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Lamina Vase
Lamina Vase
The scultpural Lamina Vase brings an eye-catching element to any room in a well-decorated home. Embellished with a handcrafted acanthus leaf motif, the artistic piece is hand-forged from stainless steel and plated with gleaming 24kt gold. The vase is presented in a stylish gift box.
Haas Gila Monster Vase
Haas Gila Monster Vase
L'Objet's mastery of fine craftsmanship meets the creative direction of the Haas Brothers in this decorative vase. Its unique hand-carved texture is inspired by the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree and is reminiscent of bubbly animal scales in a dusty desert palette. The organic shape is sure to elevate any tablescape.
Haas Mojave Vase
Haas Mojave Vase
The imaginative world of LA-based Haas Brothers comes together with L'Objet's fine craftsmanship to create unique home decor pieces for the season. The hand-carved Mohave vase from the collaboration features a unique texture that's inspired by the otherworldly landscape of Joshua Tree and is designed in a dusty desert palette that blends in with any theme. The organic shape is sure to elevate any tablescape.
Tall Terra Vase
Tall Terra Vase
Add subtle elegance to any corner of the room with L'Objet's Terra vase. Made from porcelain, this artistic piece is hand-crafted and glazed in the house's Portuguese atelier, and features a unique abstract finishing that instantly catches the eye. It comes in a luxury gift box, making it the perfect housewarming present for dear ones.

About Vases

If you love flowers, you cannot miss having the right vase to hold them. Vases do not just keep them watered and healthy, but also become a magnificent addition to your home décor. The best part is that they come in countless patterns made up of different material like ceramic, glass, brass, Aluminum, and more. Let us explore some of the popular and mesmerizing styles they come in.

It is a common notion that any vase can hold any floral arrangement. However, a wrong selection can negatively impact the beauty of the flowers and the place they are kept in. Vases do much more than just holding the water, stem and flowers. They have a huge influence on how the flowers are spread, arranged and presented. In addition to housing flowers, vases can also be a crucial part of your home aesthetics. Although the options are so diverse that it can be an overwhelming experience for you to select an appropriate one. So, on this page, we will unveil everything you need to know about them.

Everything you need to know about decorative vases

Decorative flower holders come in a wide assortment ranging from bottled neck styles apt for windowsills to centrepieces full of your favourite blooms. You can find them in basic as well as hugely decorative styles having a statement of their own. About their body, it can be like a jug, round fishbowl or thin at the top but flared at bottom. Whether you keep them at floor, table or hang them from the ceiling, decorative vessels can do a whole lot in showing off your beautiful bouquet just above anywhere. So, let us dive deep and know about their popular forms.

Vases for centrepieces at home or parties

Centrepiece vases come in excellent conversation styles and give a beautiful finishing to any table setting, be it at home or some party. Not just flowers, you can also keep other captivating objects like candles, marbles and petals in it. From classic glass flower holders to acrylic holders, ceramic pitchers and bottled styles, you can pick any to add a new level of detail to your centrepiece. Choose the colour, vibe and style of the piece according to the party’s theme. You can even mix and match various patterns like clubbing metal planters with gold bud containers is something popular.

Decorative table vases for various table settings

Between the floor and table vases, the latter style is smaller and hold fewer flowers. Since you keep them on tables, they are made up of lighter materials. For example, mason jars accompanied with a ribbon or twine complement your dining table setting excellently. In a similar way, cylindrical containers make a great statement at your entryway table. Then, there is a separate variety, i.e. bouquet flower holders that add a bit of romance to any table on a candlelight dinner maybe. On the other hand, square styles are apt for side tables, coffee tables and any other entertainment area.

Interesting styles at crate and barrel vases collection

From river white ceramic to natural wooden styles, you can just about everything at crate and barrel’s vases collection. Some are artisan-inspired, whereas others can be embossed, grooved, handcrafted, or even organic. You can also pick any shade that complements your home interiors ranging from aqua, brass and green to metallic and colourful patterns. For a contemporary feel, you can choose earthy ceramic or stoneware, whereas shiny metals are apt for glam looks. You can even go for glass containers if you are looking for something minimalistic.

