La Catalina Maxi Dress in Viscose Blend
La Catalina Maxi Dress in Viscose Blend
No Pise La Grama's La Catalina Maxi Dress is reminiscent of luxurious vacations in sun-drenched locales. Crafted from airy fabric, the feminine silhouette is cut for comfort and features a plunging neckline with an asymmetrical tiered ruffle hem. Enhance the warm colourway with gold-tone jewellery.

About Maxi Dresses

Are you wondering what clothing to wear this summer season? You’re not alone! As the warm sun begins to peek out from the clouds, the sizzling heat calls for a dress that's airy, flowy and easy as a breeze to wear. So, is there a dress that showcases these qualities? Well, yes—it is the maxi dressesAnd that’s why a summer wardrobe is never complete without this dress.  

The flowy, floor-grazing appeal of the these dresses adds versatility to your looks and yet keeps you cool and fresh throughout the day. An authentic maxi dress is this unique type of long dress that loosely flows on a woman’s body. It is this nature of these dresses that make them one of the season less wardrobe essential. From floral patterns to minimal, billowing cotton to sumptuous silks, they come in diverse styles. Therefore, with the right maxi dress in your wardrobe, you’ve always got a go-to attire. You can comfortably dress them up or down for casual weekends, weddings, daytime styles, beach vacations and special evenings out. However, the key to wearing them right is to pick them right. Ahead, we’ve compiled a few of their types, some tips and recommendations that’ll guide you to choose a maxi dress that’ll make you stand out in the crowd.  

Define your fashion with these stylish maxi dresses  

These dresses, an eye-catching piece of garment, is one of the coolest and chicest ways to feel comfortable while putting in a minimal amount of effort. Just pair them with your favourite shoes or heels, and you are good to go to places. However, remember that choosing the right one that suits you the best is the key to look stylish and feel comfortable. Here are a few of them that are likely to end up in your summer wardrobe.  

Look chic with casual maxi dresses 

When presented with so much effortless efficiency, there is only one thing that it means. They are dresses that are both casual yet chic. You can put on one thing and be comfortable the entire day.  A maxi casual dress isn’t just an article of clothing, but it is a lifestyle. They are the kind of lifestyle which show decrease in sartorial stress and increase in the twirl-worthy fun. This is one of the primary reasons why they are the best hassle-free dresses. Moreover, they are versatile and come in diverse options. A cape maxi dress is a classic example of casual wear. They are a fashion for the laziest! 

The on-the-go formal maxi dresses 

Often your busy working schedules, leave a little room for you to dress up correctly. Hence, when you do not have time to mix and match your favourite dress, just slip into this dress. While these long, flowy and comfortable dresses may seem suitable for casual occasions, you can still wear them for work. However, ensure that you get one that is an office-appropriate style. Crisp shirt style maxi dresses work well for office hours. Go for softer colours or pastels which will give you a much classy look than a funky one. You can layer them over with a smart trouser and structure it with a jacket. DO not forget to add in a block heel to finish your look.  

Beat the heat with the summer maxi dresses 

With their flowy and loose nature, there is no doubt that these dresses and balmy summers go hand in hand. As if summer maxi dresses weren’t already bringing so much to the table, they also offer the kind of versatility which allows you to experiment with them in all seasons. Seriously, with a few adjustments and clever styling maxi could get you from brunch to the park to the bar and back. Though the off-shoulder look is fashionable for summer seasons, a V-neck or a backless maxis also works well during the hot and humid seasons. Choose pretty botanical floral prints and flouncy fabrics and pair them with a low heel suede sandals to look dapper in the season.  

Flaunt your figure with etite maxi dresses 

There’s always this preconceived notion that a short girl cannot wear a maxi dress. Well, with maxi dresses, especially for petite women, the statement remains a myth now. Maxis with solid colours will make a shorter person look taller for the simple reason that they offer less distraction to the eyes. However, if you are plus-size petite, dark solid colours are a must. Remember that colour-block-dyed strapless maxi doesn’t work well for the Petites. They are indeed very unflattering. Also, take note of the prints. Though it is unavoidable to wear these dresses without print, make sure you wear one that is appropriate to your size. If you are thin and short, go for small prints. Alternatively, if you are plump and short go for medium-sized prints.  

Feel breezy cool with linen maxi dresses  

People who wear linen often say that they cannot imagine wearing any other materials, especially in summers. And this holds for the maxi dresses that come in linen materials. As if the airy and flowy nature wasn’t enough, the maxi dresses with linen fabric are durable and have healing properties. But what makes them so sought-after? Well, it is their unique features! A good linen maxi dress doesn’t lose shape even after washing and has a long lifespan. If anything, they become more soft and pleasant after each wash. Moreover, the linen maxi dresses unlike other, come in a diverse range of colour and prints. And the best part, they do not need to be ironed to look good! 

