Dress to impress with these top 10 men's fashion trends 

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Dress to impress with these top 10 men's fashion trends 

Men love to get noticed, and that’s one of their best-kept secrets. From a new haircut to a fragrant perfume scent and cool outfit, they crave for compliments deep down like women do.  

If you’re a guy and you’re reading this blog, then you’re in for some good treat. Whether you want to make an impression to a girl you’re setting your sights on, or you want to spice your fashion up a little this season, we will reveal the latest fashion trends for men that can give you a fantastic makeover. Are you ready to explore them? Let’s get started.

Tactile fabrics: The best fashion for men this year

Last year, men's fashion designers got immersed in their feelings. This year, they are doing it in great extremes with touchy-feely garments. For the scorching months, silky smooth Tencel shirts and layering pieces that can be worn either casual or smart are on-trend. The beauty of tactile fabrics for men's summer fashion is that these are a streamlined way to update their wardrobe without going too far out of their comfort zone.

Cuban collar shirts: Check out these stylish clothing for men online 

Cuban collar shirt for men
Image: Cuban collar shirt for men

Characterised by open necklines, these can give you a smart and casual summer vibe. They come in either linen or cotton fabrics, making them flattering, light, and airy on a sweltering day. Fashion experts recommend Cuban shirts to guys with narrow shoulders, as their fit create the illusion of a broad torso. Berrylook, Centrepoint, and Gap are among the best shops where you can explore the endless options of these men’s fashion shirts.

Slay men's fashion suits with bright white tailoring

Like jeans, white is universal and never goes out of style. If you are aiming to look classy and stylish at the same time, sport a white suit. This will make you exude that aura of someone enjoying a luxury vacation in the sandy beaches of St. Tropez. Of course, to brave the weather with a statementwear fashionable accessories such as sunglasses and straw boater hat. Also, mix and match to know the right hues and shades that will bring out the best in your OOTD.

How to make men fashionable? Wear printed shirts over T-shirts

The world of fashion is a cycle. Hence, it’s not surprising if classic men's fashion trends find their way back this year. This season, you will feel like you're back in the good old days once you sport a cool shirt over a T-shirt. The best way to rock this outfit is by choosing an oversized short-sleeve shirt in a bold, colourful print. There is a vast array of men's clothing online, so you can go for abstract, floral, checked, or striped—it's your call. Finish off your look by pairing it with a white, crew-neck T-shirt, and leaving the buttons undone either all the way or halfway.

Don't forget tonal beige outfits

Beige sweater for men
Image: Beige sweater for men

When you are trying to make an impression through your fashion statement, you don't necessarily have to show off a striking dose of colour. This summer, beige can do the trick. This hue is far from boring and gives you that element of laidback excitement. Here's a secretwomen find the contrast of beige tones attractive, which when mixed and matched right, can sweep them off their feet. You like that, don't you? 

90s Fashion makes a big comeback: Discover the best men’s clothing online

If the 1990s have a special place in your heart, then this is the best year to bring that nostalgic era back. Relive your childhood or teenage memories by slaying your street style with wallet chains, overalls, loose pants, bumbags, and windbreakers, which are major trends in the olden days. Well, here on our shopping search engine, you can explore a wide range of 90s men's stylish clothing online.

Who says guys can't rock pastel-coloured outfits?

If you think that white and beige are only the best colours for summer, think again. Pastel colour palettes also look hot for guys and help exude their soft side in the most masculine way possible. Are you aiming to achieve a resort vibe with a touch of elegance? Go for sky blue and light pink hues in the form of tops and suits when exploring a spectrum of men’s clothing brands onlineThese are eye candy for women; thus, you will never fail to impress them 

Be ruggedly handsome with light wash denim

Women often fall for the bad boy type. If that is the look you want to go for this summer, then you can never go wrong with light wash denim. However, make sure that your choice is a straight leg and a snug fit through the thighs. Plus, incorporate some contrasts like a black jacket with military details, a plain white T-shirt, brown lace-up boots, and stylish sunglasses. 

Bring out your inner swag with camos this summer

Camouflage jacket for men
Image: Camouflage jacket for men

Do you want to get the best of both worlds of comfort and style? Well, camos will never let you down. Whether it's in the form of a shirt, pants, or jacket, these will give you that casual swag touch. Pair them with slim-fit denim trousers, and you won’t stray from modern men’s fashion. Try camos out and you'll look more dapper than ever!

What's trending in men's fashion? Go for plaid pants

These are this year's favourite way to show off a touch of edginess to any wardrobe. In fact, Pinterest claims that searches for "plaid pants" are up 267 percent. Hence, these are worthy of adding to your collection. If you want to check out the different designs and styles to choose from, among the best shops you cavisit include GotheListLacoste, and Namshi, to name a few.   

Now that you have already discovered the top 10 men’s fashion trends this year, you can finally dress to impress the woman who has captured your heart. Whether you're searching for new dress styles for men or trendy casual outfits to add to your wardrobe this summer, our product search engine is the best place to start. Check out over 500 online stores here today, including NewchicSun and SandThe Imperialist Club, and many more!


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Mother’s Day: Everything You Need To Know About Making Your Mum Feel Special in Dubai 2020

Mother’s Day: Everything You Need To Know About Making Your Mum Feel Special in Dubai 2020

With International Mother’s Day 2020 just around the corner, it’s time to give back. Of course, a single day can never justify the lifetime of love your mum has bestowed on you, but it's always worth it.

You can choose to celebrate it any way you wish—spend some quality time with her, cook her favourite meal, take her out for a movie, treat her to a relaxing day spa, or buy Mother's Day gifts online. There are endless ways to make it her special day, and it's not always about spending money and making it extravagant. Sometimes it's just about putting in time and effort.

How did it all begin?

We have celebrated Mother's Day so extensively over the years—with cards, gifts, exclusive experiences to pamper our mums, and more. However, do you know how it all started? One of the oldest stories of its origination goes back to Anna Jarvis, who is now known as the "Mother of Mother's Day." It all started after the American Civil War when Jarvis' mum, along with other anti-war activists, wanted to find a way to promote global unity. It led to these women gathering in churches and singing hymns and praying to encourage peace. Soon after, her mum passed away. Since she had always had a desire for such a holiday in the name of mothers all over the world, Anna made it a reality. Today, Anna Jarvis is known as the founder of Mother's Day in the United States.

Which are the most exclusive Mother's Day gift ideas for your special lady?

With March 21st just a few sleeps away, it's the best time to start prepping in advance, especially if you're looking to buy a gift. The tricky part is that there are too many options available. And so, the first thing to do is know your mum's taste. Does she like simple things or fancy stuff? Whatever her taste and preferences, here are some of our best picks that you can buy this Mother's Day online. Promise, you will thank us later for these cool gift ideas.

  • Pretty phone cases - Are flowers too regular for your mum? Then why don’t you add some twist to your gift-giving by opting for a floral phone case instead? Be it roses, peonies, lilies, or whichever she fancies, you can easily get them on a nice phone case. This makes for the best gift, as she will always think about you each time, she takes out her phone. And if you want to check out some amazing options at prices you’ll love, we have them all here.
  • Oh, that fragrance - Perfumes make for lovely gifts, even though most people think they are cliché. But trust us when we say that women love them! Perfumes come in various fragrance notes, and these are what you need to consider when making the final choice. You can go for fresh, floral, fruity, spice, wood, or musk. Remember her favourite scent before you shop online to pick the best one. However, fragrances are a pretty personal choice. So, a safe way to do it would be to give her a gift card instead.
  • Jewellery to dazzle - Women love pieces of jewellery, and they just cannot have enough of them! If your mum loves mixing and matching them with various outfits, then gifting her a pair of earrings is always a safe choice. Choose something that is versatile enough to complement workwear and casual wear. Also, ensure that your choice suits her sense of style, although it’s a given that she will love and wear anything you gift her. You can also get matching mother-daughter jewellery that will remind you both of each other.
  • Scarf love - Pairing a scarf with a sweater, dress, or even a pantsuit makes the wearer look stunning. If your mum is fond of this fashion accessory, then gifting her one is the way to go. Scarves add a touch of zing even to the plainest get-ups and are great for trips too. So, if she loves travelling and is always on the run, then these are a great pick. You can browse an array of branded options and select the best one to match her style. However, we recommend you go for silk scarves as they always make for fabulous gifts.
  • That brunch dress - Does your mum love to catch up with her friends? Do you, as a family, often go out for brunch? Then what could be better than giving her a new outfit to flaunt next time? Pair your gift with a brunch voucher, and you'll love the smiles that follow. Casual dresses never go out of style and thus, are versatile options. And to add a dash of style to your mum’s look, you can also pick nice accessories to match with them. You know your mum best, so choose well.

