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Baby & toddlers are an endless mess, no matter how much care and attention you offer. However, there are times when some small baby tableware items like juice box holders can save the day.

Juice boxes are among the most common and convenient beverage you can pack for your child’s lunch. Besides, you can serve them at birthday parties or take them on a walk in the park as the kid will surely get dehydrated after the game. But, as said earlier, the mess is obvious. Thus, you will need a special holder to help kids carry their juice boxes without spilling them on their clothes or the ground. A juice box holder helps toddlers and kids to get more grip on the box while they drink.

Juicing for your kids: Everything a parent needs to know

Every parent wants to add maximum nutrients to their kids’ diet. But it is not easy to convince these little angels to eat everything that a parent serve them. Therefore, the best and most convenient way to fill in the nutritional needs of a growing kid is to provide them with juices. Both vegetable and fruit juices contain a sufficient amount of nutrients a kid may need during the day. And it is easier to make the sip the juice. As a result, the trend of juicing the kids have gained popularity among the majority of parents. And with the emerging challenges of keeping the kids clean in their juice time, a juice pouch holder became necessary.

Ready-made vs home-made juices

Parents loved to enjoy both possibilities. If possible, they always love to put in personal efforts, time and energy and extract fresh juices from vegetable and fruits at home. Otherwise, there is a plethora of ready to drink juices available for kids. However, most juices sold commercially are pasteurised and heat-treated, which make them last longer without allowing the development of bacteria. But the nutritional value is compromised. Therefore, parents try their best to extract fresh juice from fruits on their own. It is also an effective way to gain maximum nutritional values for a growing child.

Getting the right drink box carrier for kids

Even though juices are delicious and come in attractive packaging, many kids still do not need to urge a sip of them. Parent, so such kids have a real challenge to deal with, convincing the kids to drink the nutrition he needs. This is why Baby and toddler product manufacturers have come with the amazing idea of attractive drink box carriers for kids. These boxes are available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and more. Each item available in the market helps to provoke your kid to drink whatever is served in them. Hence, a lifesaver for parents.

Things to consider while juicing for kids

Although majorly juice has incredible health benefits, no matter if it is the fresh pulp extracted at the home of the go-to item from a Walmart. It is still worth bearing in mind that kids generally need a smaller dose than an adult. So, it comes to extracting or buying juice for kids, look for age-specific quantity per serving. A full juice cleanse is not recommended for kids because vegetables and fruits should be monitored closely. You must ensure that every item you choose is beneficial for the kids and offers just the right amount of nutrients – nothing more, nothing less.

Handy tips for parents

When buying juice for your toddler or kid, make sure it is pure fruit juice. Typically fruit juices are not 100% juice and contain added sweeteners, preservatives, and colours. Such ingredients can cause issues likes increased calories counts and cavities at early ages. Also, never opt for using juices until the baby is at least one year. And in no case serve them anything in a bottle, unattended. It can lead to a serious choking hazard. Medical experts also suggest diluting juices in water before serving it to kids early and ensuring that juices do not drown the kids’ interest in drinking milk.

Tips on how to buy Juice Box Pouch online in the UAE

There is a wide range of juice box holders for sale in the market. So, if you are keen to buy high quality and eye-catching products for your baby and toddler, explore an online retail search engine. This is where you can find the most variety of products from any brands or manufacturers from the global market. But with that many options, picking the right one can be an overwhelming task for many. Therefore, we are here to share some tips on how you can pick the best juice box holder for cheap in just a few simple steps.

  • Consider your child’s age – These boxes are available in various shapes, sizes and holding styles. Some are ideal for toddlers and kids above 3 to 4 years of age, while others are not. So, consider your kid’s age and look for an item that is easy for them to hold and sip juice from.
  • Consider the child’s interest – Here, you need to consider the aesthetic values of the box. Try picking a box that comes with your child’s favourite cartoon character, colour, print, or texture. It will help to develop their interest in sipping anything that you will give them.
  • Set your budget – Although these products are not that expensive, there are chances some branded items may cost a considerable amount. Therefore, we recommend you set a budget limit while buying a juice box pouch and looking for products from different brands within that price limit.
  • Look for the branded item – Branded items are always a good option for several reasons. They are of high quality and ensure the safety of your kids, come with lesser and non-choking hazards and are durable, thus lasts longer than any local made.
  • Get customer’s reviews – If you are still confused about the selection, make a shortlist of the most liked items, and look into the customer review section. Read carefully what other parents have to say about the shortlisted items. It will surely clear the fog off your mind and help you decide.

Also, if you are buying a juice box for the first time, stay on the safer side by ordering a product with an easy return or exchange policy. It will not only secure your money but will give you complete peace of mind until the product arrives at you. If the arrived products do not meet your needs or expectations, proceed to send them back for exchange or a complete refund of the money you paid for it.

Question & Answer

Where to buy juice box holders online in the UAE?

The best place is to look at a product search engine to buy baby and toddler products at economical rates, including the latest juice box holders. For instance, at, you can find the latest variety of baby tableware under the baby and toddler section of the search engine. Here you can buy products from brands like Difrax, Munchkin, MyDrinky, Dwink, The Flipping Holder, Juice Pal, and Mommy’s Helper. Here you can use the price comparison tool to search economic yet branded items on sale.

Which is the best brand of juice box holder?

Kids have become naughtier than they ever were. Therefore, mums are a bit more concerned about keeping them clean and mess-free even if they are dealing with day to day activities on their own. Therefore, mums these days love to have some high-quality juice holders to keep their kids hydrated and mess-free while sipping their favourite flavours. Some of the bestselling juice holders are My Drinky – The Adjustable Juice Box Holder, Dwink Universal Juice Pouch Milk Box Holder, Flipping Holder, a Mess-Free Food Pouch and Juice Box Holder for Babies.

How much is a juice box holder?

Surprisingly, the juice box holders are not as expensive as they should be – considering the benefits they serve to both mum and baby. You can find a juice box holder in the price range of about AED 50 to AED 200. However, some themed or branded products can be a bit expensive. Therefore, we suggest using the price comparison tool here on to find cheap branded items available in the market. Hence you can buy high quality branded items without exceeding your budget.

How to clean a juice box holder?

Even the most advanced juice box holder comes with a simple to deal with construction. There is no mechanical part that gets damaged after getting in contact with water. Therefore, you can put the juice box holder in the dishwasher for cleaning. Otherwise, you can use a simple cleaning sponge and mild cleaning detergent for a handwash of these boxes. However, in any case, make sure the box is completely dry before you hand it over to your kid.