About Shirt Dresses

After borrowing details from man’s shirts, the shirt dresses for women are part of the ramps as well as streets. Just in a glimpse, one may find these dresses similar to a men’s shirt. The most common features include a collar, cuffed sleeves and a button front. Mostly these dresses are made of crisp fabrics like silk and cotton. Generally, they have a seamless waist. Often these dresses are accompanied by a belt that gives a smarter and chic style to the wearer. Luckily, the shirt dresses for women flatter all body types.

The design was introduced to the fashion world as “Shirtwaist dresses” in the 1950s. This introduction was a part of Christian Dior’s Post WW II “New Look” collection. The initial design featured notched collar and cuffed elbow-length sleeves. Soon this shirtdress with full skirt and collar became famous. As a result, it became a must-have item for every women’s wardrobe. During that time, these dresses came in cotton material only. However, now you can find them in many different styles, colours, patterns and fabric. Thus, offering women a wide set of possibilities to style their shirt dresses. Today we will talk about how to make day to day styling using these shirt dresses.

A beginners styling guide for shirt dresses for women 

Are you looking to enjoy shirt dresses with new looks? Online stores like offers a wide range of shirt dresses outfits for women. Each of these dresses is effortlessly chic and versatile. Even for if you are looking for shirt dresses for Petites, an oversized shirt dress could be a confident pick. Just add a smart belt to define the waistline and pick ankle boots to complete the look. Likewise, a sleeveless, khaki shirt dress with pockets is ideal for an office look. On the other hand, you can also make a style statement with a maxi shirt dress. However important is to know the right occasion and how-to pair. Let’s share some expert stated style idea to wear your long or short shirt dress on any occasion.

Long sleeve shirt dress- Simple, sleek and on-point  

None of us ever wishes to compromise on her style. Even in extreme winters, women need an idea to stay stylish and cosy. For all such ladies, the long sleeve shirt dresses under a t-shirt offer warmth. Here you can start by picking a long sleeve shirt that is suitably fit on our body. Now pick a striped t-shirt dress over it. It will help you look fashionable yet comfortable. Otherwise, you can pick a long-sleeve shirt in matching the colour to your t-shirt dress for a subtle look. Despite the print of the colour of the dress, you are free to pick footwear. Here you can wear sneakers, flats or ankle boots of your choice. Mostly women like this outfit for the minimal and easy to carry nature.

Maxi shirt dress – One dress with a multitude of styling options

This style of dresses is highly resourceful. Hence you can remix them in many different ways for any occasion. So, if you are wishing to spend less money while enjoying more styles, pick this style. However, be careful in picking the colour, length and fit of your maxi dress. With a wise choice, you can pair the maxi dress with a leather jacket and flats. However, if the maxi shirt dress has floral prints or patterns better is to avoid layers. However, a sleek jewellery item could do wonders. Widely speaking these dresses are preferred in summer. It is important to choose the right fabric according to the season, to enjoy the most. Moreover, a petite woman can also enjoy this maxi by adding a sleek belt.  

Pairing a shirt dress with jeans

Along with many others, the jeans also work well with shirt dresses. Mainly if you can get hands-on a perfectly skin-tight shirt dress. As a rule, pick ripped jeans and top it with a denim dress. Here, adding a stylish pointed sandal would be a great idea. Meanwhile, a striped sleeveless dress with a sleek belt and stilettos is perfect with skinny jeans. Likewise, shirt dresses in subtle tones look best over a jean. While you can also match a colourful patterned dress with a classic black stretch jean. Here you can confidently go for a heeled lace-up. On the other hand, a white dress works perfectly with skin-tight faded denim. This style mostly looks flattering with blocked or pointed high heels. Another option is to pick a monochrome print dress with mules and faded denim.

Styling a long t-shirt dress on its own

Here is the best part of the t-shirt dresses. They look perfect on their own. You can pick a mini denim dress with a scooped hemline to accentuate the legs. While a looser design cinched from the waist can help you create a full-figure image. Likewise, a plaid long length t-shirt dress can make you look feminine. On the other hand, a pretty pinstripe paired with nude sandals and a floral jacket gives the true summer spirit. Conclusively these dresses are meant to accentuate every woman with any body type. Thereby admired by all and used by many these dresses have been in trend since long. However, the bottom line is to pick solid shades for a decent look while going for prints to add fresh and chic feel.

