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About Aquarium

Fish are adorable pets, and if you think of them as your own, then you’ll know that they deserve the best care and attention you can provide. Besides, they too rely on you to keep their environment healthy. Yes, a healthy fish aquarium is relatively easy to achieve and maintain. But, of course, this will not happen by itself. Keeping them chic and tidy for your fishes to swim depends on you.

We all know that the water in rivers, lakes and oceans cleanses itself naturally. But, in an aquarium, the story is different altogether. To keep your fish tanks clean, filtered and tidy, you must help. This means to take care of your tank and not overcrowd the tank or overfeed the fish. You can easily clean the aquariums by changing some of the water regularly and scrubbing the aquarium back walls occasionally. Also, cleaning the gravel bed and providing the proper filtration helps you keep your fish tank slick. Does this sound like a lot to do? Well, trust us when we say this – ‘It’s really not. In fact, doing all this will take you only 30 minutes a week. And truth be told, larger aquariums are actually easier to care for. Let’s explore a little more about them.

A guide to buying aquarium accessories

The thought of accessorising your aquarium can be a bit intimidating at times. Because there are so many options available, you have plenty of ways to make your mark designing your aquarium. But this also means you have to put in some effort to get everything right. It can be challenging to know which accessories are best for what you want to achieve. Certain items are essential for all setups, while others are optional depending on the configuration. Here is a list of four accessories that most people add to their aquarium.

Aquarium filter pump

A filter pump works by drawing water from the fish tank and passing it through the water filtration system. Even if you try to keep the aquarium water as clean as you can, the water still gets dirty eventually. This can be because of uneaten food, fish waste, and plant parts. All of these can cause a buildup of organic waste in the water. For the water to remain livable for the fish, these wastes should be cleaned periodically. While you will have to replace the entire water once or twice a month, the filtration system can take care of the waste in between those.

Fish tank decorations

Everybody who has an aquarium also wants the aquarium to look good. You should consider adding four or five fish tank decorations solely for this purpose. There are a whole bunch of aquarium ornaments out there, fortunately. These include artificial plants, live plants, corals, rocks, gems, accents, wood, and logs. Other than that, you can add miniature gazebos and pineapple houses with swim holes. Sunken ship models are great if you want to make it look like a sea bed. Some coral models can look very realistic, replete with barnacles.

Aquarium stands

If you have ever tried moving an empty aquarium, you already know how heavy it is. Even a medium-sized empty aquarium can weigh around ten kilograms. You can imagine how heavy it would be when it is filled up with water. That is why you need to provide sturdy and even support for the whole thing. Sturdy because you don’t want to knock down the whole thing accidentally, and even because the glass of the aquarium will break if the weight distribution is uneven. Most people choose to use a custom-built stand for aquariums.

Aquarium lighting

You can add all kinds of decorations you want to the aquarium. But one thing that ties all of them together is great lighting. If the lighting is not done right, your decorations will stick out like a sore thumb. It is usual for high-end aquariums to come with built-in lights. However, if you are going for a custom build one, you have to install all the lighting yourself. This might mean an extra step before setting up the aquarium. But, on the upside, this will give you much more flexibility in making your aquarium look good.

Tips on how to buy the best Aquariums Accessories online

By now, you must’ve figured out that a lot of work goes into making a fish comfortable in its fish aquarium. So, if you’re someone who seriously wants to pet fish, then make sure you have those right pet supplies to keep your fish healthy, comfortable and happy. And part of this is to choose the right fish aquarium. Selecting the right fish tank keeps the fish safe and also helps you enhance your aesthetics. Here are some of the considerations you need to keep in mind when you set out to buy fish aquariums online in the UAE.

