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About Cutting Knives

A knife is a special tool characterizing a cutting edge or blade attached to a hilt or handle. They exist for more than two and a half million years. Today these knives are used everywhere from kitchen to garden – and always for chopping, cutting, or digging purposes. Modern-day garden knives come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and uses. 

You can find common materials in modern knives includes bronze, steel, iron, copper, ceramic, and titanium. Each of these materials works differently based on the pressure an intended task need. Many garden knives are either folded or fixed with several blade patterns and styles. Each of these types varies by country of region, maker, and usage. In horticulture, the knives are referred to as pruning. These knives are mainly involved in cutting, chopping, or digging buds, branches, and roots. The variety of working makes them an essential part of basic garden tools.  

Best garden pruning knife for domestic use  

A garden knife is a vital gardening tool that you must keep close at hand while working in the yard. According to experts, you can use a good pruning-knife for chopping lettuces, kale etc. A nice wedding knife will also help you deal with cutting flowers, chopping string, or taking all the unwanted weed from the roots. So, no matter if you need to quickly tie in a climber or need some help in harvesting fruits or veggies in your yard, a fine cutter like a Japanese gardener’s knife is a good addition to the toolbox. But if you do not hold one, here are some ideal options to consider and buy online. 

The oak handle garden knife 

A compact pruning knife is one with a slim handle which is perfect for hard pruning work. These knives have a less pronounced curve; hence you can use them for a variety of tasks. Here you should expect a blade in high carbon steel as the handle will be housed in solid brass. This knife holds a blade of about 9 cm in length. This blade folds into a 10cm handle. These gardening knives are versatile and highly reliable because they are always made of high-quality material. These blades are lightweight and good for both small and big hands.  

The hand-forged garden knife 

These knives have hand-forged steel. The handle is also individually made and is generally carved from walnut. Experts refer it to as a cutting knife with a quality “unequal.” Here, the gardening knife’s length is about 17 cm in the open with a blade length of 6.5cm. In hand-forged items, you can also look for items made in Japan – for instance, the Baishinshi Kogatana gardening knife from Niwaki. These knives are made of Shirogami white paper steel and have soft steel Jigane cladding. In these types, the blade length is about 5 inches or 13 cm and is versatile.  

Best heavy-duty gardening knife 

Crater C33 is the best gardening knife for heavy-duty work. Even though it can easily penetrate harder surfaces, these knives are lightweight and come in a highly rust-resistant blade. This knife is more comfortable to sharpen using basic tools, and you can clip the knife into the garden overalls. At times they are also used as bottle openers. These knives are about 2.6 inches, and with a handle, they will be about 3.87 inches long. The handle is normally made of glass-filled nylon. If you buy from a brand, they will come with 25 years warranty and serve fine for general gardening knives. 

The best hardware attachment 

The No. 09 DIY Folding knife is a must-have in the gardening toolbox for several reasons. It has a robust blade with a wire cutter of 5mm max cable diameter. It also has a wire stripper with a 1.8mm max cable diameter. You will also find two screwdriver tips in the handle that means you do not need to use this knife for gardening. Instead, it can serve as a helping tool in many in-house DIYs. Here the blade length is 8cm and is made from Sandvik stainless steel. The handle is made of durable and high-quality fibreglass that is reinforced with polyamide. They also have a strong safety lock to lock it when not in use or folded.  

Tips on how to buy Garden Knife online in the UAE

Best garden knives are small yet essential part of any gardening activity. These knives are meant to help you keep the garden clean and tidy with no signs of weed or messy branches scattered around. These small knives help present the creativity easily all you need to do is to buy appropriate garden knives for sale online in the UAE. But when you head to do so, the number of choices might make you feel dizzy. So here are some tips on how you can make the buying process stress free and quick.

  • Look for the blade – A sharp, narrow blade is the most critical feature of a gardening knife. Ideally, a knife with a 3 to 3½ inch blade is perfect for different uses. Besides, it remains closer to your hands and gives you a better grip, making it easier to control.
  • Prefer blades with agility – An agile and sharp blade can easily handle tight curves that can be challenging while paring and digging. This is why agility is more important than balance and weight. But make sure the blade is not too flexible, or it will not serve the intended purpose.
  • Look at the handle – While peeling or digging you will be dealing with so much of a hand job, a comfortable grip will ease the process for you by posing minimum pressure on your hands. Hence look for a knife with a long handle and a considerable thickness to sit comfortably in your grip.
  • Invest in the brand – It is important to invest in the right and high-quality product. It is a profitable deal for your budget as well. A fine quality branded item will last with you longer than a cheap local made. So, look for a branded sturdy, well-shaped blade with a sharp tip and compact length overall.
  • The knife’s weight – The weight of the knife will vary with the type of handle it has. Before you settle for any option, consider the weight of the product and try checking a different handle if the knife is too heavy or lighter for you. A lighter knife is recommended.
  • Understand the product – Once you get hands-on a good knife, read the product description section to know about the size, weight usage specifications. Here you can also get information about the care and maintenance tips for the knife. Always read it before making a buying decision.

In the end, you must look for a gardening knife that can serve you in more than one way. These knives can do wonders when it comes to cutting and digging soils or weeds. But you can only enjoy the versatility if the knife is finely made and of high quality. And let us not forget to mention that this combination generally comes in branded items.  An easy and quick buying start by looking at the best-selling items with a high star rating from consumers.

Question & Answer

What is a garden knife used for?

A garden knife is a special tool used for transplanting, weeding, cutting sod or dividing plants. Some garden knives are ruler etched in steel. These types are useful for measuring the depth of soil while planting seeds or bulbs.  Here the fine tip of the blade serves in drawing lines in the soil for planting gauges. There are different types of garden tools each used for specific plantation needs. So, it would help if you were specific about the preferred use before you head to buy a garden knife.

How to sharpen a garden knife?

A well-cared and sharp garden knife will give you a clear and easier cut with reduced risk for the plant to get any disease. To sharpen a garden knife, start with a thorough cleaning of the pruning tools.  Remove all types of ingrained sap or dirt. You can use wire wool or wire brush if needed. For sharpening, you can use sharpening store, whetstone or file and scrub it along the blade’s edge. It will take two to five passes, approximately, to sharpen the blade.

How to use Hori Hori garden knife?

There are many known uses of Hori Hori knives, and you can use them as a quick soil aerating tool to get the oxygen to plant roots. It is also helpful in sufficiently watering the root surrounding soil. The special blade of Hori Hori is ideal for getting the weed at its roots and flicking it off in one go. A serrated Hori Hori blade is suitable for cutting through the stubborn roots and root balls. These knives also work well as pruning devices for smaller branches. You can also use a Hori Hori blade as a marker stake. With a hole in the handle and some string or wire, you can make the garden marking easier and accurate. At times it is also used as a propagation tool to cut through larger root balls.

Where to buy garden knives online in the UAE?

Expert recommends exploring a product search engine to find different types and sizes of garden knives. For instance, at you can find everything for your gardening needs, including all types of garden knives for sale at an economical price. With, you can also have the opportunity to explore and buy products from top global brands like Opinel, Victorinox, Fiskars, or Berger.

Besides finding top global garden tools and accessories making brands, you can also explore products from shops that are trusted by the world.