Aside from the ones above, you can of course, explore other gifts that are both unique and practical. Why not go for a Fitbit, which is perfect for health-conscious mums? Or, you can also consider a salon voucher, a set of wine glasses, or a pasta machine. Well, the list is endless. However, ensure that you keep an eye on something that she does not currently own.

Other ingenious Mother’s Day gift ideas that will blow her mind

Still unsure about what to give her? Well, you can never go wrong with something that symbolises your mother-daughter relationship. We also recommend you stick to something that will complement her personality. Keep it simple yet there must be an X-factor to it. We have rounded up below some out-of-the-ordinary ideas to make it easier to decide. Let’s check them out.

  • Dinner, please - How many delicious meals has your mum cooked for you and the family? Too many to count, right? Well, if she's the type who loves trying out new things in the kitchen, then a new kitchen appliance makes for an ideal gift. Believer us, she'll treasure this one! However, make sure she does not already own something you plan to give. If something has become worn out due to constant use, then replacing it with a better, newer version is a good idea.
  • Skincare serums and lotions - Does your mum love skincare products? If she does, then adding this one to her collection is a great idea. A lot of good products have nourishing and anti-ageing compounds amongst other inclusions. You can also find those that add hydration,
    nourishment, and glow to the skin. It would be great to ask her which brand she prefers and see which products she currently uses to be sure. This way, you can never go wrong with your choice, and you’ll have confidence that she will love it.
  • A beautiful timepiece - For mums who love their watches, they can never have too many. A new one to add to that collection means it will be her favourite thing to wear and will remind her of you each time she looks at it. Doesn't it make for such a thoughtful gift? Well, exquisite chronograph watches are just what you need to make her day! You can also consider the newest trend, which pairs a nice watch with a classy bracelet that she can wear as a set.
  • Comfy cushion sets - If your mum is fond of making your home look aesthetic and beautiful, then gifting her a home accessory is a good idea. Cushions are perfect for giving your couch a whole new look. Does your home have a garden spot where she loves spending her time? Then choose one to complement her favourite chair. If she loves entertaining family and friends, this can be a fantastic choice. Glam up the couch area further by adding a nice throw, a rug, or a carpet that match.

While these ideas are fantastic, use them as a guide to get something better. For example, when it comes to cushion sets, you think about home décor. Does she also have a fascination for coffee mugs or even vases for that matter? Keep your thinking broad, and browse online store to see their latest offerings. If you see something that she may not have used until now, but you feel it will make her life easier and happier, then go for it!

What does your mum look forward to?

We have so many notions about what mums expect and like to get for the Mother's Day. But what do they want for real? A spa day, a dinner, a shopping galore, or a night out with friends? It is a bit tricky, isn’t it? Well, we’re here to help you out if you’re at a loss for ideas. We have compiled below some of the best things to send your mum on Mother's Day. And you will be surprised to know that you never have to shell out a lot of bucks as you have always thought you would. Let’s check them out.

  • Simple but thoughtful gifts - Studies show that mums love handmade stuff. And if you are the type of person who is on the creative side, then you can showcase it through a greeting card or a handicraft. Other mums also love getting a dress or any outfit she can wear. One thing that she wouldn't like at all would be her kids forgetting to wish her a happy Mother's Day. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?
  • Just practical essentials - For a working mum, something like a bag, a wallet, or a comfortable pair of shoes are fundamental essentials. Sticking to these and being particular about her sense of style is a great idea. If you want to play it safe, then you can gift her something she would love to use. Yes, kitchen essentials or appliances can be your best bet in this case. And the best part is that you can grab them at amazing prices online.
  • Show her your love with a cool gadget - If you live in another country, a smartphone or laptop is probably the best way to connect with your mum. Most electronic devices now offer cool features for video calling. So, why not step up your mum’s digital experience by gifting her something new? Trust us, doing so will make her the happiest mum in the world. Whether you want to give her a new mobile phone or a tablet, a lot of brands and online stores have got you covered.
  • A book from her favourite author - Does your mum love to read? Then how about a nice book? If you know who her favourite author is, then check out their latest publications and order them for her. But if you don’t, you can check out online for books on poetry, fashion, novels, business, or anything else that suits her hobbies. A nice cookery book from a renowned chef is also ideal if she loves cooking up a storm! Or, you can just gift her an e-book so she can have access to unlimited content at her fingertips.
  • Fun coupons for the win - If you are on a tight budget or at a loss for some unique ideas, then try giving her coupons. Choices can vary from body massage, spa & salon, shopping galore, and so much more. She would really appreciate this warm and sweet gesture. Though this might seem to be the simplest gift, it can turn out to be a very touching one. And you can make it more personalised by adding a small handwritten note to it.

It is easy to get someone a gift if you know them well. But if you are not confident enough with your choice, then talk to them. Ask your mum on what she wishes to have or do. You will surely get a hint somewhere about what to give her. Make sure you also include a handwritten note. It could be as simple as a ‘thank you’ for everything she does, a long-awaited apology, or a quote or poem. These little things really take the cake.

Which are the unique Mother’s Day gifts for someone on a budget?

If you want to break free from the ordinary and make your Mother’s Day gift unique, then you have to think out of the box. An expensive gift is not necessarily unique, but something thoughtful. Here, it’s important to put your mum’s desires first before anything else and note what it is that she longs for. This is the simplest way to put together an ideal gift. However, if you are still struggling with ideas, here are some of the fool-proof ones to go for.

  • Wine bar - If you are 18+ and want a different experience with your mum, head to the best wine bar in town or go clubbing with her! You will both love this distinctive experience, and it'll be a lasting memory. However, check if your mum likes this sort of experience first. So, ask her friends or your dad beforehand. It’s an amazing way to break the monotony and see her fun side. To make it a surprise, ask her to meet you at a café and then walk towards the bar. Doing so will catch her off guard.
  • An exceptional meal - If she's a foodie, then how about cooking her a lovely meal? Go through cookbooks or check online for dishes she loves and cook them. Get help from your sibling, dad, or a friend who is good at it if you don’t cook regularly. It does not have to be an elaborate meal, but something as simple as mac ‘n’ cheese, risotto, or anything she likes. Another great tip is to make her a Mother’s Day cake and have it ready for her to cut when she walks into the house after a long day. This gesture will truly touch her.
  • Pool day - Head over for a pool day, since it’s going to be summer soon. Check out offers for drinks and food, and it will be just the experience she needs. Make sure you keep it a distraction-free day and give her all your attention. Alternatively, you can pick her up after work, put together a nice picnic basket, and head straight to the beach or park. For something more interactive, you can also get some pre-marinated meats and enjoy the day barbequing them in your backyard or in the park.
  • Stand-up comedy night - Forget the movies and head for something more interactive instead, like a stand-up comedy gig. Ask her to come after work and surprise her with tickets. It is a great way to end a long day. However, you can also do this in the coming weekend, if you don’t want to stretch an otherwise long day. Another great idea is to reach out to your favourite local comedian and request them to do a private show. Of course, it will come at a higher cost than purchasing a ticket but will be an experience to cherish!
  • A home spa - If you can't afford a luxury spa deal for her, why not create one at home? Yes, light some aroma candles, put some oil in a tub of warm water, and put soothing music on. Take her in blindfolded after she's back from home and it will be the best treat for her ever! Another idea is to ask salon personnel to provide home services (yes, many of them do) and book a relaxing massage, facial, or pedicure for her at home.