Tips on how to buy a Shirt Dress for women online in Dubai 

When you focus on the right things, you will see that dressing well is quite simple. However, getting a perfect dress to style is quite a task to complete. Mostly women fail to bring out the best of what they have in their mind. The core reason is the lack of ability to pick the right dress from the shelves. Although online shopping has made it easier for females to look for different options and make a wise decision. Still, the problem exists due to the overabundance of options to choose from. As a result, they end up paying for something that is either too tight or too loose. Today’ we will help you do some brainstorming to pick the right products from any website. We hope these tips could help you make wise decisions while shopping shirt dresses online.

  • Do some homework – Are you in need to buy t0shirt dress online? Start by deciding the colour, length or style you wish to see yourself in. Visit social media or consult friends to know what is trending. Now decide if you want a striped dress or prefer a plain one.
  • Read reviews – Before you head to booking a dress, you just saw on a website, look for a review. In online shopping, the customer leaves their reviews after buying any product. These reviews can give you an actual insight into the quality and fit of the product. It should be important for you.
  • Know your fabric priorities – As mentioned already, shirt dresses in Dubai come in different types of fabric as some ladies have sensitive skin. Hence, I know what does and doesn’t suit you. Here you can read the product description to know about the make and fabric of the dress you want to buy.
  • Compare price – Price of the product should be among your concerns while shopping online. Here you have two options to consider. Firstly, start a manual search from one site to another to compare price. Otherwise, go to the best product comparison site and search products according to price or brand.

Here, is known as the best retail search engine online. Our website has more than 500 brands, including Zara, Polo, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Asos, and H&M. With these brands, you have endless opportunities to explore and buy shirt dresses online. While other brands like Vince, Newchic, Ganni, Lacoste, Forever 21, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, and GAP also on the list. Contemporary yet timeless, our collection of the shirt dress is best for every occasion. This year these dresses are updated in a plethora of shades and shapes. Thus, making it the best choice to explore and buy from online.

Question & Answer

How should a shirt dress fit?

The dress shirts come in different styles, prints, lengths and fits. The style is meant to be looser and baggy. No matter if you are going for a floral long length shirt dress with or without sleeves. If they are airy and spacious with a flare, they are flattering. Likewise, if you pick a style with solid hues, pockets keep it loose. However, a petite woman may need to add some shape to her body while wearing a shirt dress. In such a case recommended is to pick a style with a built-in belt. Otherwise, they define their waistline by using a common belt on the waist.

When to wear shirt dresses?

These dresses are versatile. Thus, they can perfect for different occasions. However, important is to style and pair them nicely. Here a rule of thumb is to pick a shirt dress according to the occasion, surrounding and your personality. For instance, wearing a bright floral shirt dress to the office would make you look overdone. However, it is best to pick for leisure time, shopping, friends or family gathering. Likewise, a plain khaki dress with belts and pockets is the best option for office wear. But it would make you look too dull on a picnic or time at the beach.

How to make a shirt dress? 

An interesting part of these dresses is that you can customise them using different clothing. Here you can simply add an elastic to your existing oversized t-shirt. Just define the waistline of an oversize t-shirt of your boyfriend and make is a shirt dress. Otherwise, pick a button-up shirt dress that is longer. Here you can either stitch in a belt in the waist or use once from above. Hence, with slight tailoring and modifications, you can convert an old or loose shirt to a dress. However, none of these can give you perfection and flawlessness as a ready-made dress.

Where can I buy shirt dresses? have more than 500 brands with top stores that offer shirt dress for women online. A few names to mention are Newchic, Ounass, Yoins, Go The List, Lacoste, Mamas&Papas, GAP, Sun & Sand Sports. Here on our website, you can find hundreds of options to explore and choose from. With top brands on the list, you can also get updates about the latest sales on products online. At the same time, our product comparison site can help you compare the prices and products. Thus, making it possible for you to shop smartly and economically.

By the end, it would not be wrong to mention that a shirt dress is an ultimate essential for a casual wardrobe. From popular printed designs to subtle and solid hues, you can own it all. Think florals, go gingham or stipe – choose whatever you inspire. Do not hesitate to own a dress that can turn heads on you.