About Jackets

The style, variety, and fabric of the jacket are primary specifications you first contemplate when eyeing on any product online. The other features may be colour, size, embellishments that are mostly a personal choice of the buyer. Overall, buying clothing, especially a top layer like a jacket, is a few steps process that you must know.

Jackets are versatile but season specific. If we put in a general way, then jacket for the summer season are thin and usually a fancy layer for a perfect evening. Then, fall season coats add a stylish layer to your outfit for a whole day look. This is the time when you should make the most of your layering game because winter is all about the thick top layers. You can still add a tint of style to your winter layers, depending on the clothes you are pairing that with. Overall, season automatically comes in your mind when shopping as that is an utmost need you can’t ignore.

Transform your style by choosing the right jacket fabric

Let’s talk about cotton ones, including denim fabric. For those not aware, denim is thickly weaved 100% cotton fabric blended with other fabric, sometimes. Cotton or cotton blend is the most common fabric you can have no issue styling as it goes well with almost everything. While some of you have cotton as daily wear, others trust on leather jackets for that. Then comes the fabric for winter seasons like fleece, puffer, trench coat, or windbreaker. Whenever you are buying jackets online in UAE, you can either filter the season or fabric like by choosing summer, you will automatically see the appropriate fabrics.

Denim jackets

The most popular style of denim jackets is its light blue version either in a solid colour or distressed style. Some of you even like the ripped style. However, that’s not all as denim comes in various other forms. For example, coloured denim has been in trend for so many years now. You can check out red, orange, pink shades, and pair it with white top and bottom. Other than that, raw denim also has a unique and subtle look desirable by many of you when buying jackets near me. Likewise, you can explore many other varieties and style at our product search engine.

Leather jacket

Like denim coats, this fabric has variations too. First thing first, their topmost variant, the best motorcycle jacket, is known as biker jacket. This is actually designed to protect motorcyclists but later became a fashion. Similarly, you can check out coats for aviators and racers worn by pilots and racers on the road. Blazer style is another form that makes quite a style statement of its own. Other than styles that differ in these variants, the kind of leather used is unique too. You can start your shopping drive by checking out some cheap leather jackets and see if they are interesting enough.

Parka jackets

Parka is the ultimate winter product with hood and fur. Originally, it is made from animal skin, and that makes it warm enough to pass extreme cold climates. Many of your adventurous ones who crave for experiences like kayaking in rigid artic get the parka coats as these are the most suitable there. There are also types of parka blazers that you can explore at our shopping platform, Right now, you can check out well-versed tips that will help you in making an informed decision irrespective of what type of product you buy in the end.

Tips on how to buy Jackets online

You may have a different approach of buying jackets, depending on whether you will be making one as mid-layer or top layer. A winter jacket can willingly be both, but summertime is a different kind of fancy. So, this is the first thing you need to know before hitting the buy button on some random jacket that whether you want to make this clothing versatile or just be putting on a few outfits. This will narrow down your purchase to an extent. We have also compiled some bullet points for you to further end up making an informed decision.

  • Do not just believe the photos – There are so many reviews you will find online saying that the purchase is a fail. Most of the times you see these clothes or a model wearing one, set that image on your mind, and think that will look same on you. No, it will not because you have a different style and figure. Thus, checking out photos is not 100% research done. Instead, read the product details thoroughly along with that.
  • Functional or aesthetical – You may want features like being waterproof, insulated, double-sided, and likewise other functions. You may otherwise need a stylish layer to accentuate our outfit. You can choose one or both these purposes and keep them in mind while shopping. Shopping the right product is not only about picking the right one but omitting the unwanted ones too.
  • Focus on the details – Any product’s value is in its details. For a jacket, you need to see zipper or button material, seam stitching, and the overall construction. These are surely some things that will influence the price, which is why some cheap products out there lack quality in these detailing. They indeed give you style, but not durability or the sheen get lost after a few washes.
  • Leave a little room for experiments – You may feel comfortable in certain styles, and buying the same style again is completely fine. However, you can sometimes choose some funkiness to see how that looks on you. If you are not sure about it, you can start with choosing a different colour, the one that you think does not suit you. Then, slowly come to embellishments and a little punk if you want.

You will see varying price tags of products, so fixing your budget before starting to explore will save a lot of your time. There is one more thing that influences the price tag, and that is brands. Some of the brands with a varying budget range are Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Columbia, Vero Moda, Dorothy Perkins, Superdry, and Gucci among others. You can find all of them or even more at our retail search engine. You can also start from our discount section by checking out a jacket for sale online in Dubai, UAE.

Question & Answer

Where to buy a jacket online in UAE?

If you are brand specific, you can check out The North Face, Moncler, Zara, Uniqlo, and Vero Moda, among others. If you can further broaden-up your search criteria with more than brands, you can filter budget, colour, style, and style. And for that, our shopping search engine can give you an excellent start with varieties of jackets to choose from. Here, you can also read genuine reviews of other customers and further validate your purchase.

Where should jacket sleeves end?

The sleeves should rest right above the top of your wrist. Sometimes you want the style when the underlayer sleeves are slightly visible in the end. In that case, you can go for the sleeves that end at the hinge of your wrist. However, that is for formals or business casual looks. For a regular outfit, you may want to cover the underlayer sleeves completely unless you are rolling your sleeves. Even if you are buying baggy clothes, your sleeves should be the right size.

What jacket to wear with a midi dress?

You can wear a cropped jacket that goes well with midi dresses. Fabric can vary as per the climate – if it is mildly cold, you can wear a denim jacket. If it is hot and you are going out in the evening, you can pair your dress with a fancy jacket with laces or beads or other embellishments. You can even wear a leather jacket, but you should not put on a puffer or bomber jacket with a dress. The latter ones will not look cool at all unless you are balancing your look with heavy boots.

What jacket to wear with jeans?

The answer is almost any – jeans are such versatile clothing that you can get it along with anything you want. Formal wear or at times, business casuals are an exception. But other than that, you can match different kind of jeans with multiple jackets. For example, stripped jeans with denim jackets, straight jeans with bomber jackets, tapered fit jeans with a trench coat, or bellbottom jeans with cropped jackets. You can literally make your own style statement with a jean and a jacket of your choice.

We hope you now have a broad spectrum to choose from. You can begin to explore with our shopping platform and see products so worthy of your shopping cart. Further, you can filter the products, compare them with each other, read reviews, and shop – that’s what a seamless shopping drive sound like. You can even explore our jackets & coats section to further search for more options.