Experiences are not something physical, but they are the ones that stay in our minds and hearts forever. This is exactly why they make the best gifts, which we can cherish forever. But isn’t it a great idea to combine these two? So, treat your mum to a new experience and give her a gift. In the end, your main goal is to put a smile on her face anyways.

Which places offer the best Mother’s Day dining deals in Dubai 2020?

There's no better experience than spending time with your mum over a nice Women’s Day or Mother’s Day meal. You can invite the whole family to come together and be a part of it. And it would even be better if it’s done as a surprise. Don’t know where to make it happen? We’ve curated below some of the best restaurants offering delightful ambience and amazing deals to make your mum’s day extra special.

However, with the current situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), it helps to be a little more cautious when you're outside. Make a reservation in advance, so you don't have to wait outside in a crowd with other people. It is also a must to carry a hand sanitiser to use before and after meals. Also, ensure that the tables are not too close to one another. After handling the chequebook or getting in and out of your car, sanitise again. Panicking and staying at home for long periods can rob you of your joy during a special occasion like Mother’s Day. With a few preventive measures and practices, the coronavirus scare can be best dealt with. And ironically, this time of the year is the best time to get incredibly low-priced deals!

  • Byzantium Lounge - Pamper her with a luxurious afternoon tea at Taj Dubai in Business Bay. For AED 250 per head, this will be one of the best experiences she will truly cherish! With interiors that will swoon anybody, this elegant place is the perfect way to show her how much she means to you. Weekdays are ideal, but weekends are more suitable if you want some quality time with your mum. You can also book for her and an old friend if they haven’t been able to spend time together in a while.
  • Emerald Palace Kempinski - For a much-needed break for stressed-out mums, Emerald Palace is the place to head to! They promise a perfect staycation, and if you booked before the 30th of March, then you can receive complimentary breakfast and lunch too. If that isn't enough, they are also giving AED 150 worth of voucher to use at Cinq Mondes Spa. What else could make this deal any sweeter? This one, again, is an amazing option if you want her to spend the whole day getting pampered. Check for other weekend offers to make Mother’s Day an unforgettable experience.
  • Queen Elizabeth 2 - There is nothing more extravagant than a meal on a cruise when the weather is still pleasant. QE2, which is one of the best places to visit in Dubai, is hosting a classy afternoon tea that you can enjoy with your mum. They offer a fantastic selection of finger rolls & sandwiches, macarons, chocolate tarts, smoked salmon & horseradish, baked cheesecakes, roast beef & gherkins, and so much more. And the best part? Your mum will get to enjoy the meal for free, while others pay AED 195 per person. Along with the view, this is an experience that everybody will enjoy!

Take a little extra effort by calling up in advance for a special reservation, or request something like her favourite song or dessert at the end. Make sure you also inform about any dietary restrictions in your family. Going out is very enjoyable with everybody, and another terrific way to create wonderful memories.

Shop for Mother’s Day Gifts Online

From dining to treats and fun experiences, there are countless ways on how to give your mum a treat on her special day. However, if you are searching for gifts, then you can count on several Mother’s Day special offers online today. In fact, you can find the best gifts for Mother’s Day under AED 99. Isn’t that amazing? With these, you can save some bucks, while also getting something that will make her heart melt.

Well, that’s where Shops.ae comes into the picture. This superfast product search engine is the best place to find amazing gifts for your mum at a price that you will love. What’s more, it makes Dubai shopping easy breezy, as you can find gazillions of products offered by 500+ reputable online stores. Not to mention, you can compare prices and filter your searches too. Whether you give your mum something special or treat her to somewhere new and exciting, it’s always the thought that counts. The most important thing is that you love and appreciate her for everything she has done.

We wish all the strong and beautiful mums out there a Happy Mother's Day!

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Dubai: The City of Gazillion Wonders from Great Attractions to Fantastic Shopping Adventures

Dubai: The City of Gazillion Wonders from Great Attractions to Fantastic Shopping Adventures

There’s no place in the world worthy of being called the ‘city of wonders’ other than Dubai. In fact, just 50 years ago, this futuristic destination was a desolate desert with a smattering of multi-storey buildings and pockets of villas. Surprisingly, it evolved into a hub of architectural marvels, iconic skyscrapers, splendid attractions, and unique shopping destinations.

Today, Dubai has a world record for the biggest mall, tallest hotel, and the largest aquarium. Moreover, it is home to the highest restaurant, highest nightclub, and the highest observation point in the world. Furthermore, we might as well add to that the tallest residential tower, biggest indoor snow park, and the biggest indoor ski resort. Likewise, Dubai is also where you'll find the largest artificial marina, which is the world's longest automated rail network run without drivers. What's more, when it comes to fun, Ross, the world's fastest roller coaster, is also in the city. You see, the city of gold is nothing short of a 'gem of a destination'. Regardless of whether you live in this emirate or are planning a vacation, we will take you through the beautiful places in Dubai that you can revel in, shop, dine, and many more.

  1. Dubai Shopping Destinations

  2. Splendid Dubai Tourist Spots

  3. Action-Packed Adventures to Try Only in Dubai

  4. Dubai Heritage Sites

  5. Upcoming Festivals and Events in Dubai

Shopping destinations you shouldn't miss to visit in Dubai

If you’d ask us, one of the best things to love about Dubai’s culture is shopping. Yes, and it’s a must-do for residents and travellers alike! The city stages many successful shopping events all year round by collaborating with major retailers. As a matter of fact, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), and Eid Sale season are amongst those unmissable ones that attract scores of people within the UAE and from other parts of the world. We’ve listed below the top 7 places where you can experience a shopping spree like no other.

  1. Dubai Mall

  • About: The Dubai Mall is one of the largest malls in the world, holding an internal floor of 5.9 million sq. ft. area with 3.77 million sq. ft of gross leasable space. Further, it houses over 1200 shops, 120 cafes & restaurants, 22 cinema screens, a luxury hotel, and world-class entertainment areas.
  • Products: You'll find retail shops conveniently clustered into various zones as per the product categories. Further, if you want to purchase high-end women's fashion in Dubai, Fashion Avenue is your best option. However, if you want a market-like feel, visit The Souk. Here, you can shop from a huge collection of excellent jewellery and accessories. Apart from that, you can find a wide range of best summer dresses in Dubai, plus-size dresses in Dubai, and so much more.

  1. Ibn Battuta Mall 

  • About: In Battuta Mall is the world’s largest themed shopping destination that is inspired by the famous explorer of the same name. From hand-painted magnificent creatures in Persia court to pyramids in Egypt court, and a centre stage with a striking lion in Andalusia Court, Ibn Battuta Mall is nothing short of a wonder. Besides that, you can access it easily via all public transports. In fact, the Dubai Metro brings you straight to the mall.
  • Products: The mall is home to local and international 275 retailers. You can walk through them across six courts, namely India, China, Egypt, Andalusia, and Persia. But, the interesting part is that each of these reflects the different regions through which Ibn Battuta travelled. What’s more, the mall boasts of 21 cinema screens. Not to mention, you can have best-in-class movie viewing experience at IMAX theatre.

  1. Mall of the Emirates 

  • About: Well, you can call this shopping marvel, the world's resort. Indeed, the word 'resort' brings in images of relaxation, vacation and fun. Well, that's exactly what the mall offers. You might even never want to leave the place once you enter.
  • Products & other entertainment: If you want to own some of the best ladies tops in Dubai, then this mall is the place to be. Apart from that, you can also get to experience peculiar and thrilling activities like skiing inside the mall. Moreover, thanks to Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort boasting of 22,500 sqm of indoor ski area. What's more, this gives you a winter wonderland feel in the heart of the desert. Now, how cool is that?