  • Consider the cost and fish type – It’s true that aquariums often have a high start-up cost. However, subsequent maintenance is usually cheap. But this does depend on the kind of fish tank you get. The same thing goes for the fish types. You’ll find that some species are economical to maintain while the others might cost you more. That’s why it’s very critical to consider the types of fish you want to keep, even before you buy a fish tank.
  • The fish tank size is essential – You’ll find several sizes of fish tanks, and thus considering them is crucial. The fish aquarium size determines how many fish you can keep in them. You’ll see over time that having a bigger fish tank is much better than the small ones. That’s because cleaning the larger one is much simpler than the small one. Besides, at some point, you might have to add in a few chemicals to clean the water.
  • Check out the filtration equipment – Are you going to keep your fish tank clean? If yes, then missing filters is not an option. Most aquariums come with filters installed. However, many times you will have to buy them separately. Depending on the filtration type you need, you might have to take more time to study the best fish tank filters for your tank. It is always cheaper to shop for a fish tank that already has a filtration system incorporated into it.
  • Consider the fish tank lights – Some aquarium lighting will have live aquarium plants that need adequate lighting to make food. You need to identify the right type of lighting that will make the food-making process easy for the plants. Sometimes the lighting is meant to keep things vibrant. Most fish tanks now come with different LED styling. You should be able to customise the best-LED lights to offer different types of lighting in the room, especially at night.
  • Check out the fish tank construction – The fish aquarium construction will affect the durability of such a tank. Take time to compare between different types of fish tanks and aquarium cabinets to learn more about the materials used in making them. Indeed, some of them will be more durable than others are. The construction also affects the design of the product. Something that is too sturdy might not always leave room for an impressive design. However, there are many brands out there that surpass your expectations and combine the two.

Fish tanks are functional and a great decorative piece for any home or office. But that’s when you have the right fish tank for your rooms. We hope the above factors will help you assess the performance and quality of your aquariums quickly. Therefore, make sure to carefully evaluate them and pick one that best suits your needs. Also, do not forget to keep in mind the aquarium maintenance, as it is a critical factor to keep the product running.

Question & Answer

How to clean aquarium accessories?

You have to get the accessories out of the aquarium to clean them. This might not be a problem in the case of aquarium ornaments. They do not add much to the aquarium other than making them look good. However, you have to be careful while taking out the filter pump and tubing. Before taking them out, the water should be sufficiently aerated. Also, clean them and put them back immediately. There is nothing wrong if you take longer to put back the aquarium decorations. For cleaning these accessories, you can use any of the dedicated aquarium cleaners on the market.

Which aquarium accessories do I need?

Not all accessories are equally important for an aquarium. Some accessories are essential for supporting life inside the aquarium. These include filtration system, heater, thermometer, and aerator pump. The filtration system cleans the water and removes biological and chemical waste from the water. If the aquarium is in an environment with temperatures that fluctuates wildly, a heater and thermometer combination help stabilise the temperature of the water. Other than these, you can also include some decorations to make your aquarium look better.

What is the best aquarium air pump to buy?

Along with the fish aquariums, you also need the right terrarium accessories to maintain them. Of course, there are many tools to consider. However, an air pump is crucial of them. Today, you can find a handful of aquarium air pumps on the market that have different features. Therefore, we can guarantee you that it isn’t challenging to find one. However, we accept that it might be a little tricky to find the best one. Mylively Quietest Aquarium Air Pump, Hygger Quiet High Output Aquarium Air Pump, are a few among a wide range of aquarium air pumps.

Where to buy aquarium accessories online in the UAE?

Be it all in one saltwater aquarium kit or the cheap fish tank for sale; you can find them all What’s more, you can explore a wide selection of premium quality aquariums and other aquarium tools from popular online stores like Newchic, only on our product search engine. Apart from that, you can explore, compare prices and shop various products from world-renowned brands that suit budgets of all kinds. These include brands like Eheim, Aqua One, Sunsun, Juwel, Penn Plax, Aqueon, and Boyu.

Always remember to evaluate your product carefully, and do not settle in for anything that comes along your way. We hope the tips above will help you in making the right decision about which model to choose. Once you have the aquarium of your choice, ensure to keep them well-maintained at all times. This will make sure that you have colourful and healthy fish swimming in your fish tanks. So, are you ready to shop for one? Then start exploring the various other pet supplies here!