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About Aquarium Pumps

With an aquarium pump, you improve not only the condition of the tank but also the life of the fish living inside. Fish tank air pumps are widely available today, however, buying one means considering a few essential things before making the decision. 

When it comes to the life of aquatic creatures, they are more sensitive than other kinds of pets. Although for most people, owning an aquarium might seem like an easy way to keep a pet, its essential to be extra-cautious here. Fish are delicate beings and it is difficult to decipher what works for them and what does not. This is generally a question for beginners. If even the slightest of things like the difference in water temperature or too much light is visible, it can quickly kill them. Once you get past the learning phase, it can be delightful to have an aquarium in your home or office. It also suits many areas like the kids’ room, drawing table, meeting rooms and more. There is no disturbance to the surroundings when you have a fish tank. Instead, it brings about a very positive and peaceful vibe to the ambience. 

Different types of aquarium pump that you can buy today 

Suitable fish tank air pumps are the best way to ensure complete hygiene in your aquarium. While there are more accessories, this is one that can get you started in the right direction. It also helps to improve the life of the fish in the tank. Thankfully, we also have some reliable options like Tetra Whisper Air Pump and the Eheim Compact Water Pump today. Both are fantastic choices and you will soon start to see the difference after using the right aquarium filter pump. The best part is you don’t need to keep attending to it after that. Once you’re done fixing it, let it do its job. The cleaning sessions also don’t happen very regularly. So, it is a stress-free product and does a beautiful job for the aquarium. No wonder getting a device is such a win-win situation for all! 

Submersible tank pumps 

As the name states, a submersible aquarium pump is basically inside the aquarium. It works by drawing water across the filer, cleaning it and then releasing it back into the tank. They are a popular type of water device and do good joy when it comes to maintaining the water conditions within the container; however, a significant drawback is they are water-cooled. So, along with the submersible pump, you will have to go for a fresher to help stabilise the water. Hot water is not suitable for fish to thrive in.  

along with this, also check your filter’s sump, if it has enough space to accommodate the submersible pump. The good part is they are easy to install. The device does not require you to drill a bulkhead into the filter system, making it an excellent choice for beginners as well. 

In-line tank pumps 

The in-line aquarium air pumpsit outside the water tank. The inlet and outlet hose connect to this type of pump, and the alignment makes it possible for it to aid the water filtration process. Unlike the submersible pumps, these are air-cooled. The result is they add less heat to the water. The in-line type is more powerful. If you use them in a smaller tank, they can filter the water quickly. However, in a bigger tank as well, gallons of water filtration is possible by using this type of pump. They are also great for commercial applications. It is imperative to consider the head height while selecting an in-line tank pump. To set it up, you need to place the device before the filtration system. It is important to remember that high head heights i.e. more than 6 feet, can result in increased levels of backpressure. 

Wavemaker pumps 

This is something a lot of people see, if not used. The gentle ripples or waves you see in a tank are due to the wavemaker type of aquarium filter pump. A newer invention, it is something that people love because it adds a visual effect to the aquarium. It’s certainly more expensive than the regular ones, but with a good brand, this one is undoubtedly an investment. It is best for spaces which will see a lot of visitors like offices, conference halls and clinics. The central part of this device is another device or aquarium controller that helps manage the flow of the device. Wavemakers have different types of pumps under it viz. fixed flowDC controllable pumps, controllable powerheads2-part magnetic pumpsgyre pumps and wave boxes. 

Air pumps 

So, the air device is a fish tank water pump that helps to deliver air into the water. It is widely used in several types of aquariums today. Since oxygen is so vital to the fish living in it, a less supply can harm marine life. If you have much fish living in an aquarium, then the consumption of oxygen is high. The good thing is you can get many decorative styles of pumps today. Some like the pirate treasure chest or an underwater swimmer are popular choices. It, therefore, adds to the look of the aquarium and is also beneficial to the fish. It is easy to see the difference after using the right air device for your tank. But make sure you buy the right kind, as sensitive aquatic beings can sometimes only tolerate microbubbles. It’s also common to use an air device while travelling long distances with fish. 