  1. Wafi Mall 

  • About: What if we tell you that you can enjoy the sight of artworks and shop to your heart's content at the same time? Well, visit Wafi Mall, and you'll know. Given that, stepping inside this shopping destination is like getting into a pyramid of artworks. Not only, you'll find the intricate designs, glass ceilings and creative sculptures,but the detailed staircase railing will leave you in awe.
  • Products & other entertainment: Wafi Mall houses its own version of Souk or a local market, which you'll find in the mall’s basement. Called Souk Khan Murjan, the market offers various Arabian items like handicrafts, dresses, and amazing décor from around 150 shops. Apart from this, you can also get to enjoy light and laser show, which is a visual and musical journey to Egypt. Further, you can catch this spectacle every evening at 8.00 pm and 9.30 pm. And yes, it is free of cost!

  1. Deira Gold Souk 

  • About: The Dubai Gold Souk dates way back to the 19th century, which was before the construction boon happened. Though the destination is not enclosed or air-conditioned like other shopping destinations, the market's roof offers its customers a welcome shade and a relatively cool place to escape the hot Dubai sun.
  • Products: Gold, gold, and more gold, that's what you get here! The Souk comprises of several hundreds of small shops that sell Arab and western-style gold and jewellery. Much of them are inlaid diamonds, pearls, and semi-precious stones. Additionally, there are over ten tonnes of gold in the Souk, which are available in 18K, 22K, and 24K purity. Besides, you can buy them by weight at an international market price. And here’s a tip to get your hands on some good deals—offer half of what is asked and settle for about two-thirds of three-fourths of the asking price.

  1. Dubai Spice Souk

  • About: The Spice Souk imbibes in itself the soul of Arabic culture. Basically, the market is both colourful and aromatic and will greet you with various aromatic flavours and recipes. Since this spot is closely located to the Gold Souk, you can travel from point A to B easily.
  • Products: Renowned as the foremost option to one's spice and herbal needs, Dubai's Spice Souk is the best place to buy good quality spices. And what makes this place special is that you can find here rare spices that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Cinnamon, lemon, saffron, rose, chilli, incense, powders, dried fruits, nuts, tea, sheesha, and more are up for grabs at affordable bargains that you’ll love.

  1. Al Fahidi Street: 

  • About: If you are in Dubai and want to purchase some quality gadgets and electronic products at affordable rates, then Al Fahidi Street is your best stop. As the sun sets, this street transforms into a busy marketplace with the sight of dazzling neon lights. These make shoppers linger around until the dark for a great night shopping experience.
  • Products: Be it cell phones, laptops, or cameras, you'll find them all here! In fact, you can also explore an array of home appliances like ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, and much more at the best prices. However, make sure that you always ask for the warranty and check if the voltage on the product matches your requirement. Apart from electronics, you can also get your hands on apparel and jewellery. But, as a general rule, know how to bargain and don’t give in easily to get the best deal.
  1. Souk Madinat Jumeirah

  • About: Do you want to enjoy shopping sans the heat and noise of a common market place? Well, Souk Madinat Jumeirah is your best pick. We recommend this destination to those who prefer a friendlier and more peaceful ambiance while choosing jewellery, local delicacies, handicrafts, apparels, and more.
  • Products: From locally made jewellery to spices and slippers, Souk Madinat encompasses a wide selection of high-quality products. Apart from that, you can take a stroll through the stands and stalls under ornate lanterns and carved wood while indulging yourself in an extravagant shopping spree. This destination boasts of over 25 restaurants and several branded shops, which are open from 10 am to 11 pm every day.

If you're among those shoppers who yearns to take home the essence of the Emirati culture while enjoying the shopping experience of western touch, then these destinations mentioned above will surely cater to your needs. So, shop till you drop!

Have a day well spent at these splendid Dubai tourist spots

Dubai is full of incredible feats. From the world’s tallest building to a lush green island in the shape of a palm tree, there’s nothing that the city doesn’t have. Moreover, it is a rapidly expanding metropolis, which has grown out from the desert at an impressive rate. From a humble fishing port to a successful, oil-rich economy, the emirate’s strength lies in its unique culture. It has today, emerged as one of the world’s leading destinations, boasting a rich patchwork of history, culture, and commerce. Well, indeed there’s so much to see and do here, which can hardly be put down on paper. However, we’ve listed below a few top spots that you shouldn’t miss to visit when in Dubai.

  1. Burj Khalifa and Dubai Foutain

Whether you’re a resident or a traveller, you would have certainly heard of this majestic structure. One of the exciting things to do here is to travel up the tower and enjoy the marvellous view of the city. ‘At the top’ experience at Burj Khalifa will cost you around AED 150 per person. Well, if you aren’t keen on shedding bucks, you can simply enjoy the view up close from Dubai Mall. You can also catch a glimpse of Dubai Fountain and sway to the rhythms of the water and lights. You can witness this spectacle every half an hour from 7–11 pm. And yes, it is free of cost!

Ticket Type

Fee (Per Person)


Dubai Fountain Boardwalk AED 15 5:00 pm to 11 pm
At the Top (124 & 125th floors) AED 150 5:30 am to 11:00 pm
At the Top Sky (148th floor) AED 400 5:30 am to 11:00 pm


  1. Dubai Frame

Amongst the new attractions in Dubai, this is a gigantic photo frame located at Zabeel Park. Furthermore, with a lot of accolades to itself, it perfectly showcases the contrast between the new and old Dubai. The observation deck is where you can get stunning views of iconic Burj Khalifa, Emirates Towers, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain. Entrance fees cost AED 50 for adults and AED 30 for kids. Opening hours are from 10 am to 7 pm on all days of the week.

Ticket Type

Fee (Per Person)


Dubai Frame AED 50 10:00 am to 7:00 pm


  1. Palm Jumeirah

This is one of the astounding wonders of Dubai that you cannot afford to miss out on. Here, you can see the series of the artificial structure as you approach the emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf. The structure itself resembles a palm tree, and the best way to catch a glimpse of it is by travelling via monorail. Also, a one-way ticket will cost you AED 20 while you’ll have to pay AED 30 for return tickets. However, if you are travelling by car, you can stop by at the crescent of the palm and click pictures with Atlantis as the backdrop.


  1. Global Village

Dubai gets jazzed up in winter, and Global Village is one proof to that. A land of fantasy and charisma, this is a place where you can explore the culture and famous attractions of various countries. Nestled in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, this is the world’s largest tourism entertainment project. The destination incorporates shopping, entertainment, and leisure options from more than 30 nations. From musical fountains to rides, and worldwide hubs, the village has everything to make you say ‘wow’. And by the way, you can experience all the fun and excitement by spending just AED 15.

Ticket Type

Fee (Per Person)



Globe Village Entry AED 15 4:00 pm to 12:00 am Oct to Apr


  1. Miracle Garden

Dubai never ceases to amaze us with its world records. And when it comes to having the ‘world’s largest’, Miracle Garden fits the bill as it’s the world’s biggest flower garden. Yes, you heard it right, a garden in the desert! Located in Al Barsha South, this lush garden was created in 2011 and is spread around 72000 square meters. It gets revamped yearly, though, as the flowers don’t last long due to Dubai’s climate. It closes its doors in the summer and is open to visitors in winter. You’ll find at least a hundred million blooming flowers all around the garden set up in different shapes. So, include it in your bucket list! Entrance fees cost AED 60 for adults and AED 40 for kids. Opening times are from 9 am to 9 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 9 am to 11 pm during weekends. So, plan accordingly.

