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Weaning is an essential part of a baby’s development. It’s a process that will help your little one to move and adjust from just having a milk diet to gradually presenting solid food to their feeding regimen. Slowly but surely, you will be able to introduce your baby to different tastes and textures (from purées to more significant pieces), and you’ll want to be prepared by using the best baby cutlery there is. 

The perfect time to start your young baby with cutlery is when they start biting and mouthing things more often. Make sure that they’ve also developed a reasonable motor control. Check how well they are eating too so they won’t poke and hurt themselves in the process. Your baby will surely experience a new feeling as soon as they eat solid food. It might even bring a strange sensation in their mouth. But when your child starts to eat from a spoon, this will already help them develop their chewing and swallowing skills. Well, this indicates that baby cutlery is a crucial part of baby’s development, which is also why you must be extremely careful while purchasing them. However, to do that you need to have thorough knowledge about the product. Well, this is precisely what you’ll find in this article. Continue reading to find out more.

The different types of baby utensils

You can encourage your little one to start using baby tableware in three stages. Start your child with a soft-tipped spoon first. As things progress, acquaint your baby with both a spoon and fork. Afterwards, familiarise them with the use of bowls and plates. It will be a messy process as you introduce your baby to certain dishware. They might even still use their hands to scoop up food from their plates instead of using a spoon. But that’s ok. If your child is gradually learning to use tableware during mealtimes, then the mess can always be dealt with. Well, below we’ve highlighted a few such essential baby cutlery that’ll make your baby’s feeding time a breeze.  

The baby feeding spoon

So why do you need a feeding spoon anyways? Introducing early on, the use of a spoon will help your baby to understand that it’s part of mealtimes. Moreover, the regular spoons in your kitchen aren’t appropriate for the kids, as they’re too deep for them. In fact, using them will only make the weaning process more tiring. But, you invest in some good quality baby spoons, you’ll have your money’s worth. Your baby shouldn’t be introduced to metal spoons yet. That’s because it brings them discomfort through every chew and bites. The metal can be hard on their sensitive gums and growing teeth. That’s why it is best to choose a variety of materials like plastic, rubber, silicone, wood and bamboo for baby cutlery.

The baby knife and fork set or toddler silverware

Many parents wonder if the baby cutlery is actually necessary since they already have regular adult silverware. Well, the problem is that the adult forks and spoons are much larger and do not sit right on your baby’s tiny hands. Moreover, the metals might harm your baby’s teeth or gums. That’s why it is best to use the toddler silverware or baby knives and fork sets. By the way, if you choose to feed your baby’s with various purees, you probably wouldn’t need any forks. But, the baby forks come into play when the baby’s start to self-feed. You may not even realise, but there are baby knives too! Of course, they do not have any sharp edges, as it is for babies. The purpose of this is to help babies cut into soft food themselves.

The baby weaning cutlery

Introducing your little munchkins to the solid foods can be both overwhelming and tiring. However, this is one of the essential processes too. And that’s why you need to have the right weaning baby cutlery. When it comes to choosing the best dishware for your baby, you should first check for sharp edges. It’s dangerous for young babies to use baby cutlery that has pointy ends on them. That’s because some hard-plastic spoons and forks may have these. You should also look out for dishes that may have loose pieces. To help ease your worries, you can always opt for products that use rubber, silicone or wood and BPA free products. You can also look for dishwasher-safe cutlery, to help ease off time from cleaning and sterilising.

The baby cutlery set personalised

The personalised baby cutlery set is a beautiful gift idea for the child on various occasions. You can gift them for special occasions like Christmas or christenings. Moreover, adding a personal touch gives it a more elegant style. And one of the best things about these personalised set is that you can get them engraved with personalised messages, names and even dates. However, make sure that the baby cutlery you purchase must be of high-quality. Also, it is best to go for bright colours. Your baby will learn more things when you have dishware that shows bright colours. This will help encourage them to use tableware more often, as this engages their attention.

Tips on how to buy Baby Cutlery online

Whether your toddler is sampling the mashed potatoes for the first time or digging into a spaghetti dinner, he’ll need dinnerware that comes in designs suitable for him alone. That’s why you must choose baby cutlery that helps both you and the baby at every phase. And for that, you need to pick the best toddler cutlery set online. But this process is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve listed out a few significant factors that’ll help you buy baby cutlery online in UAE.

