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A baby mat is probably the best practical baby product available in the market. Besides being used in different ways, these mats also offer benefits regarding baby development.  

Every parent is aware of the piles of manuals and books on do’s and don’ts; however, it’s clear that there is no recipe for good parenting that works for everybody.  But what comes in handy is relying on a set of supplies like multi-faceted play mats for babies. A baby mat is a soft covering that features two arches that hand overhead atop and support toys by construction. These mats are suitable from birth, and both professionals and parents name them an essential baby supply. Today we will see some words on the common benefits these mats have to offer for your baby at early ages.  

Benefits of baby play mats for a growing child  

As mentioned, these mats are appropriate for newborn babies, but babies can only focus on the nearest toys at early stages. At this phase, the playing mat helps develop visual understanding and strengthens the grasping and reaching reflexes. And if you attach accessories and musical toys, there will be stimulation of auditory skills as well. With time they will develop eyesight, and colours will become clearer with a sharp focus. It will become easier for them to react and play with toys.  Here are some other benefits the newborn with earn with a baby play mat.  

Cognitive development with baby play mat 

A playmat help baby to learn the basis of effect and cause. These playmats stimulate the primary circular reactions that encourage the child to repeat any action they previously did by chance. For example, if they hit a toy and hear some sound or lights, they will learn and try to do that again. With time they will learn to pull, grab, or kick a toy intentionally (which is called secondary circular reaction) and repeat them to have fun. In simple words, these mats can force the babies to interact with dangling toys and teach them how to play while helping develop their spatial and reasoning awareness. 

Visual and gross motor development with baby floor mats  

Floor mats for toddlers support the visual perceptual skills of the baby. This is because the babies prefer objects with high contrasting colours, and playing mats are specifically designed with contrasting bright hues and textures. Besides, the play pads stimulate the babies to crawl and use their legs, hands, and arm muscles which play a crucial part in building muscles and core strength in the back and neck. It also supports gross motor skills like walking, rolling, hand and eye coordination, dexterity, sensory, speech and feeding skills. 

Confidence and independence 

Parents often hear the advice that; don’t hold your baby too much and let them follow their natural pace. It is worth considering because you should know when to let your kids learn to get independent. And you can start that by offering them a secure ground to crawl as per their will. A playing mat allows you to ensure your kid’s safety while he starts his little explorations at an early age. Since a baby activity mat will contain all the colours, textures, and shapes, the child will feel encouraged and motivated to take the initiative, satisfy his will, and stay busy. 

Interaction and communication skills  

When it comes to the development of a baby, the will to interact and communicate holds equal importance. The playmats today are designed with care and intention to promote these skills in growing kids. Therefore, each toy, texture, shape, and colour on these mats offer chances to enhance the toddler’s vocabulary. It can be more effective if you join them in the game. Further, it stimulates curiosity in kids and promotes problem-solving abilities in the kids. These skills also lead to the development of personality traits, like critical thinking in later life.

Tips on how to buy Baby Mats online in the UAE 

Buying cheap baby mats online in the UAE is quite a simple task. You can explore any retail search engine and place your order for the item you like. But there is a glitch that may confuse you at the time of placing an order. It is because of the hundreds of products from dozens of brands available online. These mats come in a variety of options. You can make a choice based on the entertainment you want to give your kid or the degree of entertainment you want for your sunshine, followed by different aspects of development. Here are some tips on what you need to consider while buying a play mat for your kiddo.

  • Check the material – As we speak of the material, there is a wide range of carper and foam variety in playing mats for kids. All are safe for your kids but try looking for an eco-friendly option with sufficient cushioning. Look for a soft, lightweight, breathable, hypoallergenic product and, most importantly, free of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates.
  • The safety features of the mat – The child’s safety is the key feature you should look for in the mat. Most mats come with safe age guide information about the material, small parts and anything that can cause choking. So read the product description section to get all such information. Always prefer using an age-specific play mat for your kids.
  • The balance between development and fun – The mat should be versatile and keep interested in kids higher while teaching them small words, shape colours, or else. Hence the mat should have everything that can nurture and assist cognitive, creative and physical development in kids during their growth years.
  • The maintenance and care – Your kid will be playing on the mat; hence it must be hygienic to ensure the health safety of the kids. And to do so, you will need to give a regular cleaning to the padding. Please look for a machine-washable mat. Also, try to get toy elements that can easily be sanitized. It will help you put in lesser cleaning efforts, thus keeping the mat hygienically perfect for kids.

In the end, we will suggest you picking a mat that can be modified with the growth of the baby. Once the baby is on the move, many of the play equipment will lose its appeal. But many gyms can be modified with time to ensure the provision of fun for months or even longer to come by transforming into age-appropriate toys.

Question & Answer

Can baby nap on playmat?

Yes, the baby can surely sleep on the playmat as long as you take all the precautionary measures to create a safe slumber environment. Most of the playmats come with easily removable arches that carry toys over the head of the baby. Pick one such easily removable item and if the baby sleeps while playing on the mat, remove the toys above him to avoid any mishap. Besides, these mats are soft and comfortable and can offer a sound sleep experience to your little ones.

How to clean a baby play mat?

You can clean the mat by merely whipping the surface with a clean towel or cloth. A mild detergent is also fine if needed. However, harsh chemical and cleaners can damage the surface, so they are not recommended. Also, avoid using vacuum cleaners that have bristled heads as they can scratch the mat surface. Experts also ask to avoid direct contact with any heating element as they cause serious damage to the play mats.

Which is the best baby play mat?

In simple words, any branded play mat is the best option for your kids. Among many available options, some of the bestselling include Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym/Playmat, Lovevery Play Gym, and Romy Play Rug.  Other options that you can consider are Little Bot Office Mat; Lollaland Play Mat, Little Nomad Play Mat; Skip Hop Playspot Geo Foam Floor Tiles; and the Design Skin Transformable Play Mat. Luckily you can find all these options online and at an economical price.

Where to buy a baby play mat online in the UAE?

You can look into any product search engine online to find all the latest and best-selling play mats for newborn to toddlers. Here on, you can find products from top brands like Skip Hop, Done by Deer, Tiny Love, Mattel, ELC, Infantino, Fisher-Price, Mothercare, Baby Einstein, and a Bright Starts. Besides a wide collection, you can also enjoy the comfort of comparing products from these brands and choose what is best suitable for your budget and kid’s need.

And the best part is this is where you can find toys and all types of baby & toddler products from  known shops for a baby product.