Ticket Type

Fee (Per Person)



Miracle Garden AED 60 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Nov to May

 From iconic landmarks to entertainment parks, Dubai brings the best of everything to both residents and tourists. Plus, the city is a carnival of lights, food, shopping, and entertainment replete with grandeur that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Top 5 Action-packed Adventures to Try Only in Dubai

Jet skiing, indoor sky diving, buggy riding, and whatnot—Dubai always has a call for the latest sports activities. In fact, the geographical landscape of the city makes it one of the most favourite destinations to perform an array of extreme sports. So, are you a thrill-seeker? Below are some of the top five sports that will quench your thirst for fun and excitement.

  1. Heli Dubai: View Dubai from Up in the Sky

    Do you love riding helicopters? Or have you ever ridden on a helicopter? Whatever the case may be, Heli Dubai offers you a chance to get a bird's eye view of the city. As the only helicopter tour company in UAE, it provides you with a scenic aerial tour of the emirate via helicopters. Included in the tour package is the heritage tour, the explorer tour, and the night tour. All of these are for 12 and 22 mins each, and the price ranges from AED 600 to AED 1500.

  2. Desert Safari: Experience Fun in the Golden Sands

    Thrill-seekers, we’ve got good news for you! A day in the desert with a view of the sunset makes one of the memorable outings to be had in Dubai. You can head out across the dunes in a 4X4 vehicle and experience the utmost thrill of dune bashing. Apart from that, you can enjoy a good camel ride, meet a majestic falcon, watch tanoura & belly dancing shows, and camp in the desert when the sun goes down. You can choose from several safari packages like the ones that you can do in the morning, evening or even overnight. A huge number of local tour operators offer different pricing options for this desert excursion. And here’s our tip—winter is the best time of the year to go for this activity.

  3. Hot Air Ballooning: Soar Up in the Sky

    What if we tell you if you can have your Aladdin moment in Dubai? Yes, you can enjoy a magic carpet ride over the emerald green oasis, the endless ocean, golden dunes, and wandering camels all at once while hot air ballooning. What’s more, you can gaze at the breath-taking sunrise with the backdrop of the marvellous Hajjar mountains. On top of that, you will love the warmth of the desert people, too. A hot air balloon ride can be a little expensive, so we recommend you check with a couple of tour operators.

  4. Skydive Dubai: Get Your Heart Thumping

    Situated near the luxurious manmade islands such as Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina, Skydive Dubai is the world’s leading skydiving location. Thus, it is a common hang-out place for popular celebs and personalities worldwide. However, to be eligible for this activity, you should be above 18 years old and your BMI must be on the allowed range. If you are over 60 years of age, a medical certificate is also required.

  5. Ski Dubai: Experience a Winter Wonderland in the Desert

    What if we tell you that there’s a place in this city where it’s winter all year round? Yes, there's more to Dubai than meets the eye. And if you are dreaming of a ski holiday, Ski Dubai will turn that dream into reality. This awesome destination has real snow and a wide selection of activities for all ages. You can choose to ski, snowboard, or simply play in the snow. Plus, don't miss the chance to meet the adorable penguins that live there! But where do you get to do all this? Well, head straight to the Mall of the Emirates or get down at MOE metro station.

Last but not least, you can perform a range of other water sports, as Dubai's relationship with water dates back to centuries. And that means the sunny climate and amazing shorelines call for boat rides and surfs all year long! The city offers more than just a rich history and culture. Here, you can get your heart thumping by experiencing a spectrum of activities and adventures suitable for the whole family.

Travel Back in Ancient Arabia at These Heritage Sites

Do you want to go beyond the modern lifestyle and metropolitan vibe that this city has to offer? Then the best way to do that is to explore its rich culture and history. Whether you want to travel back in time or peek into some of Dubai’s prized heritage sites, you can take a pick from a couple of locations. We’ve rounded up below some of the best family outing places in Dubai with an ancient touch.

  1. Al Fahidi Fort: A History Museum

    Curious about the history of Dubai and its people? Then Al Fahidi Fort is the place to be. Built-in 1787, it is one of the oldest existing fortresses in the UAE. It is located in Al Fahidi St., which you can easily access via Al Fahidi metro station or the nearby bus stations. These public transports are perfect for those who love to explore the city on foot rather than driving a car or hailing a taxi. And you know the best part about this marvellous destination? No entrance fee is required.


  1. Jumeirah Mosque: A Religious Destination

    Located on Jumeirah Beach Road in Jumeirah 1, this spot is a place to find your inner self and explore the beautiful Arabesque interiors. It was built in the late 1970s and portrays a traditional Fatimid style of architecture. Just like any other religious destinations, the entry to this place is free of charge. But the best part is, unlike the others, photography is allowed here. So, make sure you have your camera ready!


  1. XVA Art Hotel: A Traditional Guest House

    Finding a good hotel in Dubai is easy. However, hunting for a charming one and not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars for one night can be a bit of a challenge. XVA Art Hotel is a little gem hiding amidst the bustling city that offers you such convenience. It is a stylish boutique hotel that gives you a chance to stay in a quiet luxury while enjoying cultural activities at an affordable price. It is located near the Al Fahidi Neighbourhood.


  1. Dubai Museum: A Cultural Destination

    Do you have a penchant for history, culture, and tradition? Then Dubai Museum is the best place to kickstart your exploration. You’ll find this museum inside the Al Fahidi Fort in the Dubai Creek on the Bur Dubai side. It is open from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm. However, the visiting time for Fridays may vary. The entrance fees as AED 3 for adults and AED 1 for children.


  1. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House: A Heritage Site

    Are you a history fanatic? Then this destination won’t disappoint. The Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum Museum is located in the Al Shindagah area overlooking the Dubai Creek. This heritage spot is well connected via all means of public transport networks. Thus, you can reach here via the metro, a bus, and a car. And here’s the best part—you can relish in the beauty of the past without paying anything for the entrance. Plus, the site is open every day of the week.


Dubai is the city of dreams, the capital of the world’s bests, and the hub of culture and heritage. With the gazillion things it has to offer for both tourists and residents, we hope you agree with us now!

Upcoming Festivals and Events in Dubai

January 2020 - February 2020

May 2020 - June 2020

  • Eid-Al-Fitr
  • Dubai Summer Surprises

September 2020 - October 2020

  • Dubai Fitness Challenge

March 2020 - April 2020

  • Dubai World Cup
  • Ramadan in Dubai

July 2020 - August 2020

  • Dubai Sports World
  • Eid-Al Adha

November 2020 - December 2020

  • UAE National Day
  • New Year’s Eve

Apart from the above, there’s a mega event in Dubai that you shouldn’t miss out on. And it’s none other than the highly anticipated Expo 2020.

What makes Expo 2020 special?

Expo 2020 is a world fair, that’s going to bring in hundreds of countries together from all around the globe to share their ideas and innovations with the rest of the world. Dubai, won the right to host the event back in November 2013, becoming the first country ever in the Middle East to do so. The event will see around 190 countries participating along with several other major businesses and educational institutions. Some of the major attendees include the UK, US, GCC countries, and many more. Want to experience 173 days of innovations, entertainment, and fun? Then don’t miss out to attend this grand event!

What can you see there?

Expo 2020 brings to you pavilions that are dedicated to countries from around the globe, with 75 extravagant entertainment events hosted every single day. What’s more, you can witness poetry slams, cultural experiences, fashion shows, breathtaking architecture, and so much more. Last but not least, there will be dedicated spots for innovation, whether it’s about making your own robot or showcasing the latest 3D printing art. During the 173 days of Expo, every country will feature cultural shows, parades, and other festivities. Indeed, it’s going to be massive and spectacular!

Where is it happening, and when does it begin?

The event will be held in the Dubai South District, near Al Maktoum International Airport. It will kick off in October 2020 and will commence on April 10, 2021. The pavilions shall be open for visits and entertainments are scheduled between 10 am and 1 am on weekdays, and 10 am to 2 am on weekends. Also, the ticket sale starts from April 2020. You can buy a 1-day ticket at AED 120 and a 3-day pass at AED 260. There are also monthly and seasonal passes available at higher rates. By the way, you can also volunteer for the event, as Expo 2020 is seeking 30,000 volunteers.