Tips on how to buy Maxi Dresses online

Maxi dresses certainly are a staple that can take you from a day of the patio to the evening soirée. From floral tiered maxi dresses to ruffle maxi dresses, there an extensive collection of maxi dresses out there. However, the key is in choosing the right one for yourself. With so many of their types, shopping for the perfect one may get a little tricky. Check out a few tips below that’ll help you buy an ideal one.  
  • Consider your body type— Maxi dresses are available in different styles, colours, patterns and designs. Each of these features complements a specific body type. For example, if you are petite, you must opt for minimal length. It is also essential to pick a fitted dress if you are slim. On the other hand, if you have a fuller figure, it would be best if you go for something that can complement your curves.
  • Do not cover your feet— Maxi dresses are generally long. But while one for yourself, you should consider your height too. Remember that you should not cover your feet. Long maxis that cover your feet will limit your movement, and they will make it hard for you to walk comfortably. We recommend you pick maxis that stays up till your ankle. This way, it will be much easier for you to walk.
  • Know colours that compliment— Each of us have different complexions and skin tones, including the eye and hair. These features define us. Therefore, while picking a maxi dress, you must consider them. Certain colours complement them, whereas some don’t. Thus, it is important to choose a colour that matches these features.
  • Find the right style— The maxis come in a wide range, but certain cuts and styles will complement your figure better than the other. Therefore, first, figure out what works best for you. Know your body shape and other features well. Always consider the occasion for which you are going to wear the dress. It plays a vital role in creating a classy look.
  • Look at the material— Before you finally shop for the one that you’ve been eyeing for long, you should determine its purpose. Are you going to wear them as casual or formal? Go ahead and pick the one made of cotton if it is for daily use. But if it is a formal event you might as well go for silk or chiffon maxis.
  • Accessorize correctly— Be it a formal or a casual no outfit is complete without some accessories. However, the key is in wearing the right kind of accessories with the right maxi dresses to the right occasion. Get your shoes, pieces of jewellery and bags right.  
Some seasonal trends have true staying power, and a maxi dress is one among them. A stroll, a night out with friends, or a date are some of the most significant reasons to make these maxi dresses your favourite wardrobe staples. They are, without a doubt, the most feminine dresses in trend. However, always remember these rules to match and style maxi dresses with different clothing or accessories to look out of the box.  

Question & Answer

Are maxi dresses still in style? 

You can spot this traditional piece of clothing in every city. That is why they are chic and exclusive. Though they cover up your legs, they still look super sexy and are incredibly flattering. Not to mention, they are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear too. You could add some maxi dresses to your summer dress collection.  

Can maxi dress be worn to work?

When it comes to clothing for offices, it is always a daunting task for picking the right one, especially for women. You cannot randomly choose something and wear them to work as it will look awkward and downright. For something refreshing yet classy, you could go for the maxi dresses for ladies. They are the business causals that you can wear without any hesitation. However, remember to pick one that fits your right.  

How to style maxi dresses?

Styling a maxi dress can be tricky. You need to know what works well for your body type and occasions. For example, if you have a bright eye with a fair complexion, then go for colours such as navy blue or red. Whereas if you are duskish, a maxi dress of light blue, pink or white will look great. Also, consider prints. Go prints that compliment your body type.  For example, a backless maxi dress wouldn’t fit right if you are going for formal meetings. Whereas you can readily wear them if you are headed out for an evening outing.  

How to tie a maxi dress with slits?

The versatility of the maxi dresses is endless. Maxi dresses with slits are one such garment. If you have a maxi dress in your wardrobe that is too long or has slits that you want to cover up, tie a knot. It is as simple as that. However, decide where you want the knot to be and also consider the fabric quality before doing so. You can create different loops and knots until you are satisfied with the look.  

What to wear with maxi dress for wedding?

Is your calendar full of spring-summer weddings, and it is making you a bit anxious? That’s ok because deciding what to wear is one of the hardest things as a guest. If you are someone who hates showing off your legs, then maxi dresses are an ideal choice. However, wearing them alone won’t do justice to your wedding look. Pair them with the right accessories such as heels, bags and beautiful jewellery to finish your look elegantly.   In short, if you are going to buy a dress this season, then it has to include a maxi dress. Did you think you were going to twirl in like… pants? So, if you want to get some cheap maxi dresses come checkout, the ultimate product search engine.  It features an extensive range of maxi dress collection from brands like Elissabetta Franchi, Solace London, Masterpeace, Aekatri, Eleganza La Mode, Free People, Chador, ASOS, Zara, and many more. What's more, you can shop them from 500 plus online stores including popular names like NewchicOunass, Brands for Less, Tryano, GAP, Sun & Sand Sports, Nisnaas, Bloomingdales, Berrylook, and many more.