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Small Bahia Basket Bag in Toquilla Straw
Small Bahia Basket Bag in Toquilla Straw
Known for its authentic Panama hats, Artesano extends its collection to effortlessly sleek handba...
Small Bahia Basket Bag in Toquilla Straw
Small Bahia Basket Bag in Toquilla Straw
Known for its authentic Panama hats, Artesano extends its collection to effortlessly sleek handba...
Large Bahia Basket Bag in Toquilla Straw
Large Bahia Basket Bag in Toquilla Straw
Known for its authentic Panama hats, Artesano extends its collection to effortlessly sleek handba...
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About Handbags

Women’s bags are such a necessary fashion accessory. You cannot step out outside your home or go to a mall or a restaurant and find even one woman who isn’t carrying a bag with her. The popularity of this simple accessory has risen over the years.

Today, we have countless choices and some pretty great ones when it comes to handbags. Some of the best designers have their handbag collections, and they all stand out in quality, design and practicality. From sling handbags, totes to elegant designer ones, there is a handbag for everyone today. It is one of the things that are so common, yet so hard to settle on, because of the countless choices. Whether you choose to buy handbags online or shop retail for them, make sure it fits your routine. If it is for a party or an occasion, purchase one that you can use later on as well. Quality is something that you absolutely cannot compromise on. With the countless brands and choices, you’ll get your perfect handbags through online shopping with ease. 

Different types of branded handbags online in the UAE  

Buying handbags online is the best thing you can do when it comes to making sure you pick the right one. Shopping for a bag isn’t rocket science. However, making sure you pay attention to some crucial points is one thing that will make sure you buy the right one. This ensures that you don’t need to go looking for an alternative just a few months after investing, only because it doesn’t serve the purpose. With so many stores selling branded handbags online in the UAE, we are better accustomed to brands, styles, textures and deals than most folk. If handbag shopping is something that you’ve never done, here are a few variants to start your journey. 

The designer handbag 

Who doesn’t love a designer bag? Yes, handbags look lovely and have a charm of their own when they come from a designer house. This authenticity cannot be copied, although there are people who try to mock the reputed styles with cheap imitations. Buying only in malls and good online stores is one way to ensure authenticity. A designer handbag is expensive; however, you can never put a price on quality, design and the endless craftsmanship that goes into making every single one. Plus, the compliments that will follow are unmatchable. So, buying that one bit of indulgence is undoubtedly worth it. 

The leather handbag 

Nothing can last as long as pure leather. With bags, belts and jackets being made of his delightful material, the trend has grown even more popular over the years. It is now a classic that will never go out of fashion. These as just as expensive as the designer ones and can sometimes cause a hold in your pocket. But again, in this case, you end up paying for the quality and durability. Take good care of it, and you will never have to buy another one for years to come. Leather handbags are something that most well-known brands have, however, ensure you don’t get fooled by the replicas.  

The summer handbag 

Summertime is one where you want to be carefree and enjoy the weather when it is at its best. During this season, it’s not the best thing to being dragging a full handbag that is heavy and doesn’t go with your attire. With summer dresses, shorts and skirts being the hot favourites of the season, a classic summer handbag to match makes sense. The best one should be lightweight, look casual, be small enough to sling on your shoulder and of course, have some summer vibes. You can pick your style and the material as there are no specific rules while buying this one.  

The small handbag 

If you hate the weight of the regular purse, then the tiny bags if the right ones for you. Slightly more significant than the average one, it generally has a long sling and falls till your waist. You can easily fit a small wallet inside too. This one is great for an evening dinner, party or a casual day when you won’t be needing too many things. The best thing is that it works with all kinds of outfits. To ensure this, make note that you pick a universal style in a classic shade like black, white or great. You don’t have to worry about it matching and working with what you’re wearing.  

Tips on buying Handbags Online in Dubai

Shopping for handbags online isn’t a difficult task. A lot of women face the issue of understanding the sizes; however, most well-known sites have solved this problem. You can easily find the size mentioned alongside most products, plus a model carrying it, so you know how big or small the bag is. This makes online shopping for handbags a straightforward task. With endless colour choices and so many designs, it makes for a relaxed, stress-free alternative.

  • Buy as per your requirement – Are you picking a bag for your office, for particular meetings or just an evening bag? These questions will help you figure out the style you want.
  • The essentials should be in place – A long strap, sufficient zippers and space for cards etc. are just some of the necessities for any handbag. Make sure you check on your list of essentials before you buy.
  • Buy branded – The extra bucks, in this case, are certainly worth it! Branded products last long, look good and make a style statement.
  • Check for a discount – There’s nothing better than getting some bucks off your favourite buy. So, why not wait until there is a sale or check online for some offers. It’ll make you happier for sure!
  • Insist on leather – The king of all materials, there is nothing better than pure leather, and if you have owned a leather bag before, you’ll know why. Choose quality over quantity.
  • The colour matters – If you pick a specific colour, say orange, pink or blue, it won’t work with everything. So, why not keep it simple with tan, black, white or grey instead?

With so many styles, brands and designs, you are bound to set your heart on more than one handbag. However, if it is your first time investing in a particular brand, don’t go all out. Buy one and see how it turns out after a couple of months. A lot of these products, because they are small won’t have a warranty or guarantee. Plus, given the steep prices of a few, it’s money down the drain if it turns out faulty. So, always be patient, you can buy more anytime.

Question & Answer

Which are the best ladies handbags for the office?

Office handbags are something that everybody will notice every single day. If you don’t like juggling, settle for one that will work with everything you wear. Some of the top-rated and best ladies’ handbags for office 2019 are the Urban Originals Ethereal Vegan Leather Tote, Kita Leather Shoulder/Crossbody Bag, Prima Venti Leather Tote, Cuyana Classic Leather Zipper Tote and the Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote.

Which are the most stunning leather handbags to invest in?

Leather handbags are a classic. If you love bags, having a leather one in your collection is a must. Even if you don’t use it every day, they are lovely for those select dates or occasions. Some of the best ones are – Strathberry Bicolor East/West Leather Crossbody Bag, Saint Laurent Toy Loulou Calfskin Leather Crossbody Bag, Marni Small Trunk Colorblock Leather Shoulder Bag, Mansur Gavriel Mini Top Handle Rounded Leather Bag and the Fendi Baguette mini handbag.

How should you care for your handbag?

Handbags last only as long as you care for them. It is easy to see why – they go through everything you do daily and are in constant use. To care for them, use a gentle polish (depending on the material) and wipe it dry every other weekend. This also goes for the bags you don’t use regularly. One-in-a-month cleaning is an essential requirement. Don’t overstuff them and make sure your tiffin and any eatables that can spill, or leak doesn’t make your bags their home.

Which are the best online shopping sites for women’s handbags?

The best shopping sites for handbags is secure because you can find them no practically every online store. The reputed ones will have the best stock, and sometimes also go one step forward with discounts. If it isn’t urgent, hold until a sale is announced. To truly get the best value for your money, use It is a terrific online search engine that has more than 500+ online stores listed under it. You can find your perfect bag here and may even end up paying less.

You can check out some unique brands for handbags like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach, DIOR, Michael Kors, YSL, and more. Right here on, you can get access to a huge collection offered by popular stores in the industry. So, go ahead and have an amazing browsing experience ahead.