Indeed, there are a lot more places to shop, a lot more things to do, and a lot more destinations to explore in Dubai. The list is endless, and there’s always something new every day. Don’t miss out on the fun. So, stay tuned to Shops.ae and be the first to know the latest happenings, updates, and shopping events happening around the emirate and across the UAE!

Question & Answer   

What are some cheap or free things to do in and around Dubai?

Dubai is the epicentre of five star-luxury and huge shopping malls. But, if you look at the city up close, you’ll find a lot of fun and cheap things to do here. Yes, and these won’t even cost you a dirham! Souks, free museums, Bastakiya, a stroll on the Marina Walk, and public beaches are just a few among those best and cheap things to do in Dubai. We’ve rounded up a few popular spots below that you shouldn’t miss out on.

  • Go out for a leisurely walk in public parks

    Pack some sandwiches, grab a few refreshing drinks, and head out to free public parks in Dubai. You can even bring a mat for a family picnic day! Burj Park and Al Barsha Park are some of the best destinations you can consider. And by the way, some parks also have nice barbeque pits. So, you can enjoy grilling your meat to perfection!

  • Watch birds at Ras Al Khor Wildlife Centre

    Do you want to spend your afternoons watching birds? If you do, then this free-of-cost spot is the best place to be. The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Centre is home to a huge number of pink flamingos and other bird species. The viewing time is from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm (Sunday to Saturday).

  • Explore the streets of Al Seef

    What if we tell you that there’s a place where you can live in two different worlds at the same time? Revamped by Meeras, Al Seef perfectly combines Dubai’s ancient charm and modern vibe. It is a trendy destination where you can dine, shop, and enjoy the views of the creek. The Al Seef district is open from 10 am to 10 pm (Saturday to Wednesday), and 10 am to 12 pm (Thursday to Friday).

  • Take a selfie at La Mer

    La Mer is another great free place to visit in Dubai for the whole family. This spot is particularly famous for its colourful street art, beachfront cove, shopping & dining outlets, relaxing ambience, waterpark, and so much more. Indeed, all these make it an ideal spot to take the perfect selfie and experience the finer things in life.

  • See Ain Dubai up-close at Bluewaters

    This destination, which offers an urban retail and dining experience, is another feather to Meraas’ cap. It is home to 5-star hotel Caesars Palace and hosts one of the best celebrity chef-restaurants in Dubai. Not only that, you can also find here Ain Dubai, the largest observation wheel in the UAE. Bluewaters Island is just off the coast of JBR, and you can easily get here via car, metro, or bus. Also, the spot stays open 24hours.

What do I need to know about the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)?

  • About: A shopaholic’s dream and a family’s glee – that’s the apt description of the Dubai Shopping Festival. Extending up to a month, this extravaganza offers both residents and tourists a chance to avail of big discounts and win great prizes. Plus, it has an array of festivities and activities in store for the whole family! In other words, it gives the country of sand, a whole new set of cheerful vibes.
  • What do you get: DSF is the most awaited shopping festival of the year. That’s because it gives everyone a chance to buy their dream products at amazingly low prices. By the way, shopping spots are not just restricted to malls, as the event includes flea markets and local hideouts too. On top of that, discounts may go up to a whopping 90 percent!
  • Event details: DSF takes place annually for almost seven weeks from 26 December to 02 February. However, these dates may vary. Apart from huge discounts, there are also raffle draws, giving shoppers a chance to win grand prizes such as gold, cars, and many more.
  • What to buy: This shopping festival offers you a chance to buy anything under the sun at massive discounts. These include electronics, home appliances, jewellery, clothing, bags, jewellery, cars, and so much more. And the best part is, you can indulge in amazing deals from luxury fashion brands like Christian Louboutin, Armani, Burberry, Prada, Bvlgari, Diesel, Rado, Rolex, Breitling, Montblanc, and the like!

Why Buy Gold in Dubai?

In the city, gold is looked upon as an excellent investment. However, it is also jewellery that people adorn themselves with to show off their wealth. Well, there is no better place than Dubai when it comes to showing off. Indeed, it has a reputation for being the city of gold. And rightfully so, a quick visit to the Gold Souk will validate that statement. Check out a few reasons below why Dubai is your perfect destination for shopping gold.

  • Get 100% genuine, pure gold – The quality and purity of the jewellery is something you need not worry about if you’re buying from Dubai. All the merchandise jewellers here are regulated by the government. Hence, you can have peace of mind when it comes to the authenticity of the gold item.
  • It is cheaper here – Dubai has always been in the limelight for its exemption of taxes. Well, it is also one of the primary reasons why people choose to buy gold from the city. Although VAT’s introduction in 2018 does levy a 5% tax on all gold jewellery, the prices are still lower in Dubai compared to other countries worldwide.
  • A huge choice – Gold Souk is truly a gem of a destination, as you can see here hundreds of gold shops lined up. Since the UAE is a large importer of old, shoppers have an opportunity to gain access to an array of Arabic and Italian designs.
  • You can bargain – What makes purchasing gold all the more exciting is the number of shops offering similar products. Though the gold price is based on the weight, you can haggle down to get the best price after comparing them. In short, you get the best, purest, and cheapest gold only in Dubai!

Is it cheaper to shop for women's clothing in Dubai?

Dubai is literally the shopping capital of the world. That’s because you can find here myriads of products from popular international brands and homegrown labels. Also, there are plenty of options available for every fashion genre and budget. Apart from this, the government’s initiatives to make the city a global shopping hub brings in some of the grandest shopping events and deals all year round. Therefore, we can confidently conclude that you can buy branded women’s apparel in Dubai at prices you’ll love!

Which is the best place to buy women's clothing in Dubai?

Dubai is certainly a shopper’s paradise. Speaking about this, you’ll find here plenty of branded clothes, accessories, footwear, and whatnot at incredibly low prices. And if you’re wondering where to indulge in a shopping spree without hurting your wallet, then check out the physical shops and online stores below.

  • The Outlet Village – This is a fantastic destination where you’ll find amazing deals on branded products. Brands like Galeries Lafayette, Carolina Herrera, DKNY, Coach, Michael Kors, Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss, Rodeo Drive, Nike and many others offer you party dresses, daily wear tops, and other women’s clothing at discounted prices. It is located in Jebel Ali and stays open from 10 am to 10 pm.
  • Brands for Less – This is both a physical and online shop bringing you branded apparel for men and women at low prices. Brands for Less has branches in multiple locations like Ibn Battuta Mall, Oasis Mall, Mirdif City Centre, and Dubai Outlet Mall.
  • Dragon Mart – This shopping spot offers you some of the cheapest products, ranging from clothes to footwear and accessories. Hence, it can rightly be considered as the epitome of cheap shopping in Dubai, especially when it comes to women’s clothes. Every product in this massive mall comes from China.
  • Namshi – Surely, physical stores are great for shopping women’s wear. However, this online store makes you want to ditch them and go for an online shopping spree instead. Whether it’s a simple A-line dress or party wear, you’ll find them all on Namshi. They offer world-renowned clothing brands like Calvin Klein, Adidas, New Look, Missguided, Nike, Forever 21, and Topshop.
  • Ounass – People who love to shop online know that there’s nothing better than curator websites offering various brands to choose from. Well, Ounass does it, but for designer labels. It gives shoppers access to luxurious brands like Prada, Gucci, Valentino, and more at great prices.

Apart from these stores, you can also enjoy shopping therapy at Lacoste, Newchic, GAP, Sun & Sand Sports, Lifestyle, Yoins, and many more! Indeed,Dubai has a lot of things in store for people of all ages, background, and nationality. From breathtaking attractions to adrenaline-pumping activities and exciting shopping events and locations, the city has everything from A to Z. No wonder, it is indeed the city of gazillion wonders!

