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Did you know that you can develop your baby’s social and eating skills when they eat with you on the same table? It does! Even the youngest member of the family needs a seat amongst the adults. So, welcome your baby to the counter by placing a baby feeding chair. It will give your little one the chance to sit at the same level as you. 

You will know that your baby is ready to sit with you on the table as soon as he starts to eat on his own. As soon as he can sit and eat solid food, that’s the time to add a high chair in the dining room. Remember, your baby is going to spend a lot of time in their feeding chairs. And of course, you’re going to be spending a lot of time cleaning them. So, you’ll need baby feeding chairs that’ll keep you both happy to live with. That’s why you need to pick one that you can use for a month or so. Therefore, one thing is for sure; you need to buy a baby feeding chair that’s durable, easy to clean and long-lasting. However, to purchase such a perfect feeding chair, you need to know a little more about them. So, continue reading!

The top five baby eating chair for babies

Today, you’ll find all kinds of baby feeding chair in the market: long ones, short ones, portable ones and many more. In short, there are a plethora of their models out there. However, this is also one of the primary reasons why the best baby feeding chair to buy online becomes a daunting task. But, that need not be the case. An in-depth product knowledge always helps you with this. Understanding their types, models, specs and characteristics, you can easily buy feeding chair online. Below we’ve listed out a few significant examples of feeding chairs that parents favour the most. Have a look at them!

The wooden baby feeding seat with tray

Plastic has earned a bad rap among parents because of the BPA scare. Hence, they turn to wood, which has a long-standing appeal and value. Indeed, wooden baby feeding chairs are a great alternative to their plastic counterparts. What’s great that they come in attractive designs too. However, the big problem with wooden feeding chairs is that they weigh a lot. This feature isn’t appealing for the parents who don’t want to lug around bulky seats. Apart from that if they do not have sufficient padding, then it will undoubtedly hinder the baby’s comfort.

The convertible toddler eating chair

Many high chairs have different heights and reclining positions. However, the convertible feeding chairs come with fantastic functions. Some models of this type come with up to three reclining positions and six height adjustment options. These features allow you to feed your babies comfortably. Moreover, it also gives your baby a safe and secure place to nap and play. Once your baby passes to the toddler stage, you’ll see the real magic of the convertible baby feeding chairs. You can easily pop-out the seat portion from the wheeling base and use it as a booster seat. You can even fit your twin munchkins in some models. Indeed, they’re more advantageous than their other counterparts.  

The metal or plastic infant feeding chair

These are the most prevalent type of feeding chairs among parents. In fact, plastic seems to be more popular than metal. However, you’ll also often see a feeding chair with a combination of these two materials. One of the greatest things about these models is that they usually aren’t costly. You can fold some of them. Hence, you can easily store them in a closet instead of setting them on permanent display in your kitchen. The only downside is that the padding that comes with it is often difficult to clean. That’s a problem, particularly when your child’s on a mission to drop more food into the abyss than in their mouths.

The hook-on baby dining chair

The hook chairs are those that you can easily attach to a table. These models of baby feeding chairs are an excellent option for those parents who do not have space to sacrifice for a full-size highchair. Moreover, you can also buy these baby feeding chair online at cheap price. Another perk of this chair is that you can easily carry them wherever you want. Whether it’s on vacation, to the baby sitter in the house, or when you head out to eat. In other words, they are one of the best portable feeding chairs. However, like any other product, they too have a fair share of demerits. And one the biggest disadvantage of these chairs is that they don’t fit every table.

Tips on how to buy Feeding chair online

Since your baby feeding chairs have to withstand your kid’s brunt for a long period, you need to make sure that you pick a model that’s safe, sturdy, and easy to clean. However, doing this is easier said than done. You need to consider several factors before you purchase a feeding chair for toddlers in Dubai. We’ve listed below a few such significant factors and also a few tips and tricks that’ll help you get the right feeding chair for babies when online shopping.