Tips to keep in mind while buying  best silent aquarium air pumps  

If you don’t have an air pump, it's highly recommended you invest in one soon. They do a lot of good for the fish and keep the aquarium cleaner. A right aquarium oxygen pump is the perfect way to ensure the quality of the water in the tank. It also means less frequent cleaning sessions by professionals. In just a few months, the amount you spend will more than cover up the costs to hire a professional for monthly cleaning. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

  • Check the filtration type – Once you select the right kind of filter, half the job is done. This depends on several factors like the needs of the fish, type of tank and more. After this, you can choose a compatible water device too. It is the most critical bit so take time to figure it out or get help from a professional. 
  • The right flow rate – Saltwater fish need a higher flow rate while it is the opposite for panted aquarium. Research about this aspect so you can choose a suitable type of pump. Bear in mind that buying pumps and filters are expensive so don’t be hasty and make a wrong decision.  
  • The number of devices it will power – Check on the requirement for additional gadgets and equipment that the aquarium might require. This also affects the type of air pump. Hence analysing it, in the beginning, is crucial. Some standard requirements include UV sterilisers, protein skimmers, chillers and more. 
  • Check for a suitable water pump – The height of the device is also important and depends on the tank you have. The first thing is to pick the right size, so it fits inside, and the fish have space to swim too. Also, determine if it will require plumbing, can be directly connected to the water source and other details. 
  • The GPH is important – GPH stands for Gallons Per Hour and is an indication of how much water it can pump in an hour. Measuring this is essential and depends on the capacity of the tank.  The auto pumps make sure they devise the water that gets absorbed by the corals and never let it deplete even when you’re not around. 
  • Set a budget – Aquarium pumps can be expensive, so it helps to have a budget set to ensure you don’t go overboard. It’s the easiest way to avoid feeling broke at the end of the month. Start with the essentials and add a few to your collection every few months. 

Between the different types of pumps, most important is buying the right one to start with. It also helps to get some price comparisons before you make your choice. An excellent way to do this is first to check online and determine the models that suit your requirement. Note their prices. Once you spot a store, check their prices for the same product models. This way you can either buy at the retail store or go back home and order it online. 

Question & Answer

Which cheap aquarium air pumps are the quietest? 

Air pumps, in general, can create some noise due to the engines inside; however, if the noise isn’t much, its alright. But in the older models, this can come through as a concern, if the sound levels are high and disturbing. Here are some of the quietest air pumps you can get today – Tetra Whisper Easy to Use Air Pump, Mylivell Quietest Aquarium Air Pump, Hygger Quiet High Output Aquarium Air Pump, Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump Dual Outlet, Hydrofarm Active Aqua Air Pump, Fluval Q Air Pump, Pawfly MA-60 Quiet Aquarium Air Pump, U-picks Mini Aquarium Air Pump Kit, Upettools Aquarium Air Pump and Marine Metal 110 Air Dual A-2. 

Do battery operated air pumps for fish tanks need to be on all time? 

The best part of having a battery-operated device is the need to forget about it after installation. A right tool goes not to consume too much battery and needs a replacement only after a couple of months. The main intention of a device is to ensure the supply of oxygen in the tank stays up. Thus, if you have a few fish in a medium to large size tank, then you can switch off the device at night. However, with more fish, or less fish in a small container, make sure it stays on continuously. The next part is considering if the pump is dependent on the filter or not. If yes, then you have to keep it on but if it isn’t, then switching it off for a while should be no issues. If your tank is near the window and receives some sunlight, then the plants inside do the process of converting the carbon dioxide to oxygen for the fish. However, this does not happen at night and too many plants might end up consuming the oxygen in the water. In such cases, you can keep the pimp off during the day and on at night-time.  

Which are the best air pumps for small aquariums? 

A lot of aquarium owners always debate on whether a small tank needs a device or not. Well, irrespective of the size, a suitable tool always ensures healthy fish and better-quality water plants too. The good thing is hat you can today buy air pumps that are specially for smaller tanks. Here are some great choices – Fluval AQ Air Pump, Mylivell Quietest Aquarium Air Pump Oxygen Air Pump, Eheim Air Pump 400, Marine Metal 110 Air Dual A-2, Penguin Power Head 550 Aquarium Pump, Uniclife Aquarium Air PumpPenn Plax Silent Air B11 Battery-Operated Aquarium Air Pump and Hygger Mini. 

Where can you buy an aquarium air pump online in the UAE? 

Several amazing stores in Dubai sell some great air pumps and other aquarium accessories. It's best first to determine what your needs are before you get to the shopping part. is a brilliant product search engine. This one has more than 500+ products under it. The best part is you don’t have to check all the online stores, as you can get them all under one room. Here’s to make online shopping more comfortable, isn’t it? 

Microless and Ali Express are two fantastic online stores that have some terrific choices, so make sure you check them out. Aqua Medic, Dymax, Uniclife, Eheim, Juwel, Maxspect, Tetra Whisper, Sicce, Theiling and Tunzu are some of the best brands to consider.