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Beat the heat with these trendy summer dresses for women 

Beat the heat with these trendy summer dresses for women 

Aside from the endless swimming pool sessions, fresh watermelon slices, and spending more time outdoors, summer dresses for women are one of the best things the season has to offer. After all, what’s more comfortable than putting on a single piece that will help you brave the scorching weather in style? Therefore, it’s time to flaunt an entirely new set of trendy summer clothes for women.  

However, before you get so excited to wear breezy sundressesit’s important to narrow down first the ones that will suit you perfectly. Read on to check them out.


What are the best summer dresses on-trend today?  

Image: Floral summer dresses

You are in for a real treat this season, as there are a plethora of summer dresses for women to suit your taste. Linen has made a massive comeback, and the charm of classic prints is something that you can’t ignore. There is also this age-old style of summer dresses with long sleeves that can make you a stunner. The styles and designs available are endless! 

Here are just some of the best ones to add to your wardrobe.  

  • Macie lace trim cut-out apron dress – This white, cotton dress featuring embroidered lace trims, and cut-outs are the most beloved sundresses for women this 2019 due to their versatility and timeless charm 
  • Thames dress – Your dream to dress up like a five-year-old is not far with this floaty, lace smock dress. If you want to rock the season with this outfit, check out the wide array of offerings at Splash. 
  • Midi dress – Another favourite style among fashionistas, this comes with a perfect length for the weather. Hence, they look even more adorable. Dress it up with tights and simple sandals, and you’re good to go 
  • Floral dress If you think bold and botanical is boring, then think again. You can never go wrong with floral printed summer dresses for women, especially if they are of lighter hue or pastel colours such as lilac or pink. Check out the wide array of options available for you at Berrylook. 
  • Summer maxi dress – It is so amazing how long maxi dresses can be so comfortable this season. They are a pretty good choice for those who are not keen on showing off their legs. The slinky slip dress is taking over the market right now, and you are going to love it. Want to explore a spectrum of options? Shop online at Centrepoint 
  • The fit & flare dress Fitted at the bod and with a flared skirt, this chic dress is versatile enough to suit all figures. 
  • The wrap dress  A must-have in your collection, this is bold, colourful, and come with pretty prints and sleeves.  

These are just a handpicked collection of the trendiest summer dresses. There is an infinite ocean of options out there. So, if you want to find the perfect one for yourself, dig a little deeper on our product search engine.


A few ingenious tips to style your summer dresses  

One of the best things about summer fashion is its simplicity. Thus, you can throw on your favourite sundress effortlessly in style to achieve a classy look. We have compiled below some quirky women’s summer outfit ideas that can serve as your styling inspiration.  

  • Reinvent your style - Are you in the mood to wear super-ruffly sundress? Combine it with combat boots to be the ultimate stunner. 
  • Mix and match 'em - How about ripped jeans and a glam blazer? This will make you achieve a Hollywoodish look 
  • Sporty but flirty - Try out a sporty top with an embroidered summer skirt. 
  • Rock some prints - A printed dress with monochrome accessories would be an ideal outfit for a leisurely outing. 
  • Keep it simple - Do you love wearing trousers? Then go for printed pants with a graphic T-shirt. 
  • Be sassy and classy - A mini-skirt worn with a pair of white booties will make an ideal attire for parties and picnics. 
  • Slay your tops - A denim summer jacket is one of the best summer tops for women. Pair it with a polka-dotted two-pieceand you’ll be the centre of attraction at a pool party.  
  • The denim magic - With so many options, are you perhaps wondering about what to wear in Dubai this summerWell, go for a long-sleeve denim mini. Aside from protecting your arms from the scorching heat, it will make you look classy, too. As a bonus, try pairing it with eye-grabbing footwear.


Choosing the best women’s summer dresses for weddings 

Image: Dress for a wedding

Regardless of the heat, weddings this season are the best, as you don’t have to be worried about your toes getting cold. The only issue is choosing the perfect one to wear. Read on to check out the tips and tricks to get yourself dressed nicely for a summer wedding.  

  • Be creative and inventive - Planning a destination wedding? How about an elevated version of beachwear that you can’t wear to the beach? Then, try wearing silk kaftans, gilded seaside-inspired jewellery, and fancy sandals. Whatever your choice, you are sure to become a lovely bridesmaid.  
  • Dress like summer - Have you been invited to your friends garden party? Think about your dress’ colour then. Mix and match casual outfits for women by adding in some summery hues, and your pics will turn out awesome.  
  • Make a colour pop - Even though you would be standing in an office hall in the courthouse weddings, you can still dress up. You can wear a fun colour bottom with a printed top to look chic.  
  • Be simple yet beautiful - Don’t worry if you are attending a conservative ceremony. Not all summer weddings mean that you’ll be soaking in the sun. For such weddings that are held in traditional venues, think of sheath dresses.


How to get the best summer clothes for women online? 

Whatever the look youre aiming to achieve for a specific occasion, make sure to choose the one that will flatter your features. Hope the tips weve shared in this article would give you an idea on how to slay your summer look.  

Start searching for the best casual women summer dresses by checking out over 500 popular online stores here on our shopping search engineThese include BerrylookBrands for LessCentrePointGo the ListSprii, Newchic, Namshi, and more! 

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Own an inflatable swimming pool to stay cool in Dubai

Own an inflatable swimming pool to stay cool in Dubai

Summer is the best season to have fun under the sun! It’s the time of year for colourful swimsuits, exciting beach getaways, thirst-quenching drinks, and yummy ice creams. Going to the community swimming pool or the beach is also a favourite activity amongst most people. However, this option is not for you if you just want to enjoy at the comfort of your home and don’t want to be with strangers. 

Imagine this — you have a summer pool party at home every weekendthere are foods and drinks for everyone to enjoy, and of course, there’s loud music. Seems like a little piece of heaven, isn’t it? If only you have a swimming pool, this would’ve been possible. Well, who says it won’t be? Ainflatable swimming pool is the solution.  


Amazing reasons to buy pool inflatables in Dubai

Image: Good times in the swimming pool

Whether you want a portable swimming pool or the best inflatable swimming pool for adults, the options are endless online. Whatever your pick, there’s only one thing to expect—happy moments in the water with your loved ones. Aside from this, there are other reasons why you can never go wrong investing in this ingenious product.


Let’s explore them below.  

  • Safe
    If you have children, then safety should be your top priority. A swimming pool for kids will never disappoint as it features raised edges, which prevent drowning and other accidents. What’s more, you can easily build a latched gate and fence around it to keep it protected against animals and intruders.
  • Inexpensive and time-saver 
    Obviously, an inflatable deep swimming pool for sale is more affordable than its in-ground concrete counterpart. Plus, it also saves you from expensive monthly swimming pool membership or subscription. All you need to do is set it up, and you're good to go.
  • Low-maintenance
    The cleaning and maintenance of inflatable pools are also easy-peasy. Unlike high-end in-ground concrete varieties, portable pools don't require regular filtering, cleaning, and bleaching. Thus, it saves you a lot of time, energy, and money. 
  • Simple to install 
    The installation of an outdoor swimming pool is not rocket science. Since it's prefabricated from fiberglass, installation can take as quick as one or two days. There is also an instruction manual and a DVD to help you out.


Image: Playing games in the swimming pool

Now, if you're going for the inflatable one, you just need to inflate the top ring before propping up the sides and pumping in the water.   