  • Look out for functionality – Here’s the main question: can you get your baby in and out of the feeding chairs without any hassle? If yes, you should also make sure that it comes with other functions and features you’re seeking. Check if it comes with a tray, wheels, and can it grow with your baby. Also, check out if it takes up a lot of space.
  • Check out safety – Safety is the crucial element to consider when it comes to purchasing products for your babies. When you buy a feeding chair for your baby, see if the model you pick comes with straps that you can easily buckle and unbuckle. Also, see if the design and material are safe for the baby. Look out for any sharp edges.
  • Check out comfort – Indeed, you want the baby feeding time to be peaceful. And for that both you and baby must be comfortable while the feeding process. See if the chair is convenient for the baby. Also, look for well-padded seat and footrest. After all, it is your baby, and their comfort is primary when it comes to picking out any model.
  • Look out for cleanliness – Babies are notoriously messy. That means you need to frequently clean up this mess to keep the baby and the environment clean and hygienic for both you and the baby. Therefore, you need to consider picking out a feeding chair that you can clean easily. Most chairs come with a vinyl seat that you can wipe clean. Also, look at how the cushion and seat fit together.
  • Go for adjustable – You babies grow at an incredible rate. Therefore, you should look for a seat in which you can accommodate your growing child. For instance, there are specific feeding chair models where you can adjust the heights and even the reclining positions. These types grow with your babies and also are long-lasting.

As you can see, the baby feeding chairs are a way of helping kids to bond with their other family members while dining. Therefore, it is imperative to buy one that features excellent performance, superior quality, and efficiency. We hope the above tips and tricks would steer you in the right direction and help you purchase the perfect baby feeding chair and other baby tableware products without hassle. However, in the end, it still boils down to your personal choice. So, assess each product carefully and purchase wisely.

Question & Answer

How to fold a baby feeding chair?

It is always better to go for foldable feeding chairs as they save a lot of space. But note that you’ll find different types of baby chairs that you can fold in several ways. Each chair comes with a unique design, and hence their folding methods are different. If you are on the market shopping for feeding chairs for the first time, it can get quite confusing. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check out the specifications before you buy them. Also, spend some time and do a bit of research before you shop. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends and family who have experience with feeding chairs.

When can the baby sit in the feeding chair?

A baby usually needs a feeding chair when he starts to eat solid food. This often happens between the ages of four to six months. But these chairs are useful even when the baby grows up. You can use the chairs when a child transits from infant to toddler stage. High-end chairs come with convenient height adjustment options that will let you adapt them according to the child’s needs. The chair helps the babies to mingle with other family members while feeding. In fact, it also helps to increase the motor skills of your baby’s hands.

At what age do babies stop using feeding chairs?

Although there is no specific age, your toddler can typically move away from the feeding chairs when they’re almost 18 months to 3 years. However, make sure this transitioning process is gradual. Also, it is not always necessary to transition away from the feeding chair. If the baby is happy eating from the feeding chair, then let it be. If you want your child to start using regular chairs, first consider using a booster. In short, it may be time to say goodbye to your high chair when it’s creating chaos or your child is trying out several seats in the house.

Where to buy baby feeding chairs?

As seen earlier, there are different types of feeding chairs available in the market. Each of them come with different characteristics, features, materials and models. Therefore, it comes at various price points too. Usually, the high-quality ones are a little expensive. Therefore, a credible and trustworthy retailer is imperative when you want to buy something for your kids. Well, is an online platform that features products from all the popular brands like Ikea, Stokke, Chicco, Fisher, Price, Summer Infant, Graco, Evenflo, Costco, Baby Trend, and Childhome. From Cadillac high chairs to wooden and plastic baby chairs, you can get them all on our product search engine.

It wouldn’t hurt to ask for recommendations from friends, too, to help you narrow down your choices. Then again, you can always look for baby high chair options online, at any time of the day. Choose from a wide selection of baby feeding chair brands, and get decent ones like the Juniors baby high chair, Joie high chair Dubai, and baby high chair Ikea UAE. Start your shopping journey on today! Not only that, you can also shop for baby & toddler products from over 500 online stores on our platform.