  • Understanding the types – Even before you set out to buy online the best baby feeding cutlery in Dubai, you need to be well aware of the product and its various characteristics. That’s because you’ll find a plethora of baby cutlery sets out there in the market. Understanding each of them deeply will help you narrow down your purchase to that specific one.
  • Examine the colour and design – Kid’s just love bright and shimmering colours. Therefore, make sure you pick baby cutlery in vibrant colours. Apart from that, the design of cutlery is crucial. It is best to choose smooth and smart designs that help your toddlers to feed themselves easily. Also, make sure to choose one that comes with a sturdy design and that you can easily maintain and wash.
  • Consider the age – You typically need the baby cutlery when your baby starts eating solids, and that is when they are around 4 to 6 months old. Apart from that, each utensil in the baby cutlery set has an age bar. For example, you start using spoons when you introduce your baby to solids. However, he’ll start using it by himself only after six months. Therefore, always consider the age when you buy the cutlery.
  • Assess the materials – Surely, you go for organic food items when it comes to choosing food items for your babies. But, the containers you store and feed them in is also equally important. That’s why it is critical to select baby cutlery that comes in baby-safe materials like silicone, wood or bamboo. Also, make sure you choose BPA-free products.
  • Check out for safety – When it comes to choosing the best dishware for your baby, you should also check for sharp edges. It’s dangerous for young babies to use tableware that has pointy ends on them, as some hard-plastic spoons and forks may have these. Also, look out for dishes that may have loose pieces. To help ease your worries, you can always opt for products that come with smooth finishes.
  • Look out for the price – You’ll find an endless list of baby cutlery set in the market. And that’s also a reason why you’ll find them at different price points too. For instance, Sippy or straw cups cost you about AED 10 to AED 50 each. However, this varies depending on the material and quality. That’s why it is best to set a budget for yourself before you buy the best baby spoons and utensils for babies.

You may not realise, but there is so much to think about when it comes to buying baby cutlery for your toddlers. It turns out that the types of cutlery you choose may have a lot of perks and pitfalls. However, we hope that the above tips will guide in the right way and help you pick out the best among the lot. But, then again, in the end, it is always your personal preference along with your baby’s. Therefore, keep the tips mind and purchase baby cutlery that best suits your needs.

Question & Answer

Is baby cutlery necessary?

Starting solid food is an important milestone for both you and your baby. Not only does it make the feeding time fun, but also helps in your baby’s development. Obviously, you cannot use the regular utensils in your kitchen to feed your baby as they are sharp and not baby-friendly. Also, you need something more baby-sized. Therefore, it is vital to use dedicated baby cutlery while feeding kids younger than toddlers. This ensures that they have a fun and safe feeding time. Also, baby cutlery is generally easier to clean.

When do you give baby cutlery?

The perfect time to start your young baby with cutlery is when it starts biting and mouthing things more often. Make sure that they’ve also developed a reasonable motor control. Check how well they are eating too so they won’t poke and hurt themselves in the process. As baby cutlery is free of sharp edges you don’t have to worry too much about this. Baby cutlery should be free of harmful plastics as they are likely to chew on the cutlery. Apart from that, make sure you choose the right baby cutlery to ensure the best feeding time for your baby & toddler.

Which baby cutlery is the best?

There are several kinds of baby cutlery out there. But, the ones are those that come in exemplary designs, baby-friendly materials and that you can use effortlessly. Well, brands like Farlin, Tommee, Tippee, Ikea, Munchkin, Baby Bjorn, Grabease, Oxo Tot, Nuk, Beaba, and Miniware bring you a comprehensive collection of premium quality baby cutlery. Size is one important factor to consider here. Babies grow out of their cutlery in a year or so. So, you will have to look for something that can accommodate their portion sizes, as well.

What age does a baby use cutlery?

Mealtimes are extremely important for kids. Children begin to develop feeding skills from birth. It is a process that continues till they are six or seven years of age. It is a part and parcel of growing up. Babies are keen to get involved with feeding between 6 and 9 months old. However, it usually takes until a child is seven years old to feed themselves without being too messy. Wait until they are above the age of one before you give them a baby cutlery. Even if they are past one year of age, make sure they have sufficient motor skills. Furthermore, you can only use baby cutlery when they’re able to have solid food.

Where to buy baby cutlery online in the UAE?

From best baby cutlery for one-year-old to babies, offers you an extensive collection of top-quality baby cutlery from popular brands and online stores. You can find organic baby feeding utensils and many other baby cutlery varieties. As soon as you’re ready to gradually wean your little one from liquids to puree and other baby food, you are sure to find a wide array of baby self-feeding cutlery options at your disposal. Consider serving your child with healthy food recipes using a Beaba baby cutlery or a Nuby baby cutlery. And while you’re at it, look for other alternatives by exploring over 500 online shops on our product search engine.