  • Offers a wide array of options 
    Above ground pools were originally designed with children in mind. Well, this is no longer the case due to their growing popularity. Manufacturers have also come up with various sizes and shapes to fit adults. If you have special preferences, you can go for those custom-made portable pools. 
  • Durable
    Who wants to experience the nightmare of a stressful swimming pool construction or installation after every few years? This is where movable pools enter the picture. The beauty of these products is that they are made from durable materials to ensure that they can stand the test of time. For a quick installation process, the package also comes with a filter, a pump, and a skimmer.
  • Child-friendly 
    If you are aiming to make your munchkin's summer vacation special, then buy small pools online. Since these are shallower, they are safe for your kids and even their little pets. Hence, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are safe even when they’re out of your sight.
  • Amazing features
    If you think that the small size of inflatable or portable swimming pools will limit your fun, you're wrong. That's because they come with luxurious features and technologies that can also be found in modern pools. These include waterfalls, diving boards, water fountains, and more. However, pools with these features are, of course, pricier than those who don't.
  • Exclusive Privacy 
    If you don't like to be with strangers in a public or community swimming pool, setting up one in your backyard will give you much-needed privacy. Plus, this also enables you to wear any type of swimwear you desire without the glaring eyes of the public.
  • Portable and convenient 
    Another reason why owning an inflatable swimming pool is a win-win situation is that you can take it anywhere. Whether you want to set it up in your own backyard, on the beach, or your distant relative's garden, anything is possible. Not to mention, it's easy to install and dismantle.


Factors to consider when building your own swimming pool 

 Now that you have already discovered why a portable swimming pool is such an ingenious product, it's time for the real deal. We have compiled below some of the factors that you need to consider when shopping online.  

  • Examine the material of pools to buy for home 
    When checking out your options online, the pool’s material is the first thing you need to pay attention to. If you want to buy something for your munchkins and you're on a budget, opt for those made of synthetic plastic. However, if you want something that can take stand the test of time, go for those models made of rubber.  
  • How does it inflate? 
    You also need to look at how your chosen swimming pool inflates. You will never face an issue with small pools. However, those that mimic standard backyard pool setups will require you to have a manual or electric pump on hand.
  • Size does matter when buying big swimming pool online in the UAE
    Before exploring the wide spectrum of home swimming pools available online, decide first on how big or small you want your pool to be. If you just want something for your kids and their little pets, go for the small one. However, if you want something for your entire family to enjoy, then buy a big one.


Are you excited to beat the heat and create beautiful memories with your loved ones this summer? Then, buying a swimming pool is the key. Check out more than 500 online stores here to find a wide array of products at amazing prices. Among the shops you can explore, include Newchic, Sprii, Sun & Sand Sports, and many more!

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A definitive guide to a must-have travel checklist

A definitive guide to a must-have travel checklist

Whether you are planning an out-of-town trip or an out-of-the-country holiday, preparing a packing list is a must. A majority of people pack their travel bags at the eleventh hour. They don’t realize the importance of a travel checklist until they reach their destination and can’t find the most important stuff in their bags. Packing your bags is not only tedious but a mammoth task. No matter how short your trip is, there is so much to pack that you tend to forget the essentials. We have compiled below a detailed travel checklist to make the packing process a breeze.

It only takes a few minutes to prepare everything on this list. All you have to do is note down all the stuff you can't live without. So, are you ready to travel smarter? Then let's get started.

Step 1: Pick the perfect travel bag set

Image: Travel bag

The first step to prepping for your journey is selecting the right bag. Well, the best travel bag is the one that is lightweight yet spacious enough to hold your travel items effortlessly. Hence, we recommend you pick a sturdy travel bag. Depending on your stay period, you can pack your items in either a wheeled suitcase or a backpack. A 4-wheeled bag is a convenient option, as it doesn't strain the shoulders. It is recommended for tourists who are planning a long trip and have lots of items to pack. Meanwhile, a backpack is more comfortable.

Step 2: Grab the best electronic gadgets

Image: Technical travel gadgets

People often forget their cameras at home. To capture the best travel destinations and picturesque views, you must carry important tech-gadgets in your travel bag. Here’s the list of some important tech gadgets that you must pack.

  • Smartphone and charger - We all have one! Though it's needless to mention, you must pack your smartphone. After all, this is the only gadget that can keep you in touch with your family and friends back home. Nowadays, smartphones come with excellent cameras. You can use them to click pictures and share them on social media. Of course, don't forget your smartphone charger.
  • Camera - No matter how brilliant your smartphone camera is, you will want the best DSLR camera to capture beautiful pictures. You can even improve your photography skills using the best quality camera.
  • Headphones - These are a must for a better travelling experience. Whether you are boarding a plane or a bus, you must bring your noise-cancelling headphones to improve your travel experience.
  • Laptop - This is not a necessity for all travellers. But if you are going on a business trip, you may need to stay connected with your colleagues. You can also watch some movies or play games on this fantastic gadget.
  • Power bank - If you don’t own a power bank, it is time to purchase one. To keep your smartphone alive all throughout your journey, you will need the best phone power bank to charge it anywhere and anytime.

Step 3: Carry a first aid box in your travel bag

Image: Essential medicines

Nowadays, pills have become part of our daily life. They must be in your travel bag as they save you from unpredictable cold, fever, and bowel problems. The temperature of your destination might be too extreme for you. As a result, you could end up with fever or constipation. You don’t want to ruin your vacation searching for medical pills in a foreign country. Here are some of the essential pills that must be in your travel bag.

  • Prescribed Medicines: If you are suffering from any chronic ailment such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or stress; then the prescribed medicines are the first items that should go into your travel bag.
  • First Aid Kit: Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. If you have a travel first-aid kit, you can clean your wound and apply the antiseptic cream on it.
  • Imodium for abdominal problems
  • Paracetamol for fever and pain
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines
  • The best sleeping tablets (if needed)
  • Cold tablets
  • Bug spray

Step 4: Best travel comfort items to pack

Image: Travel comfort items

If you are planning a road trip, you will want some cosy travel items to get a peaceful nap. Below are the best ones that can make your holiday less hectic and more relaxing. And the good news is, most of them are perfect for every mode of transport.

  • Travel pillow - You must purchase a special and comfortable travel pillow that's specially designed for tourists. It can give you comfort on a plane, bus, train, or even a ferry. We recommend you go for foldable and inflatable travel pillows. They consume little space yet offer the best nap.
  • Eye mask and ear plugs for sleeping - You never know what type of people will be travelling with you. Loud music and bright lights can lead to severe headaches. Besides, these loudspeakers will not let you enjoy a peaceful nap. Put an eye mask and an earplug in your handbag to avoid travel headaches.
  • Smart water bottle and light snacks - Nowadays, foldable water bottles are highly in demand. Since they consume very little space, they are especially recommended for travellers who don't have sufficient room for a large bottle. You can fill them at the airport and fold them once you are done drinking. If you love tea or detox water, then opt for a travel water bottle with filter.
  • Also, put some light snacks to deal with sudden hunger pangs.
  • Travel moisturizer and hand sanitiser - Prepare yourself for unpredictable climate by packing a moisturizer, a lip balm, and a hand sanitizer. A hand sanitiser is particularly important to stay safe from bacteria and germs at public places.

Step 5: Pack your toiletries and wet wipes for travel

Image: Toiletries

You can create a separate bag for toiletries. It doesn’t have to be big, as a small handbag can accommodate your essential toiletries. Here is the list of the items you must pack:

  • Toothpaste, tour travel toothbrush, and floss
  • Sun protection cream and necessary lotions
  • Wet wipes
  • Makeup remover for ladies
  • Mini mirror
  • Travel towel
  • Sanitary napkins and other feminine stuff
  • Bobby pins and bobby pins travel case
  • A hairbrush, comb, hairdryer, curler or straightener, hair spray, hair gel, clips, rubber bands, and other hair items

Step 6: Organize your passport and travel documents

Image: Passport and travel documents

You cannot board a plane or a train without travel documents. Make sure that you pack the following documents in a special travel handbag.

  • Passport and visa
  • Identity and address proof documents
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Boarding pass and reservation tickets
  • Emergency contacts and addresses

Once you're done packing all these items in your luggage, you can then move on to wardrobe packing. This is quite easy as you already know which outfits you will need. However, you must consider the temperature and climate conditions of your destination.

Hope you gained a lot of useful tips from our travel checklist!

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