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More and more parents are opting to prepare food for their little ones at home instead of pre-packaged baby foods. Having a set of baby food maker accessories can make this task a lot more convenient and even more enjoyable.  

While you prepare for your newborn’s arrival, it is one of the busiest times yet the most fulfilling in your life. It’s also the time when you start looking for essentials for your child, and these can include feeding bottles, sterilisers, bibs, baby cutlery and more. To help lessen the load off your shoulder, here are a few baby food maker accessories that you might find useful for your journey to parenthood. But before you start shopping for baby food maker accessories, read this article to know more about them. Having a better understanding of them will help you make better decisions when you shop. 

Essential baby food maker accessories 

Feeding is a huge part of parenting. You need to feed your newborn/toddler more often than older kids. That means it’s going to be tough if you don’t have all the proper spoons, bottles, and food processors. But you shouldn’t go out and buy anything and everything that claims to help you either. First, you need to know what is in the standard baby food maker accessories. Although there can be more than the basic things in a set, some of them are essentials. We have rounded them up on this page to help you out with your parenting journey. So, read on to find out more. You will also find some tips in the end that will help you choose the best.

Feeding bottles and sterilisers

As a mother, you would want to spend as much time with your baby and feeding your little one can be one of those precious bonding moments. Regardless if you will breast, bottle or mixed feeding your baby, there will be plenty of accessories that you can choose to use to help you enjoy this experience more. Some of these essentials include bottles, teats, and pumps. It’s also essential to have a steriliser and some brushes in place so you can clean and keep your baby’s bottles free from germs. Several models in the market are compact (space-saving) and are very easy-to-use at just one click. Moreover, it functions by sterilising several bottles simultaneously in only a few minutes. There are also BPA-free models that will help keep your worries at bay, so make sure to look out for those.

Cutlery and storage cups

Sooner or later, your baby will be eating solid foods. And what better way to introduce nutritious meals than to use baby cutlery, right? Starting your kid on a soft diet using super soft spoons is advisable. The ideal spoon to use for your child is the one that’s made with a soft silicone tip, as this is gentle on sensitive gums. Additionally, the silicone material used on a child’s cutlery is taste-free and odour resistant, which makes it a safe product for your child. Storage cups are quite handy, especially if you’re looking to store baby food immediately. Cups like these can stock anything from puree to breastmilk and can be easily stowed inside the fridge or freezer. It also comes with tight-fitting lids that will help ensure that nothing spills or gets spoiled.

Plates and bibs

There are baby plates that come in different makes, sizes and capacities. Some even come with several sections, which is something that parents can utilise when serving various foodstuffs. Most are also lightweight in material and are usually of food-grade silicone. But the best ones are made with suction bases. This can come in handy should your baby try throwing his plate from the table. And don’t forget that there will be a lot of messy moments during mealtimes with your baby. But with bibs in place, you won’t have to worry about keeping your child’s clothes protected from food spills. The best ones are those that can be fastened, washed and wiped easily.  

Bottle rack

If you have feeding bottles that aren’t dishwasher friendly, then you can always opt for a baby bottle rack. You can use it to hang not just to dry bottles but also to airdry other accessories like Sippy cups and pacifiers. Parents can benefit a lot from this product. Not only does it keep things tidy, but it’s also convenient to have around, as you’ll no longer have to look for a clean bottle. So, if you are looking for a tidy and convenient solution, this can be your pick. It’s also effortless to clean, as its parts can be taken apart for cleaning and putting in the dishwasher. 

Tips on how to buy Baby Food Maker Accessories

There are so various types of baby food maker accessories out there. But if you think that more options make it easier to choose the right one, you are wrong. If anything, it is harder to choose a food maker out of all the thousands of different options. But it can get easier if you know what to look for in them. Here are a few tips you can follow when shopping for them.

  • Safety – When it comes to anything related to babies, the primary importance is safety. That applies to baby food maker accessories too. So, make sure that the material used in them is safe. Some plastics contain BPA, which is a toxin. Steer clear of any items containing BPA, lead, or phthalate.
  • Size and portability – A food maker that does not take up a lot of space is always the better option. Not only are they easy to store in your kitchen, but they will also be easy to move from one place to another. And if you want to take them for a camping trip, it would be great if you could use a battery as the power source to run them.
  • Ease of use – Look for baby food maker accessories that are easy to assemble and operate. This will help you get the job done in as little time as possible. This is especially important when you are a parent because you already have your hands full. Think about how easily and quickly you can clean the food maker after preparing the food.
  • Cost and durability – A good quality food processor can last for a really long time. Although you will only need to use this for a child for a couple of years, you can use it for another child or hand it over to anyone in your family later. Therefore, never compromise on the quality. Moreover, that is also imperative for the safety aspect.

Also, look at what and all accessories are included with the food maker. Generally, food makers come with accessories like containers, spoons, trays, and a whole bunch of other things. The more accessories you have with the food maker, the better. Also, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the Baby & Toddler category.

Question & Answer

Are baby food makers worth buying?

A baby food maker is not something that you cannot do without. In fact, you don’t need a specialised food maker for the baby if you already have a general food processor. And even if you don’t have a food processor, you can do it all by hand, albeit being a lot difficult and time-consuming. But if you don’t have a food processor, it is still convenient to have a separate one that you use just for the baby that is portable so that you can take it with you when you travel if necessary.

Are baby food maker accessories dishwasher-friendly?

It is not possible to answer this question with a simple yes or no. That’s because they include different types of utensils and machines. There is no doubt that you can put baby plates and cutlery in the dishwasher. But in the case of feeding bottles, you should also sterilise them apart from washing them. Most food processors are not dishwasher friendly either. That being said, there are a few baby food makers you can clean using a dishwasher. They are a great help if you don’t have time to clean them by hand.

What are the benefits of making your own baby food at home?

There are a lot of benefits to making baby food by yourself at home. For one thing, you can be sure about what goes into the baby food. You don’t have to worry even a little about the preservatives or adulteration that might happen with prepackaged foods. Another great benefit is that you can customise the food according to the baby’s needs and likes. Sometimes it happens that the baby is allergic to packaged baby foods. In that case, making food at home is your only option.

Where to buy baby food maker accessories online in the UAE?

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