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About Sunglasses

Some products start as a need but soon becomes fashion accessories, and sunglasses are one of them. Nowadays, the design and style of this accessory are so diverse that you can have them pull off any attire. But we are not entirely neglecting the need, considering which aesthetics and technicality become two significant factors of buying sunglasses.

Different requirements call for different products. For example, players on the cricket field only want to see the ball clear during daylight. So, they put less emphasis on the overall looks. If you have noticed, they all look the same and have not changed their style for years. They are small with a unique shape and come in different colours. On the other hand, sunglasses meant for fashion are versatile in shape, frame, colours, and overall structure. Now, everything comes down to your preferences, which we understand and therefore have listed top sunglasses brands in Dubai at our shopping platform,

Types of men and women sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of those fashion accessories that does not differ much. Both men and women styles are similar despite a few changes due to the usual broader frame of men’s face as compared to women. We don’t think you should not explore the men’s category if you are a woman or vice versa. If you find something exciting and is apt for your size, then why not. Today’s world is more about having unisex products, and no one’s going to judge you about that. So, when we say you need to explore as much as you can, you should not put filters while doing so. To being with, you can start by checking out some cheap costa sunglasses for sale.

Polarised sunglasses

These type of sunglasses reduce glare over the surface of water, snow, and glass. You can see the picture clear without any dazzling light hitting your eye and distorting the true colours of the object. These products are best for driving and sports. You can even wear them while hiking under the sun or bird watching. Something you need to know before starting to explore them is they come in different colours. The speciality about colours is that darker colours provide more polarisation than lighter ones. So, if you want more visual clarity and comfort, go for darker colours. You can find out some of the best-polarised sunglasses for men and women at our shopping platform,

Mirrored sunglasses

The benefits of mirrored and polarised sunglasses are similar, but structure and style differ. Mirrored ones have a one-way mirror, so the onlooker will feel like they are looking into the mirror. These are popular due to their stylish looks and shape and often adorn the eyes of sports players around the world. Metal frames and wraparounds are two of the most popular designs of mirrored sunglasses, which you should definitely explore. Due to their unique shapes, you might wonder if they will look good on you or not. In that case, you can virtually try sunglasses online and make an informed decision.

Eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses

Obviously, you cannot wear both and won’t feel sunglasses comfortable if you have been prescribed correction lenses. In that case, you should look for prescription sunglasses – a combination of both. If you want to customise the products as per your liking of style, you can do that too. For now, you can check out some prescription sunglasses online at cheap prices. You will also find other types of special needs glasses. For instance, 3D glasses for stereoscopy and indoor tinted glasses for migraine disorders. So, if you think you have certain medical issues, and you can’t wear sunglasses, try to reach out to an expert and explore online. We are sure you will get something compatible.

Tips on how to buy Sunglasses online

If you are buying sunglasses only and only for the aesthetical purpose, you may think that you do not need tips. After all, it is all about good looks that you are considering here. Still, we would suggest going through them because maybe, you can find a product with the same budget with more features. These tips are compiled fine points that may help to narrow down your purchase and make it more convenient.

  • Frame – You will read online and listen to people suggesting you buy frames according to your face structure. But what if you like a different product? Our take is if you can pull it off, then do not put filters on your purchase. Explore everything and buy the product you like to own. That is it!
  • Proportion – Despite the frame as big or small, the proportion is what make one product look good or the best on your face. You will explore a few products with the top frame that goes above the eyebrow while some have a bottom structure covering your cheeks. This is more important than pondering just over the frame size.
  • Material – Wooden, metal or plastic are the most common material you will find online. The difference in the material makes the product durable and cost-effective. You should also check out acetate frame if you are looking for something long-lasting.
  • Lens – Optical glass, polycarbonate, polarised, UV protection, gradient lens or plastic – these are the options you have for the lens. You can also customise the colour of the lenses if you want. If you wear eyeglasses or contacts, you can opt for a prescription lens.
  • Rim – Rimless sunglasses are less common, but that doesn’t mean they are less stylish than half-rim or full-rim products. If you are not sure of the type to buy, you can virtually try them by uploading your pic and choosing different rim styles to get an idea of the final look.
  • Hold – Mostly, you will see one size sunglasses that fits everyone, but there are sizes available too. If you have too big or too small a facial frame, finding your size may be difficult. Apart from this, some of you feel irritating at the back of your ear or even get a headache. Usually, sunglasses loosen up a bit once you start wearing them, but if you still feel the same, you should opt for a bigger size.

We know the tips are all usual points, but it is good to have a list handy so that you do not forget anything while shopping. Despite having a list of tips, you should also know a few brand names to validate your research in the starting. Some of the names include Gucci, Oakley, Dior, Prada Ray-Ban, Cartier, Fendi, and many more. You can start your shopping drive with cheap Oakley sunglasses for sale.

Question & Answer

How to choose sunglasses?

The usual approach of picking sunglasses is more focused on looks, most of the time. Since the products’ primary purpose has always been to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, now it has become a luxury product though. Along with looks, you should also read the specifications thoroughly to get quality in your product too.

Is buying polarised sunglasses worth it?

Polarised sunglasses are an excellent accessory to wear while driving, swimming or near water, and for someone who has recently undergone cataract surgery. The reason is its anti-glare characteristics. What does anti-glare do? – It reduces the intense brightness or reflected light directed at you. But there are cons too. You cannot see the phone screen or those small hoardings on the road. As far as functionality is concerned, these sunglasses are a legitimate product you can own.

Why are sunglasses expensive?

Only the high-end features available in a product makes it expensive. So, the sunglasses’ features responsible for their price tag are added lens coating and UV protection film. Also, the high-quality material with which the product is made is one of the budget influencing factors. You should check out the specifications of the product where you will find such features, making a product perfect for its budget.

How to buy sunglasses online?

Our shopping search engine can be an excellent beginning for your shopping drive. You will find brands, online shops, deals, and technically a legit platform to make your shopping convenient. So, this platform can be a combination of smooth navigation and loads of products under one roof, making your shopping a seamless journey. In the end, the purchase won’t look like a daunting task anymore.