellent while travelling or dining outside. If reusable ones are too pricey, keep them only for when you eat out.

Do your homework

Some of the best bibs are available online, and the fastest way to make your choice is to read reviews, descriptions, and do your research. Although they can be pricey when used frequently, with the online market now being flooded with choices from the best brands, it is not difficult to pick as per your needs. The ones found at Walmart, Target, and Amazon are certainly some of the top picks for most parents. You can also ask friends and family who have little ones. This advice is sometimes better than online research as word of mouth recommendation is most genuine.

Be creative with baby bibs

Well, there’s no reason not to, with so many choices available at the click of a button! Baby bibs with sleeves, bandana bibs, disposable bibs, and even plastic baby bibs can change the way you look at bibs. They can correct some significant concerns for you and your child! You can also utilise them to boost the visual and learning skills of your baby along with keeping food off their clothes. To push your baby to use the bib, go for colourful ones that are attractive. A lot of unisex options are now available on most online stores that you can choose easily.

Choose the most comfortable ones

Although it may take a while for new babies to get familiarised with bibs, ensure you use them before every feeding. With this, it won’t be long before your baby & toddler get accustomed to them. Bibs for different reasons like disposables, plain, full-coverage, and plastic for travel etc. make it convenient for parents to make a choice. However, this purely depends on your routine and what your baby likes. While it may not matter much when they’re little and don’t notice, as they grow up, you’ll have to make a few changes.

Tips on how to buy Bibs

Babies require a lot of bibs. Bibs keep your baby’s clothes from getting dirty. It not only absorbs the baby’s drool but also protects the garments from staining. Sometimes bibs are useful even for toddlers. That’s because all toddlers enjoy giving their food to their clothes and everything else around them. Not only that, bibs can be of great help when they are playing with soil, mud, play-doh, or paints. But not all bibs are created equal. Choosing the right bibs is essential if you want them to serve you well. Here are some tips that you can use while shopping for them.

  • Burping bib – This is the ideal bib to use for newborns. Burping bibs will capture spontaneous burp-ups after feeding, and it’s usually made of conventional terry fabric with a simple popper closing at the rear.
  • Food bib – If you’ve already started weaning, you’ll understand the terror that any mother feels when they realize they’ve forgotten their child’s bib at home when they go out to eat! When choosing food bibs, material matters more than the design. Something with rubber or plastic is the best in catching moisture and food while still being easy to clean.
  • Dribble bib – These bibs are smaller than typical bibs. They allow your child to crawl or roam freely without being tangled. They are made of cotton for comfort and have a unique design to catch dribbles. The good news is that these bibs are available in a variety of attractive and colourful designs both online and in stores, and they can easily be washed and dried.
  • Teething bib – A teething bib, like a dribble bib, contains an attached textured teething toy to calm your baby’s gums as those first teeth emerge. The good news about teething bibs is that they allow your child to utilize them independently when necessary, as well as the added benefit of preventing them from dropping their favourite teether on the floor.

If you want to get the most out of baby bibs, just don’t treat them as throwaways. A little care in the case of bibs goes a long way. If you can’t commit to this, it’s the right decision to stick to disposable ones. The natural ones are environmentally friendly. However, if you find them too pricey or not available in the country where you live, simple cloth ones are the next best option. Piling them away to wash at the end of a day is also not a bad idea if you don’t find time to do it after every meal.

Question & Answer

Can you make your own cheap white baby bibs?

Yes, of course! Firstly, choose the right fabric. Use pure cotton and line it with PUL (polyurethane laminate). However, PUL is often not needed but helps keep the bib cleaner for long. Next, use 14-16 inches of cloth with ½ inch space from the borders to sew. Use a thick ribbon or a long piece of material from the fabric to make ties. Run it across the bib and sew it together. Stick pieces of Velcro at the ends. You can also embroider a pattern, cartoon, or your child’s name on the front. To take them up a notch, brands have also come up with designer bibs instead of ones that match your baby’s clothing.

How big are baby bibs?

When it comes to the size, a standard measurement is till your baby’s abdomen. Many parents make the mistake of buying shorter bibs that reach their chest. This is okay only when you feed the baby. After they start learning to have meals on their own, there is bound to be more spillage. If the baby sits, this should easily reach their tummy. This way, it protects their clothes, even if it gets a little more messy than usual. Longer bibs are best. You can also wipe the food right off the bib before taking it off. This isn’t possible with shorter bibs and can result in staining their clothes.

What can you use instead of a bib?

Well, running out of bibs and burp cloths is a common occurrence. In this case, you can always use a gentle tissue and tuck it in their shirt/onesie. Use dry tissues for this. However, don’t refrain only on tissues alone since they don’t do an excellent job of keeping baby clothes stain-free. They’re suitable for travelling or in case of emergencies.

Where can you purchase baby bibs online?

Shopping online is a reliable option when you need to buy or stock up on your bibs. It can help you find some of the best deals in a matter of minutes. You can opt for this beautiful UAE search engine to help you out. With more than 500+ online stores under one platform, it is indeed the best way to get started. When it comes to brands, you can pick from Aigner, Emporio Armani, La Stupenderia, Patachou, Tartine et Chocolat, Wauw Capow by Bangbang, Boss, Chloé, Fendi Kids, and many more.