Tips for purchasing Vases in Dubai

From the things you have read so far, you must have understood that they come in a wide array. There are plenty of shades, patterns, materials and styles to choose from. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the range of options you have at the front. However, we are here to bring you out of the dilemma. Experts at have crafted a set of guiding tips that would help you buy an appropriate vase in Dubai.

  • Room– Vases enhance the beauty of your room if your selection is right and according to your room interior. In which type of room, at what place in the room you are going to put vases and what is the wall colour of the room are some of the considerations you should keep in mind while purchasing them. For example, you can choose glass and metal vases if your room interior is contemporary. On the other hand, traditionally painted flower holders look amazing in ethnic, old-styled or vintage interiors.


  • Material– Vases are available in a variety of materials like ceramic, glass, porcelain, crystal and metal. It is also one of the important considerations for purchasing them. Selection of material at the time of purchasing depends on whether you will keep the vases inside or outside. Vases that are made up of resin material is a good option for outdoors because they can be exposed to moisture and weather. For indoors, glass vases and porcelain vases are the popular choices.


  • Size– Size of the vase is a particularly important consideration. Both small and large vases highlight the beauty of the room. Large vases look good if you place them on the floor and if you want to use them for displaying tall flowers. You can use the small vases as accessories to decorate different parts of your room like you can put them on the dining table, side tables and corner tables.


  • Seller– You can get vases at any home décor store; be it brick and mortar or online. However, it is hard to find a wide variety at local stores. Moreover, you have to roam here and there to find a perfect fit. In contrast, if you choose online platforms, you get to browse through vast collections by a few clicks. You can switch to multiple stores quickly and find the best as per your budget. Well, that’s what we have done at! We have brought together over 500 online stores. Here, you can find glass, metallic as well as contemporary ceramic vases for sale.

Now that you have gathered much information about vases, you must be confident to purchase one. However, selecting a good store can be a task for you. So, come to us on Here, you can get luxurious centrepieces to hanging vases, cheap modern floor vases and even best handmade floor vases. If you feel overwhelmed with the options, you can easily narrow them down with the help of direct search, advance filters and price comparison. As we have multiple sellers on our store, you can compare prices offered by different sellers to find the best style under your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the best home & living products while stock lasts.

Question & Answer

Are vases expensive?

If you are not a frequent buyer, vases seem to be an expensive affair to you. However, the cost totally depends upon its materials, size, and other features. For example, a handcrafted or vintage vase may be pricier than a regular glass bottle vase. Also, if you are looking for a large vase to be kept at the floor, it can be expensive than the ones meant for coffee tables. Hence, the price of a vase may range from around $30 to several hundred dollars depending upon its style and even the brand.

Can glass flower vases be recycled?

Not all the glass vases can be recycled. But, most of them are recycled and moulded into other materials like fibreglass, recycled glass countertops, ground cover, foam aggregate etc.

Where to buy vases online?

You can get a wide range of vases right here at On our product search engine, we have brought together hundreds of trusted sellers that sell vases online. Moreover, you can find all the popular brands here like Eastland, Royal Imports, Elite d’Art, Adore, Michael Aram, NDI, Kashida, Anna New York, Eichholtz, and Ralph Lauren.

What size of vases are good for centrepieces?

If it is a table for around 8-10 guests, then both tall and short centrepieces of 4”-6” diameter can suit. For smaller tables, the size of the vase can also be smaller. If you are going with a compact style on a large table, you should add some kind of décor around it like candles, stones, petals etc.

Vases look beautiful and classy, whether placed at floor, on a table as centerpiece or hanged on wall. The best part is that you have plenty of styles and shades to choose from. You can pick any style that suits the flower arrangement and the ambience. On our retail search engine, you can find amazing styles offered by popular brands of the industry. Find cylinder, bud, ceramic, mason and all the other vase varieties. If you want to buy flat vase for flowers online in the UAE, you can choose us. So make no delay and log on to our shopping search engine.